Wednesday, July 20, 2011

all dressed up - peggy bundy rocks my face off.

having Lover home
channels my inner housewife awesomeness.

it also channels lots of junk food and treats.
and apparently an extra 10 lbs.
stupid channeling.
although it may very well all have gone to my boobs.
where did those come from, right?

don't be jealous of my awesome hair.
i know you are.
stop drooling.

top: f21.
belt: gift from kempylulu.
gold leggings: gift from no model lady.
shoes: vera wang for kohls.
sweet stripper hair: heavenly father's glorious gift to me.

if you wanna see more picture
from this radical peggy bundy photoshoot
(you know you do. they only get better)
then go check out

and her linky pah-tay.


jackie said...

haha i love it. and lover probably doesn't mind those extra pounds to the boobs. they never do.

Jessica said...

lol. wow! love it! i wish my extra lbs went to my boobs & not my legs! ha!

Sarah said...

Ha!! funniest person I KNOW...

Anonymous said...

I hope you know that you look super awesome!!!

Mariel@ said...

HAHA that was awesome!

Susan said...

The pics look amazing.


jessi bridges said...

You look awesome! I cannot get over those pants and how amazing you look in them :)

Anonymous said...


BTW, did you get another tattoo? Do tell...

A Beautiful Life said...

that's a whole lotta awesome pushing out of that top, go popcorn!! ;)

Val said...

YES! Love it. Can I say how jealous I am that you two get to play together and I'm still stuck in Grapevine with nothing but my local wine and no friends. Well there is that one chick but ya know..she's lame.

Unknown said...

I love, love, LOVE those shoes!!!!