Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what's on jessica's phone - i get around.

so i guess i had a pretty productive week
because i got a lot of good stuff this time.
i shouldn't have said that
because now you have high expectations.
and what if i think my stuff is "good"
but you don't
which is likely?
then i just feel like dog poop
on the bottom of some one's shoe.
let's do it.
i'll risk feeling like crap (literally)
for your entertainment.
don't i always?
go here for info if you wanna play with us!

candy cigarettes.
i was always to scared to buy these as a kid.
i thought to myself,
"when i grow up i'm going to buy those all the time."
but guess what?
now i'm to embarrassed to buy them.

we're a little unconventional in our family.
sometimes we eat breakfast on the counter.

and sometimes
we have ramen for breakfast.

my new watch :)
ok. i know what you're thinking.
"sydney from daybook has that watch.
the hussy is just copying her. blah blah blah."
but, correction:
i got my watch A DAY before she got hers.
i swear.
it just took me two months to get it sized.
so i had it first.
just sayin.

boys ready for summer.

we're a little bit weird.
that's all.

i had a day off last week.
no babies from 9am-7pm.
i bought new bras.
i gallivanted in the streets.
i "ran in" to stores just for a quick peek.
i tried on clothes.
i bought honey booty joe's jeans.
and i ate fried catfish
all. by. my. lonesome.
and i was actually able to enjoy it this time.

and i also got my disaster of a car, cleaned.
and i found leather seats
under all the poo.

i'm about 98.9% sure that
isaak will be a hairdresser when he grows up.
this is like his most favorite thing to do.
here he's washing kora's hair.
and looking darn cute.

penny likes daddy to sleep with him.

so my rambo is a difficult guy.
he doesn't let many people get close to him.
and guys?
especially not.
but on this particular day,
i guess kristi's husband was exactly what he needed.
and i can't lie
it almost made me tear up.
i can only imagine how big his hug will be
for daddy.

maybe i'm just odd.
ok, nevermind. that was dumb.
i AM odd.
i think we all know that by now.
but look at this logo.
i'm assuming it's supposed to be a longhorn.
but it looks so much like a jockstrap to me.

almost done.
i know i know.
this one is mega long and annoying.
i'm sorry.
actually i take that back. i'm not.
deal with it.
ramby's new hat.
a pullup.
he's going to let me borrow it on thursday
when i get my wisdom teeth taken out.

and the most radical besty for lasty mclasterama?!?
remember my day alone?
i totally went to the bathroom
in a store
and wrote on the wall.
because that's hot.
and suuuuuuuper romantical :)

let's all join hands (i mean links)
and play along!


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Ummm, yeah. You're a weirdo. A jockstrap, really??

(ha, I totally saw it too, LOL)

I'm having a bunch of dental work done on thursday too, think I could get one of those hats too? I plan on going in my pajamas, I totally think a diaper hat would complete the look.

Unknown said...

I wish I had leather seats :( No wait, I wish I could see my seats...darn kids.

dena said...

you're getting your wisdom teeth out?!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Unconventional families are the BEST cause we are real!!

Envious of your day to yourself, I need one of those.

I now feel the need to go write on a bathroom wall, so freaking sweet!!

Valinda said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a jock strap and I'm WAY too chicken to google that so you should post a picture for comparison.

I had no clue they still made candy cigarettes, I always thought that gum was gross.

Forget the car seats I wish I could see my kitchen counters for someone to eat on them.

I'm so very happy for your day off!!

Unknown said...

you are funny! AND Vain ;0) I mean ironic.

i crack myself up!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I think my fav pic is the pull up on the head! awesome! and of course you being all scandalous and breaking the law tagging a bathroom wall...pure awesomeness! xoxo

Kris said...

Love that you are brave enough to write on a bathroom wall! I'm 43 and still too scared!

A Beautiful Life said...

dude, buy the cigs, it will go well with your tats and eyebrows. ;)
um, that watch would be ginormous on my puny wrist, i'd look super lame-o, at least you and Daybook are officially twins now. ;D
cute hat, it will work well in the rain!!
oh and the longhorn/jockstrap pic also reminds me of Transformers!!

Candace said...

Your watch is very nice, but it would look CRAZZZZY on me. I have the littest hands on any adult woman I know.

I also love that you're brave enough to write on the bathroom wall. That's just precious.

Amanda said...

I can't believe they still make those candy cigarettes! Love the watch!

Anonymous said...

A.) That catfish made me weak in the knees.

B.) I had no idea women even wear watches anymore


C.) I probably would have teared up if my son calmed down being held by some man besides my husband b/c the hubs was deployed :(((

Justine said...

I never had fried cat fish before. Writing on the bathroom walls?! I have NEVER done that, looks fun!

Pulling out your wisdom teeth really?! My bf and I drank pineapple juice all day the day before to reduce swelling. We think it worked.

Just Better Together

Amber Nicole said...

yay a day just for yourself!!
Boo wisdom teeth!!
a jockstrap?! haha. You're crazy!!
I love candy cigs!
And the random bathroom grafetti. :)

Nicole Dianne said...

jockstrap hilarious..head diaper made me laugh out loud..isaak bathing kora adorable :)

The Nugen's said...

Yay for getting those wisdom teeth out!! Call me if you need anything or have any questions! :)

Froggylady said...

Buy the candy cigarettes. They are totally worth it, subtle mint chalkiness.

I see a jock strap too. And the Longhorns logo is totally a uterus. I never see the right thing. Ever.

I love how Penny is just kind of laughing at Miah and not making a funny face. It makes me think that he was like "Hey! Let's make funny faces" and then just sat back to watch his family be silly.

Unknown said...

Awwww! I love that last one! And the hat! Oh I love the hat!