Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i can't say what i wanna say.

i told myself i wasn't going to blog this week.
and i'm not.
except i am, just to tell you this...
i'm not going to blog this week.
or maybe next week either.
or maybe ever again.
wanna know why?
because i can.
sometimes when i get really overwhelmed with life
or tired
or sick of sick kids
maybe when i'm on the last couple weeks
of being a single mom for the last 7 months
and i'm frickin tired of doing everything,
i get seriously lost in deep thoughts.
not deep toots.
and i start over analyzing everything.
including my blog(zzzzzz).
and then i get annoyed at it.
and i don't wanna be a part of this annoying thing anymore.
and THAT, my friends,
is when i know it's time to take a break from it.

so like the title of this post says,
i can't say what i wanna say.
because i'm holy.
(even though i say it in real life sometimes)
but for you?
and i'll "choose my words"
like mia always tells me to do.
if you happen to crave a dollop of my hilariousness
you can always find me on facebook.
peace out until then, friends.


Julia Ladewski said...

girl... it's ok!! i know i'll be here whether you blog again or not!! :) you deserve a good break... fine me on facebook... love you.

kali said...

:( I was SO looking forward to your linky parties! But I totally understand. Sometimes I think I should take a break, too. SOOO time consuming. If you want me host "What's On My Phone", while you're on hiatus, I'd be happy to. :)

In the mean time, enjoy your lovely little family. Did I say little? And I'll be adding you on facebook... why didn't I think of that before... I think because I'm already friends with the Hussy. ;)

Okay, like you really have to time to read this novel. Kbye.

Jenifer said...

Oh I have So been there! But I just wasn't blogging much then. I get it and everyone needs a break.
You will be missed though :(

♥ Dani said...

Love your blog, love your posts, love YOU, and I hope you do return to blog land! Hang in there these last few weeks!!!!

jackie said...

hunduddle hussy, i just wanted to say how much i love reading your blogs when you do post. you're just the right mix of hilarious and serious and even though your man gets home right before mine leaves, i was still looking forward to reading your sweet little words to help get me through our deployment. i hope this hiatus rejuvenates you and that lover's homecoming is as wonderful as you both dream it will be. i look forward to your return, if it ever happens :)

Losing Brownies said...

Enjoy your time away, and come back when you feel like it, or not... but I'd be really sad not to see your awesome posts.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

Thank goodness for facebook ;)

Anonymous said...

I get it.
I can wait though.
You are worth it.

Bonnie said...

I think you should say what you wanna say because it's your blog. Say it because that's who you are and we wanna hear it...

Allie said...

Its a shame I just founhd your awesome blog. I do love reading it. Enjoy your break, your family, and hopefully we will see you again soon.

Bev said...

Sad to hear, but totally understandable. I found your blog a while back, have read through the entire thing from the begining and love your sense of humor. You also have a beautiful family (which goes without saying). Thanks for the laughs and hopefully you will be back (when you are ready), but if not, thank you again for the stories/laughs and yes, I may have shed a tear or two reading this, but will never admit that out loud.

Denise Wiggins said...

I wanna hear what you have to say, no edits. I love ya hun, take a break. Hopefully you will come back. :P

Unknown said...

well maybe I need to friend you on Facebook then...because I don't like breaks from you! =)

Carly said...

Noooooooo! I love - LOVE your blog... You are amazing, and your kids are too! You seriously make me laugh all the time, and I am so inspired by your attitude, and charisma.. I do understand the need to take a break though! Good Luck and hope to see you back soon! ~~~ :) An so excited your lover comes back soon!!

trooppetrie said...

hope you come back to blogging because this is the first time I have visited your blog and I would love to link up to your phone carnival

Unknown said...

I totally understand! But we'll miss you. I hope you come back soon!

Alison said...

7 long months?! you're amazing! thank you so much for sacrificing your time with your Lover on our behalf. I truly admire you for your strength - you're a good mom, wife and daughter of God. Love to you and your family and I hope you'll at least post a "He's HOME!" when your Lover is home safe and sound. :)

SGRMSE. said...

WHATTA CUTE PHOTO!!! :D :D :D haha. i love the way you write!

Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

missing your blog posts...hope you guys are doing well!