Thursday, February 24, 2011

goodbye guppy bieber.

a day or so ago,
i determined that it would be in the best interest of gupper
to have his hair chopped.
as cute as he was with his bieber roundiness,
it was getting out of control.

point in case,
this day.
when a precious haircut quickly turned into
crusty the clown gets angry.
or even worse,
this day.
evil dr. doofenshmirtz meets
bed head rambo.
a very deadly combination if you ask me.

the hair removal process was by no means, a fun task.
rambo doesn't like sitting still.
or looking straight.
or the sound of the clippers milimeters from his ears.
but the finished product was more than worth it.
rambo hawk.
or guppy.
or gusser.
or gus.
or augi.
or just plain ole august woe
(if you ask izey).

i like to call this the chameleon haircut.
because when it's not fixed,
he turns into

funny how that happens.

and if you're wondering
if the lowe philosophy stands true,
(the boys are sweet when their hair is short
and turn rowdy and naughty when it gets long)
the answer is no.
he's 100% rowdy
all. the. time.


Froggylady said...

I kinda like the evil dr doofenschmirtz look. Love the hawk. He's one bad mutha gusser.

Lindsey from The R House said...

i love that pic of him freaking out! LOL

Melissa said...

haha I love all the pictures of him! def need to go in an album :)

Candace said...

He looks JUST like izey in that last picture. Freaky Schmeaky.

Camilla said...

adorable. i love the hawk, love it.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the insane Krusty get angry pic - that is some funnyfunny.

I also love the hawk. Make it blue!

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

The Crusty picture - hilarious! He is sooo cute!!! :) My boys are rowdy 100% of the time, too! :)

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I just want to eat him! he is TOO dang cute!! since you have SO many children running around your home you wouldn't mind if I stole a few for a while would you? ;) lol

Unknown said...

Seriously tooo cute! lol

Tractor Mom said...

I personally love the crusty clown look...

Jordan Cole said...

He is such an adorable little muffin!! I want to give him kisses all day!

No Model Lady said...

Haha!! Oh Guppy...if only I could shrink myself so tiny that I could live in your blood. So sweet.

A Beautiful Life said...

it's not fair, God hated me and gave me no beautiful boys... he's so delicious, for realz. i love all his looks, and he totally looks like Izey and Jake in his carseat, weird!!
he looks like an abercrombie model with his guppy hawk ;)

Estell said...

I love it :] too cute

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! This post made me bust out in incredibly loud laughter!

Lindsay said...

dr. goofenschmirtz!! i've been looking all over for you... and so has lucas. he even named his baby after you... at least i think so. i love that i get to be guppy's aunt. it's the bestest.

dena said...

hey irresistible any which way. can't wait for austin to see his big boy all spiffed up with his non baby do.

Losing Brownies said...

He may be rowdy, but he sure is cute!

Julia Ladewski said...

i love the krusty the klown one... frickin' hilarious!!

Unknown said...

LOL! I love all the pictures! Too cute!