Tuesday, March 1, 2011

all dressed up - little brown dude.

i'm switching things up a tad this week.
all i'm gonna say is,
prepare to be mega jealous of me.
if you like dressing up,
go here to find out how to play.

i have this teeny weeny guy.
his name is jere'miah'.
and he's pretty much 6 today.
(march 2)
so instead of taking pictures of myself
(all ugly, vain and vapid like as anonymous tells me i am *ahem*)
i decided to give my miah all the attention.
i mean,
it IS his day.

let me just say this.
i learned something about my sweet miah during this shoot.
he is 100% GQ quality.
i mean i knew he was handsome.
and stylish.

but this kid has got it goin on.
and he knows it.
when the camera is on him,
he WORKS it.

i mean seriously.
those paisley shaped smiley eyes?
are you freaking kidding me?
you can't get more adorable than that.

last night just so happened to be
his classroom's open house.
so i snapped a shot of the star student board we made.
it sums up miah to a 'T'.

except for the bona fide gangsta part.
we forgot to include that.

he's not only incredibly good looking.
but he's also quite agile too.
everyone likes an agile kid.
i think.

i'm for real people.
all this posing?
straight model face with pouty lips?
he did it all.
i barely had to coach him.

hair: 3-4 different products to achieve perfected faux hawkness.
checkered button up: hand me down - gymboree
green sweater vest: hand me down.
jeans: mossimo - target.
shoes: converse target.
yummy brown skin: cannot be bought. delicious to the taste.

happy 6th birthday my sweet boy.
you were hand picked to be in our family
by your Heavenly Father.
thank. you.
for making me such a lucky mom.

to read miah's adoption story,
go here.


Brandi said...

I have dreams of being his Aunt By Marriage, no kidding. CRAP. I could have a kid and he could like younger women when he is older and then we could be mother in law's to each other's children!

It's a plan.

AND he is so good lookin I wish I was younger. ; )

Happy bday Miah, you sweet sweet boy who I just want to cuddle

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Miah! And holy cow, why is he so dang handsome?!?
And i seriously had a tear when i read your post. I love how you said hand picked by your heavenly father. so sweet.
you're such a good mom.

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

what a beautiful story! i was just about to go to bed and ended up reading this first - so glad i did. love love love the spirit of a child being 'hand picked' to be part of a family that clearly adores him. thank you for sharing this!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!

What a gorgeous little man PLUS I have the same shoes, so we are probably related because I am also QUITE gangsta!

Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous pics, gorgeous family. Thanks for sharing, Hussy.

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to him. Seriously those are great pictures. Looks like a natural model on your hands!

Estell said...

He's such a little cutie. Happy birthday J

A Beautiful Life said...

i'm so glad you did this for All Dressed Up, he is so handsome and what a sweetie!! i luv everything about him, especially his effortless GQ'ness.
happy birthday Miah!!

Lindsay said...

miah.. i wish i could steal you. you would fit in our family perfectly. i've always felt a connection to you.. i'm sure we did cool, GQ things in heaven before we hung out here.

Adam & Brandi said...

Happy birthday sweet Miah! What an adorable little man you've been blessed with. My favorite picture by far is the last one of him holding your hand. Priceless! I love it.

No Model Lady said...

Ha!! I knew it. Sweet little brown:) The introspective thinking pose is my favorite.

Jordan Cole said...

Your kids seriously have the best style!

Ashley Eiban said...

Oh my goodness. He is so stinkin adorable! Happy Birthday little man!

Sarah said...

Dang IT!! This one made me cry!! But happy tears, I cant wait!

Candace said...

A www!! Happy, happy birthday, sweet Miah!! Emma and Noah can't wait to see you again! :)

I could totally do all dressed up if it was my kids I was dressing up every week. Ha! :)

Oh, and I have to add here that in your fb link, Brandi's comment is what showed in that link and all I could think was... What the crap is she talking about being his aunt and mother in law??? Lol. I was sooooo intrigued. Needless to say I was quite relieved when I realized it was Brandi who said those things and not you... His MOM! Hahahahaha ;)

Gibb Family said...

We just had our brown skin boy hand picked from Heavenly Father join us in December! Lots of happy tears with this post. Love it!

Annie said...

wow... he is so adorable!!!! lol... and yes, he is really GQ too. haha.

TornadoTwos said...

Happy Birthday. And you are right, he is adorable!

Valinda said...

I was laughing and laughing then you made me tear up at the end. What a mean thing to do ;) Happy Birthday to you handsome little man...does he go for older women cause I have a 6 yr old too.

dena said...

i was JUST thinking of his birthday laying in bed last night. knew it was his month, but forgot he was so close to the beginning. happy birthday miah! j lowe, he looks SOOO grown up now. his face is all mature and his legs all long. time has flown!

Nicole Dianne said...

what a precious boy :)
hubby and I have talked about adoption too..your story is very inspiring and makes me want to even more!

Unknown said...

He is ADORABLE! Definite model quality!!!

Thanks for sharing his adoption story too. Enjoyed reading it! :-)

Laura Jansson said...

He is precious! Happy Birthday, little guy! PS... clicked on the adoption story & loved it! I'm so glad that Heavenly Father made the path for you to follow to have that sweet little Miah in your family :)

Haute Deb Designs said...

He is seriously too cute! Thanks for sharing your story :) I've always wanted to adopt, but just didn't know if I could do it. This has given me great insight into the world of adoption. THX!!

Jayna Rae said...

Love the sweet tribute to your son!

Bret&Amberly said...

We have just started the adoption process and reading your post about Miah gave me so much hope.
Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Froggylady said...

Love that he's a little model. So GQ.

Plus I totally tear up every time I read your adoption story. So, yeah, thanks for that. Again. :)

ailinh said...

Such a sweet post. Happy birthday to him! And totally agree... ya can't get any more GQ than him.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous little guy! I like the brown skinned boys myself. He's just too cute and will be a heartbreaker when he gets older! Happy birthday Miah!!!

Sara said...

he is so completely and utterly handsome and man does he work that camera!! =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil Man!!!