Thursday, August 30, 2012

Firsts in Okinawa!

well hi. 
my name is jessica and i'm a new old blogger.  i've decided to resurface and make like one of those sports players always do and come out of retirement.  Lover will love that i just made mention to sports.  he loves when i talk sports.  not. 
anyway.  i'm here.  i'm blogging and for now i'm excited about it.
probably not as good at it as i used to be but i'll do my best to keep you entertained as i document our life.  if you get bored with the new me, just scroll back through my old posts and get to know the old me.  then you might have a little more patience with the new me to get back to the old me.
you might just mourn the old me and tell the new me to shove it.
who knows.
so much has changed! man. we left NC in may, headed to texas for 2 months and now we're in frickin japan? whaaa...?  i know, right? 
so just before we left i had to say goodbye to all my fantastic friends (not pictured here).
these friends ARE fantastic but not ALL of my fantastic friends are pictured.
does that make sense?
leaving them was bittersweet.  i can't begin to describe how much fun i have around these toots.  but all good things come to an end and that's exactly what happened. 
no, literally.
  like the last they saw of me was my rear end.
don't ask what we're doing here, just note that we have become extremely intimate.
beyond the normal limits of intimacy in a friendship.
and unfortunately for katy's husband taking this picture,
he too has become intimate with our ends. 

ok ok.
enough already. i'm starting to cry again.
so we loaded up our suitcases and drove off.

first flight took us to seattle for just over 12 hours of a delay
 so we got out and saw the city.

indulged in a little fish and chip action

and spent way too much time on these nasty airport floors.
my favorite part was when we were waiting in the security line and isaak was asleep on the floor so we were just dragging him along like one of those furry mops used to clean big high school gym floors and then all of a sudden a nice yellow tinted puddle of awesome started seeping out of his crotchula area. 
my first thought of course was, wow.  i'm glad i wasn't holding him.
then i realized the line was still moving and i needed to either have a magical mom moment or this dude behind me who is already giving me the stink eye for dragging my kid on the floor is gonna blow his top.  thankfully i'm a rockstar mom and i seriously looked like wonder woman in a phone booth as i swapped his clothes out and then i sprinted across the airport for paper towels thinking i had pulled this off, only to come back and find airport security crowded around my kid asking me what liquid this was on the floor.
uhm. hi.
it's pee.

when we were finally able to board we blew a big fat kiss to america
and said peace out!!

the actual flying in the air wasn't bad AT ALL.  the kids were amazing.  no major meltdowns or vomit or uncontrollable bowel issues.  seriously i started to wonder if this was even my family.  embarrassment seems to follow me everywhere i go so i was sure it wouldn't disappoint on this adventure as well but lo and behold, it did.  and i can't say i was upset about it.

hours and hours and days of traveling and layovers later,
we flew into the island of okinawa.

it was late but we were excited so we all gathered around in our hotel to partake of some okinawan cookies.  our first japanese treat :)
and then i gave everyone high doses of melatonin and sent them all to bed.
no, really.  i did.

i used to love being in a hotel.  the feel of a trip!  excitement!  fresh sheets! ice from the ice machine and water bottles that cost $8 each!  so fun and new!
now?  after living in one for 27 days?
i might just cut ur face if you tell me i have to stay in a hotel with my kids.
not. awesome.
 ok this post is reaching that point where you feel like it should end soon so u quickly scroll down to see how much more she's gonna talk about boring crap and then after like 4 finger swipes of your mouse and your still not to the bottom you just say, i quit.
please dont.  i'll make the rest fast i swear!!
so since being here we've already done and seen SOOO much! in just this short time, i've experienced more new things, made huge decisions, and had to adjust to new ways of living more than i have in my entire life.  i love this place.  LOVE. IT. 
but i must warn you.
moving to a new country is extremely overwhelming.
in every way shape and form possible.
ok are you ready?!?
In the first two weeks of moving to Okinawa, Japan,
we have:
had more than our fair share of 110yen drinks from the drink machines
on every corner.
we visited the ER and got 5 rad stitches
after the coral reef decided to jump up and bite isaak.

we've slid down the biggest most extreme slides i've ever seen in my entire life!

and even hung and dropped on a drop slide.
yes.  these are made for kids.
silly america and their "law suit" fears.  pshh.
i've accidentally gotten on the okinawan expressway!
and even took the toll tag lane when i didn't have a toll tag because guess what!?
i don't speak or read japanese.
who knew. 

we got new japanese iphones!
and we signed a contract that could very well have said, we promise to send our kids off to be sex slaves when they turn 16. 

we had REAL ramen.
although i can't be certain the little japanese server didn't bust open the package in the back and just put it in a fancy bowl with chicken broth.  
 we were introduced to anpanman!
their most popular cartoon character whose head is a bun filled with bean paste
that he shares with his friends and just regrows a  new one
after they eat it all.
genius. freakin genius.

i got to see an asian man in camo speedo shorts.
just what i've always dreamt of.
and you know what?
it was better than i expected.

