Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sprayground with friends

Yesterday we were lucky enough to hang out with some of our good friends in Fort Worth at the Sprayground!!! Kora and Miah loved seeing Roman and Elijah and they swung and splashed and played for a few hours. I also got to enjoy some time with their mommy, Dena, which I enjoyed since it's rare for me to have adult communication these days. Here are a few pictures of the clan checking out a mud puddle they found. Kora and Roman are SUPER big on exploring and they always have a blast when they get together. All four of them are such a cute bunch! The first picture is of the little swingin dudes and yes, that's me pushing them...thank you Dena for including me in that shot even though I was scooting to the side to avoid it. It would have been much cuter without me. OH...and Molly, I'm wearing our glasses and speaking of our glasses, I saw a picture of Denise Richards, Kate Hudson, Jessica Beal AND Jennifer Aniston wearing the REAL ones..UGH...we gotta find out who makes those designer ones!!!!!

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Lindsay said...

i love how miah is just one of the latin boys... they are all so cute, also..the pictures are pretty nice. good job