Thursday, June 23, 2011

back in bizonka-ness.

hey freaks.

so i packed up the whole upstairs at my parent's,
loaded it all in a big truck,
drove for two days to north carolina,
and moved in to a NEW lowe family home.
our OWN home.

and the best part?

Lover LIVES with us.
what a phenomenon, huh?

i switched to a mac.
and me and gussy are learning the ropes of it.
so we can get back to blogging.
i have so much to tell you!

and besides that fact that my gus is

there's a
big huge important contest
going on.

(don't click on that link cuz she's the enemy
and then you'll like her when u read her blog and then you'll want to follow her
but that's against the rules.)

have the

so i challenged her to fight.

first one to 1000 wins a free meal on the other.
which means i need YOU

to find all your friends who don't already know about me
(i know, that's gonna be hard to find)

and tell them to:

can you tell i'm excited?

the hussy rules!!!!


Unknown said...

It is on like donkey kong!! Spreadin' the word!

Carolina said...

Oh Hussy. It's been a lonely, lonely internets without you. I will spread the word to my minions. Ha! That's funny, right?
OK, good.

**hugs** and I hopes you win!

Estell said...

lmao...I like the last picture the most I think lol That's awesome though. Yay for blogging!

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

AW so glad you are back blogging!!!

hokie said...

***Please don't tell my sister (Michele) that I started following your blog****

No Model Lady said...

Betrayed by my own sister. It's a sad day for me.

amylouwhosews said...

GASP! i wasn't an official follower until just now! how did that happen?!! Situation remedied. :)

Unknown said...

Team Hussy right here!!

Debber-doo said...

Sooooo glad your back! I love love love your blog! :} I am team HUSSY all thee way!

Krissy Noel said...

Done and done. And I think you won the booty shake contest. Hands down!

jackie said...

ha those last few pictures are so scary! but i'm glad you're back to blogging. and glad you now have a lover-filled home. perfect.

Kristi said...

You are up to 913 followers already! Those last pics make me miss my iMac. Ugh.