Friday, June 8, 2007

The tiny terminator

Every time Austin sees me curling my eyelashes, he calls me the terminator. SOOOO, when my precious coco crawled up on the bathroom counter (like I do when I put on my makeup) and started curling her eyelashes, all I could think of was how big my tiny terminator is getting. That night when we were in bed (kora and I) she told me that when she grows up she doesn't want to be an actor, or a house looker (someone who stands on top of houses and looks really far), or a haircutter. She said she wants to be a bear and be on American Idol and sing 1 2 3 Like a Bird I Sing (Last Dollar - Tim McGraw). I told her I think she'll do great and when I asked her if she thinks she'll win...she responded with a confident...UH YEAH!


Lindsay said...

i love Kora's hair here it's so smooth. I want to get my hair cut like hers. but not until my ear is replaced

Amanda said...

That is too cute! I am enjoying your blog:)

Amanda said...

Too cute! I am loving your blog:)