Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today was a good day

Except for the fact that I hit the snooze button a few too many times and caused Jake to miss the bus. Hey, give me a break, I'm new at this bus thing! Now that I'm getting up earlier, I am able to witness fun things that I would normally be sleeping through. Here's Miah doing his favorite morning ritual. He LOVES to go outside to the end of the driveway and pickup PawPaw's paper and bring it in to him. What a sweet little delivery boy!

Later today I took Roscoe to get a haircut because the ratty do he's been sportin lately is getting a little TOO matted and has too many food chunks stuck in it from kids wiping dirty hands on him. Poor guy. I think his new cut looks very handsome and you can tell that he's proud of it from this picture!

For dinner, I had Pioneer Woman help me and it turned out very delightful! I made the beans and delicious cornbread recipe and had stuffed jalapeno poppers as a side item. It was a total hit and those jalapeno poppers are SINFULLY DIVINE!!!! If you choose to make this item, make about 3 times MORE than what you think you're gonna need, I'm serious, it's soooo good. The cornbread is really good too so be sure to try that! Here, see for yourself... http://www.thepioneerwomancooks.com/ (thanks Amanda for introducing me to her!!)

Toward the end of the day, I sent Jake to go read for 20 minutes. Now that he's back in school this will once again become an evening ritual for him required by his class. When I went upstairs to find him, I saw this sweet vision on the balcony. I love my Jake, he's such a GOOD kid.


Lindsay said...

such tender moments... i love those kids. i love the sweet salivary deliciousness of those poppers... i'll have to make 'em sometime. mmm... inDEED.

Amanda said...

See getting up early does have some perks:) Love those pictures:) I wish I could have been over to taste that dinner!!!!! I am going to try her beans and cornbread this winter! I loves beans but Steve doesn't---guess he'll eat something else:) Are the poppers really HOT????

Tara said...

Man on a mission! He looks like he takes that responsibility VERY seriously, heaven help anyone who trys to take his job! (at least that's what I imagine he is like, he looks just like Josh does about his job to get the mail.:) We used to get Wayne groomed like Roscoe, but this last groomer shaved his ears as well. I LOVE how he looks now, you might want to try it, it really looks cute on dogs like ours.