Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three tired chickens

On Tuesday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate 14 nights of dry pull ups for Kora. This had been an ongoing goal of hers and she finally achieved it so we had to party hard! We ate pizza and bread sticks and played 5 million games. For those of you who go to Chuck E. Cheese's on a regular basis, you'll know that each one has a car with a fake Chuck E. Cheese in it that you can ride in. The car rocks back and forth and has a camera in the front to take a picture of you and Chuck E. Cheese enjoying the ride. WELL...Kora rode this a few times and then got the bright idea to mix things up a bit. There I was just sitting at our booth enjoying some pizza when I look across the game room to see Kora on the Chuck E. Cheese car ride bent over backwards with her butt toward the camera laughing her head off! Of course, only my Kora would think of something as raunchy as that. I didn't know if I should ignore it and pretend like she wasn't my child, or stop it before others started to notice Kora's own version of girls gone wild. I decided it would be best to stop it because she does look exactly like me and others would see her with me later. It was quite embarrassing though. Although I didn't SEE anyone watching her, who knows how many people saw it and looked away for fear that their OWN child would want to try this out. Besides Kora's craziness, the celebration was fabulous and I look forward to more dry pull ups in the morning (but not so many more days at Chuck E. Cheese).

Anyway, I forgot to bring my camera so I took some pictures of them in bed that night looking very peaceful. Well, not Miah! I accidentally woke him up with the flash and so I just told him to close his eyes for the picture. This is why he looks like he's squeezing his eyes shut, oh well!

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Lindsay said...

i think it's funny that you told miah to close his eyes and pretend to be asleep because i was thinking when i looked at the picture... he's fakin' it. (i only know because i've faked sleeping so much as a child) so sweet though. :)