Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lover came HOME 72 years ago.

sometimes i get way
behind in blogging events.
and then i feel overwhelmed.
and i just quit.
so when i finally decide TO blog,
i'm blogging about things that are
734984399 years old.
i know you, me, and everyone's mother's dog
is so over
lover coming home from afghanistan.
but i have to document this.
or my kids will wonder what happened.
and then they'll get old and write a book
about how terrible of a mother i was.
so let's make this quick and painless.
let's go.

so when i came home from seeing my Lover in NC,
we had to wait about 2 more weeks
before he could come to texas
and see the kids for the first time.

it was only a few days before the long wait was over,
and the kids were so excited and ready to see dad.
so i told them the plan.
on the day he flew in,
we would go to the airport after school
and pick him up.
i lied.

i was going to surprise them.
so we got the house all ready.
and decorated the yard.

we made the car all pretty and fancy.
and hung yellow ribbons on all the trees.

we hung two signs.
one from the kids
on the gate into our neighborhood.
and one from me
on the front door :)

i even had some special preparations
for myself that needed to be taken care of.

and then late one night,
after the kids were all in bed,
i snuck out to go pick up my sessy Lover
at the airport.

ok really they weren't in bed.
and they kept calling me all night
because i had told them i was going out
with mia.

which wasn't completely a lie.
i just forgot to include
we would be with two hot guys as well.

dinner was a blast
Lover finally got to meet the girl
who got me through the last 7 months.
and mia finally got to meet the guy
who got me through the last 12 years.
win. win.

after our late night rendezvous was over,
i had to go back home without my Lover
who was secretly staying at pops' house.

but not before we decided to
park in a vacant lot.
and rearrange the car seats.
for no apparent reason at all.
wow. that was awkward.

when i got home
the babies were all fast asleep
and had no idea what magical moments
were in store for them the next day.

we woke up the next morning,
just like any other morning.
i got the 3 big kids off to school,
and then came home to wait patiently
for my Lover to come and surprise the babies.

so that's not even close to "any other morning"
from the past 7 months.
it was pretty much awesome.

isaak and gus both were so happy
they were speechless.
i was actually expecting much less from them,
especially august.
but they both went straight to him
and hugged him so tightly
as if time had stood still since the day he left.
it made my heart melt.

then we all loaded up in the car
to head to the school
to surprise the 3 big munchkins.
we may or may not have had
about 3 different news stations meet us there.
we were on cbs, nbc, abc and wfaa that evening.
no biggie.

we went to each classroom separately
beginning with miah's and ending at jakob's.
each moment was special
and individual
and exactly how i wanted it to be.

my sister came with us
to take some amazing pictures.
and my dad too, to video the whole event
and make me

love you daddy and amy :)

we were whole.

lover was only able to stay for 2 weeks
before he had to go back to nc and the daily grind.
we also had to wait to finish school in texas
so these 2 weeks were going to have to
get us through another month and a half.
blah. i know.

but we made the most of it.
we ditched that school
and went out to eat
making Lover stay in his dress blues
so we could show off our marine.

we spent the next few weeks
just being normal.
ahhhhhhh normalcy. you felt so nice.

we ate lots and lots of yogurt.

and i enjoyed the new scenery.
mmm. man.

we even got brave
and took the whole family out for breakfast.

and then we remembered
why we don't do that.

Lover and i had fun
"playing mom and dad" again.
reminiscent of our 11 days alone in nc.
but then remembered why we don't do that either.

one of the very best moments
of the entire 2 weeks was,
kora being baptized.
in the lds church, we are baptized when we turn 8.
since kora turned 8 while Lover was away,
she chose to wait until he got home
so he could be here and baptize her himself.

after waiting so patiently,
kora was able to be baptized by her father
on saturday, april 23, 2011.

she shared her baptism date
with her good friend chandler.

her dress was very special
and handmade

i sent valinda my wedding dress
a long while back.
and asked her to
replicate a mini version of my dress
for kora's baptism dress.

here is my wedding dress.

and then made from
the very dress i wore on my wedding day,
kora's baptism dress.
it was identical and perfect and beautiful.
she loved it.

we topped it off with
french braids from mia,
a sparkly tiara
and a pretty smokin dad
and it was picture perfect!

being the day before easter,
we took some cousin shots
with everyone in their matching cuteness.

except aidan.
apparently he tried to pass off his high-waters
as manpris like the lowe boys wore.

lauren was stunning.
and cousin love was in full effect.

we even got a visit
from emily and michael's sweet family.
isn't jacob a doll?
i only posted this picture because
my legs look good in the background.
sorry little jacob.
you sure are cute though.
('cept your name is spelled wrong)

and we would have scored a new family picture.
except the stupid wind
decided to make me look really bleck.
thank you wind
for screwing up everything.

the next morning was easter!
we had our traditional egg hunt
to find the baskets in the morning.

everyone was quite pleased with their loot
i must say.

and then the afternoon was spent
with more cousins!

we hunted.

