Friday, June 8, 2007

Family Swim Day

These few pictures are supposed to be down below but for some reason they kept hopping up here. I don't know how to fix it so just mentally place them where they are supposed to be when you read about them.

On Thursday we went to the pool and had a family day of fun. Austin brought his laptop and did work until his battery died (which wasn't too long after we got there - ??) and we all played and layed out and swam. Here's Kora being brave once again. She even stood on top of the hot tub which is about 2 feet higher than the pool and did front flips into the pool. It was crazy!

These are of Austin throwing Kora and Jake. They did this over and over and over and....

Here's a sweet picture I happened to catch!

(not really, I missed the first one and made them re-enact it!!)

After about 40 minutes, Miah started being sad and sick again so he layed out with me on the chair. The sun was so bright I let him borrow my sunglasses and I love that picture because I have one almost just like it when I was little wearing MY mom's ovesized sunglasses.

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Lindsay said...

at least you CAN swim... i wore a sweater today to work because it was coldish. stupid utah.