Thursday, March 17, 2011

my heart is over flowing.

just so you know,
i'm not blogging.
contrary to what this may look like.
but i'm AM,
just peeking in just to show you something
(you better click that link or else!)
right there.
and all of the other 1209218392849034 kajillion people
who have prayed for my family,
bought or made us dinner,
made us laugh,
watched my kids,
brought me treats,
checked in on me through texts, msg's, or phone calls,
played "dad",
sent packages to my Lover,
sent me sweet cards and letters,
and much much more.
all those people who have done things
to make life just THAT much easier.
to keep our minds away from sad things.
those people,
are what helped me through this deployment.
i love you.
you know who you are.
the countdown is on friends.
it. is. ON.
(no i mean it. like literally. it will be.)
wish me luck.
and a good hair day.
and if you're lucky,
i might have
an ExTrAOrDiNaRy slide show
for you
to recap the reunion greatness.


Blomgrens said...

Your friend is so sweet! I'm so thankful your deployment is over and you get to welcome your lover home!!!! I really hope you do come back to blog and come back to share the reunion love. Yeah!!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy it's over & you two LoVeRs can be reunited again! Who knows after this reunion there might be a blog post of a 6th Lowe baby coming soon?!?!?! bow-chika-wow-woa ;o)

Michael DeSa said...

Love it!! And good job! You made it! It's so close you can taste it and he'll be back in your arms sooooo soon!

Perfectly Jenn said...

That is an amazing friend and a beautiful necklace!!! You are loved and prayers are with all of you!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet thing :)
I am so happy for you and your family that your countdown is on!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That was such a sweet sweet thing your friend did for you! i LOVE the necklace, and it will go perfect with your homecoming outfit!! i am so lucky to have been able to share these last 7 months with you. through the good and the bad, i have loved every minute that you have been here. you are such a strong lady. and such a dear friend to me, and i'm grateful that i had the opportunity to stalk, er, make you my friend.
can't wait to see the homecoming video.
you will be missed more than you know.

Chris said...

I am soooo sooooo happy that this deployment is almost over for your family. What a wonderful and amazing friends you have.
I know you are NOT blogging, but thanks for the post today, it made me smile :)

A Beautiful Life said...

you did it girl. You CAN do hard things :) her necklace is sweet that she made for you. i hope you know you were prayed over and so was Lover. you're an amazing woman and i'm so glad you can get laid soon. ;D!!
i LOVE you. i wish there was an end to Bewtcut's coming and goings, but hey we must like torture or something. ;)
Good job girl, let the countdown begin.

Lindsey from The R House said...


Enos Heinzen said... are my soulmate. :)

Amber Nicole said...

oh my goodness!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy reunion!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

what a nice friend you have! beautiful necklace! So glad you guys will be reunited soon!! :)

molly said...

Woo hoo! So when is the big day?

Nicole Dianne said...

that is adorable. what a sweet friend you have :)

Mae said...

just so you know, i think you are pretty amazing, too. I convinced my man to not join because I didn't think I could handle it. Hooray for you, hooray for a safe return!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

This is so awesome! Friends this awesome totally ROCK! I can't wait to see the slide show.

Magen said...

When I see this I think "the hussy could do this better" lol

its the sundrop commercial

Unknown said...

What a sweet post! And how generous of her to make that necklace for you!

Heather said...

I am glad you two get to be together again soon!

Cannot wait to see your photos..Much love

Adriane said...

Wow, that is AMAZING and so adorable!! What a great friend! (Okay, now I feel like an even crappier friend for not being so awesome and just getting caught up in my own "stuff"...) I'm sorry to hear that you won't be blogging as much - did you say because some person is harrassing you?? :( Eh, they're just jealous of your fabulousness!! :)

i'm B. said...

oh girl. i am J.E.A.L. he left in august & is already coming back?!?!! woot woot!!! get your O-face ready! :) i can not wait to see your sweet fam whole again. those kiddos need their dad! ALL kids need their dad. it's just the way it is.
so super freaking happy for you.
(and, selfishly, can't wait til i'm writing this post!)

Brooke said...

I don't know you (other than from this blog) and you don't know me (don't have a cool blog to follow) but I was just thinking of you and thought you might like this song...

I promise it is safe to read. It is called "She" hope you like it. and hope your husbands homecoming is amazing and that you can transition back fast.

Brooke said...

BTW...miss your posts! They make me smile inside. Makes my day that much more fun (being a stay at home MORMON mom and all). Hope you come back soon.

Unknown said...

that necklace is adorable and so sweet of her! Hope you are having a fun week!!

Shay said...

That is amazing! I LOVE that necklace. What a nice person to do that in honor of you! You should be honored for what you have accomplished. You are awesome! I'm so glad that you and Austin have been reunited and I wish I could be a fly on the way when your whole family will be gives me chills just thinking of it! All the best!

Bec @ eleventhirtyish said...

love your blog! you're inspiring! wouldlove you to pop over and visit
xx Bec

Ashley said...

i just found your blog. YOU ARE ADORABLE! And your family is beautiful.!!!

Rowbury Adventures said...

your blog is amazing and truly inspiring.. just thought you should know ;)

jackie said...

so i'm assuming he's back by now. when do we get a quicky little celebration post?!

Lindsay said...

sometimes i come to this blog and wish that it had something new on it. actually EVERY time i could to this blog...*sigh*

Sarah said...

You are amazing. I'm complaining about having my husband gone for 2 1/2 months and you've had to endure 7 months?! Holy cow! I better suck it up!

Celia said...

I miss your writing! I hope you and your Lover are lovin' up a storm. You give me inspiration and provide me with encouragement to laugh and learn from my own fledgling marriage.


Arika A. said...

So thankful and happy your Lover made it back save. You're right, I cried watching that video.