and hunted.

and then ate and ate.
till our bellies were sick.
isn't that what you're supposed to do on easter?

our two weeks flew by faster than ever
and before we knew it,
it was our last night with Lover.
and like the selfish mom i am,
i stole it for a date.

because really?
who could resist this piece of hotness?
you wouldn't want to share either.

we skipped away to dinner
and ate yummy crab macaroni and cheese.
while we talked about
how awesome our past two weeks had been.
we also day dreamt about the upcoming summer
where we'd LIVE together.
as a FAMILY.
wow. crazy concept.

and then before i could say,
he was gone again.

i must say,
the next 6 weeks flew by pretty fast.
and it makes a world of a difference
to be able to
text. or call. or email your Lover.
anytime you want.

and that brings us to today!
in nc.
as a family.
in a house.
and loving every minute of it!


Carolina said...

Your kids will forever thank you and love you for this!

I'm happy you're all so happy now :)

Charity said...

Are you kidding me? You are super awesome in that family photo! I normally look crazy because I am so stressed about getting everyone to cooperate! Not sick of hearing about his homecoming yet. But post another one and I might. P.S. Love Kora's dress. So special.

Kristina P. said...

I'm rather disappointed that Billy Ray Cyrus wasn't somehow involved.

Julia Ladewski said...


2 things...

1) you and lover look like you were 12 when you guys got married.

2) you look flawless in every picture.

oh and one more thing... i luv u. :)

jackie said...

oh goodness. you lucky thing :) it sounds awesome. i especially love the fact that you stopped to rearrange the seats and then took a picture of it. keepin it real on the bloggo. i approve. but really, i'm so happy for you and your babes. it must be wonderful to have everything back to normal.

Unknown said...

What a great update!! I'm just so grateful for the sacrifices you and your family have made for our country. Glad your hubs is home too. :)

Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

I am so happy for you. and this post made we cry all over again! you rock girl!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

I am pretty sure that your delay of posting the wrap-up of Lover's return is 100% excusable considering you have a hot hunky man and a lot of lost time to make up for!

I'm happy everything is right in your world and your family is back together.

Nicole Dianne said...

your family makes me happy, baptism day looked beautiful and perfect!!

Unknown said...

Yay!! So happy for all of you!! have the cutest clothes!!! And kids!!! :)

Nicole said...

You and Kora could be twins! And the video your dad made is too cute :)

hokie said...

It's basically impossible NOT to cry when you see pictures of Dad's being reunited with their families. Thanks for sharing!
ps-I'm a little jealous of Kora's baptism pics...Alexa was so nervous and crying that she would not allow any pictures to be taken :( If it wasn't for sneaky sisters I wouldn't have any!

Shay said...

ok, gee thanks, you're officially lame for making me cry at 9 am! that video was so sweet <3

p.s. what kind of hair remover is that on your face? LOL

Allie said...

Amazing! That video had me tearing up at work. The pictures and everything are just wonderful (: Thank you for sharing with us!

Brooke Hall said...

I alwAys look forward to your posts and I think you are an amazing mother! This video had me BAWLING........your husband is a hero and you are as well for taking care of your family while he was away for our country. My husband and I want to be your friend, you are hilarious too!! So glad I found your blog!

Madeleine said...

I've been a silent follower (secret stalker?) of your blog for a few months now, but I just had to comment on this post. Seeing that video was so heartwarming! Your family is so beautiful, and it was great to see all the kids' reactions (the youngst kids looking slightly dazed, and the eldest looking like he wasn't sure if it was 'cool' to hug his dad in school). Honestly, it gave me chills. So happy for you and your family!

Celeste said...

Just recently found your blog, and I'm so glad that I did! The video of Lover surprising the kids at school made me cry. So beautiful! (And seriously, how hot is your husband?! Get it girl!)

Anonymous said...

I must say I waited and waited and waited for this story. I thought you forgot. LOL. Also the part about you rearranging the carseats. LOVES IT. Also, the video.. LOVES IT. I saw it twice and still cry.

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...


So happy you are all together again!

Annnnd happy you are living in NC! Best state EVERRRRR! My parents are in Charlotte. Love love that state.

trooppetrie said...

The last time my hero came home, we hung signs and decorated because we knew dad was coming home soon. then i said I wanted to go to a welcome home to support single soldiers who would not have anyone waiting on them. My kids were sad there dad was not coming home that day but knew it would happen soon. What I did not tell them is there dad was coming in too. they did not even see him in the crowd and during the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

I seriously love your blog....not sure how I stumbled upon it one day but your "INNAPROPRIATES" seriously make me pee my pants!! so freaking funny....

so glad your family is back together!!!!

Unknown said...

this just made me miss you for some stupid reason. i'm glad you're with your hubby, but wish you would get your butt back here soon with your whole fam...

Shay said...

WOW Jessica! That video is so emotional! I was crying like a baby! I'm so happy for you and your family! You should be so proud of yourself for getting through a deployment. You did a dang good job!