Friday, September 30, 2011

10 things i love.

i love...
going on adventure bike rides with the brothers.
and finding too big to be true trees
that irene pushed over
just sitting there,
waiting for a photo op!

i love...
that izey longed to marry me
all. summer. long.
and we finally tied the knot
during one of our last pool trips of the summer.

i used to NOT love isaak's love
for thomas the train.

until i realized
how completely inappropriate it is.
and you KNOW
i love inappropriate.

i love...
how silly lover is.
and how he plays it off so well
in front of everyone else.

i love...
when pawpaw comes to visit.
and i love even more,
that the brothers love it too.

i love...
being white trash
and making budget swimming pools
for the brothers
on super hot days.

and clearly,
i'm not the only one who loves it.

i love...
my butt.
i do.
it's taken me almost 33 years to be able to say that
but i can honestly and proudly say that i do love it.
i love that it's huge.
that it's ghetto.
that it shakes the earth when i do box jumps.
or slaps me in the back of my head when i do sprints.
it's mine.
and i love it.

i don't love it
when it knocks entire shelves
out of the fridge.
stupid butt.

i love...
how ocd my Lover is each night.
how he lays each of these items
on the kitchen table,
in a neat little row
all ready for work the next day.

i love...
my best friend bonnie.
(please don't be mad that i posted this. it's my favorite)
and i love this picture of her.
i wish i was your friend back then
so we could talk about all of the crazy adventures
we had back in the days
of air dried swimming pool hair
and hawaiian shirts.

and speaking of friends.
i love...
my friend rita
dammit, i'm crying.
i loved being neighbors with you,
i loved all the yummy treats you made me,
i love how you always had everything i needed,
i love how you love my kids,
i love your fun personality, your generosity, your compassion.
i love your example to me
to be a better person.
i love your triangle mouth face.
i love that you order 8 meals at a restaurant.
i love hairnets, finger condoms, and wax lips.
i love your mysteriousness.
i love how you still gave me a chance at being friends
even though i brought peanut butter cookies
to your child who is deathly allergic to peanuts.
i love your carl, your michaella, your bryndle and your hayden
more than you will ever know.
and i'll miss you all so. so. so. soooooooo. much.
good luck pretty friend :)


Unknown said...

sweet post. loved all the pics. looks like you are doing awesome with your fam back together again. :)

Lindsay said...

rita is MOVING@!?!?!? ugh.. i LOVE rita. :? i miss her FOR you.

Morgan Paige. said...

hahahahahahahhahahahaa. i love the picture of baboo!!!!!!!! ahhahahahaha.

Bonnie said...

I should have known better. Lesson hath been learned.

Heather said...

If I could count the number of times my hubby has raced around the house searching for his CAC...or his keys, or his phone... The man needs to take a lesson from yours!

jackie said...

haha i love the bucket pools. classy classy. but who really cares?

No Model Lady said...

Ugh. This is depressing.

zoo keeper said...

So I'm guessing you don't want to trade boobs for butts anymore. Sad face :(

Shannon said...

Hey, we have that same pool! Except all 3 of my little ones have to share one.
Nice booty btw. Whenever you would talk about having so much booty I'd always roll my eyes because "you didn't" but that's a great shot and it proves that baby's got back. Nice bum, lady.

Anonymous said...

Thats the worst thing ive heard! I can't believe your Rita is moving!! Love ya friend!

Unknown said...

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dena said...

i was gonna say unless you were an odd middle eastern woman, isaak totally had the wrong you, but then i got to the end and saw that you were missing rita. :(

Marnie said...

Love your bike. What brand is it and where can I find one?