Friday, July 22, 2011

smiles for the weekend. from me to you.

after hearing some sad news
(that unfortunately happens more often
than anyone would like to really know about.
if you have 2 minutes,
please leave her a comment and thank her for her ultimate sacrifice)
i felt like i needed a few smiles
that i'll gladly share with you.
insert, heart warming feelings, here.

i'm so thankful for the 5 precious personalities
that heavenly father has blessed me with.

a shy one.
but stick him in front of a flip
and he's on fi-yuh!!
oh toughripper...
watch out ladies.

koko livy.
she loves katy perry, boys, softball
boys, video games and boys.
did i say boys?
ughh, i feel sick.

a softy.
but a great big brother.
sweet enough to give you cavities.

isaak keith.
he has two sides.
a loyal little dude
who likes to cuddle with his mommy
salute every marine
that walks past him
with the utmost honor and respect.

a wild and crazy
little afghany boy.
that will destroy everything
he comes in contact with.
you just never know.

dirty. rowdy. mean. lovable. delicious to the taste.
is that a contradiction?

each one is so unique.
so full of spirit. and fun. and smiles.
i think they get it from me.

but then,
i go to pick up pizza with lover.
and as i wait for him in the car,
not paying attention,
i look up to find him planking on the grass.
with people walking around staring at him.
and then i realize,
they get it from him.

happy weekend!


Caitlin said...

hahhahahahah i loved everything about this post!! I GOL (giggled out loud incase u live under a rock and didnt know) when i saw the picture of Lover planking lol. and kora is JUST LIKE YOU. and this might be weird to say but out of all ur kids miah reminds me the most of Lover.

A Beautiful Life said...

ur kiddos are so dang cute, as well as their silly mama and "can't get enough planking goodness eggroll" of a father. can't u be rich and send for me with ur private jet and i can hang out for a week? get on that.

Allie said...

That is hilarious... I thnk they are a neat combination of you both!

And my heart breaks for the Dudley Family.

Kristina P. said...

Ha! I am making plans to plank in my Snuggie.

Lindsay said...

YOU are such an inspiration! :) Cutest kiddies ever!

Brandi said...

I love your family and you know it. :D Your kiddos make me laugh and Lover does too! :)

Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

so funny Jess. and that face how did you even make it?

jackie said...

haha this planking thing! i've been hearing about it all over, but i dont understand!!! you two must be super fun parents though. those lucky kids.

Lindsay said...

okay.. no matter HOW many times i look at that picture of you making an ugly face, it makes me laugh and feel uncomfortable. also.. my favorite two pictures on this post are the one of jake being a stud.. and the one of isaak being a sweet guy with glasses.

Troy & Christine Reich said...

No Jessica they get it from both of you that's why they are so much fun. We miss you already. Thank goodness for computers and blogs

Jayme said...

Oh goodness, that poor wife! And they're in the same town as me :(
Hits so close to home.

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! After reading Mary's post, I most definitely needed that last picture. That's so hilarious! You seem to have quite an entertaining family!! :)

Tiffany said...

I LOVE planking pictures!! They just make me laugh, my husband is planning out a planking picture atop our chapel. Its going to be EPIC!

Dani said...

Hahaha... well. At least it looks like you were on base. ;-)

trooppetrie said...

so cute, i am sorry but your face is comical

Bonnie said...

I don't remember you being so unattractive. Where did all those lines come from?

By the way, I love the way you call August, Gustopher. Such a clever moniker, dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that picture is reallly you. Maybe thats what you really look like in real life. I know thats not true but I'm gonna pretend it is to make myself feel better.

shane rocket said...

awesome blog.

Linz said...

I read mary's story and it broke my heart. I am so grateful for families like hers who give the ultimate sacrifice for families like mine. We need to hear more stories like this , both to honor those who have given all, and to remind us how precious our loved ones are !

Dana Buchli said...

Hahaha these pictures are too funny! I especially like the last one! I love reading your blog by the way. Have a good Monday!


Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog! I've actually been in the process of reading all your posts because you are freakin hysterical! Not to mention your kids are 100% adorable. I'm glad you started posting again!


McKenzie said...

Your family is absolutely adorable! Sounds like you have your hands full ☺ Had to laugh at your hubby planking. Never heard of that until a few days ago, I still don't understand the point. HAHA

Unknown said...

Hehehe. You guys are so adorable. Just sweet. Loving the pics too