i took a test.
and was issued a japanese driving license.

so of course we had to buy a car for me.
stop laughing at my tiny tires you jerk.

and a car for Lover.
which we've named shane.
he's a ginger.
and what does that mean??
well it means that we started driving on the left side of the road and on the passenger side of the car.
eeek! i know.
but i love it now. 
it's like a video game everyday when i'm running errands or taking the kids to school.
will i get to the next level and save the princess?
i dunno. i just gotta keep driving!

we went to the most amazing aquarium in the WORLD.
holy crap people.
is this an aquarium or freakin sea world?!

i discovered my love of lawson and family mart and their delicious rice balls and spicy wasabi flavored potato strings that i MAY or may not be living off of.

i used a squatty potty!
and apparently i did it backwards because when i left my entire foot was soaked wet with pee and i DID question as to why the toilet paper was so far behind me. 
don't worry.  i'm a pro now.

i tasted my first beniimo.
the japanese purple yam.
and folks?
it's heavenly.  HEAVENLY i tell you.
i'm already sad about leaving it behind in 3 years.

after 27 days in a hotel
we were running out of things to do with each other.

 so we made new friends.
cute japanese ones.
 and tiny gooey ones.

that just so happened to help us find our new home.
that tiny little snail. 
 man he just kept on truckin and led us right to it the little booger.
that's why it took 27 days to find the place.
poor thing almost ran out of glitter dust.

so we signed a lease and moved in!

we learned how to recycle like mad.

and we were introduced to the awesomeness that is
translation fails.

each and everyday i feel us becoming more and more japanese.
the language is very difficult and very frustrating at times but i DO intend on learning it.
sometimes when i'm trying to speak to a japanese person i feel like if i just push in my chest hard enough and think about what i wanna say, it'll fall right out in perfect japanese.
unfortunately that never happens.
and pushing really hard in my chest always makes me push really hard somewhere else which results in something that surely is NOT
japanese altho it's understood quite clearly in all languages as rankity stank.
i'll just continue to study my books and CD's instead.

but my favorite thing we've been able to do here is just explore this beautiful island.

because amidst all the fun and craziness of every adventure we seem to embark on,
there's always a moment where i seem to separate myself from the action and step back, looking at it from a picture's view. and i think to myself, this truly is a dream.  how blessed we are to be here in this paradise experiencing something we may never be able to experience again.  and because of those moments, we're able to cherish every. single. bit. of this adventure.

and we are LOVING it.


Unknown said...

What is WRONG with me, this made me cry. Great post.
Love tagging along on your family's adventures!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Welcome back!!!!!! So refreshing to read your bloggity blog again! Missed you! #notatallcreepy #ha Love how you're enjoying all the crazy madness! You are supermom!

Charity said...

Ya first to comment. Lol. I loved your incredibly long first post in Okinawa. The snail did it for me. I wish I coul go on an adventure like that for three years. Welcome back. Oh and even if you forgot how to blog your amazing it's still ten times more exciting than my blog.

Charity said...

Ya. And after all that typing it malfunctioned and I ended up third!!! Darn iPhone

Anonymous said...

Jessica, YOU and your little fam are RAD! You my dear are quite the storyteller, and it's so fun to follow along on your adventures! Thank you for sharing these moments with us. :-)
~ Taylor Swaty

Mandy McFarland said...

Squatty potty- face the hump. Enjoy your time in Asia. We were just there for 3 years (Korea). Visit Seoul for a long weekend, take a trip to Beijing to visit the Great Wall... and if you ever wanted to visit Australia- the flight is much more doable from Japan.

Stasi14 said...

I loved Japan. Wish I could have gone back with the little ones. SOunds like you are soaking in everything good and funny about the place. Great blog as always girl! Those bloody toilets were NO FUN at 8 months pregnant, I can tell you! haha

amylouwhosews said...

Yeah!! So glad you are so happy!

Amanda said...

Yeah!!! Ur back!!!!! Loved it:) keep it up girl!


so so so so exciting! I hope to someday be stationed outside the US. ENJOY! Don't be one who complains about not being in the US with Target and all that jazz, even though I can tell by your posts so far you're doing amazing and enjoying every second of it. YOU ROCK!

Unknown said...

As entertaining as always Jessica, even when I stalk you on fb & instagram you shared new things. Totally hilarious AND heart warming. I love you and your family! So glad you're blogging again.

Larman Family said...

Love it! Can't wait for more!

Melissa Moore said...

Your blog post completely had me laughing so hard!!!!!!!
Miss you so much!!

Dani said...

LOVE your updates on your new life in Oki!!!! Keep posting more... the stories and photos and your awesome sense of humor is just so refreshing. Hooray!

Jen Comas Keck said...

Yes yes yes! A blog post from you! So excited that you are starting back up!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Okinawa! I had a friend (Dani Ploscik) share your blog with me! Sounds like you already love it here as much as we do! :) ~Melissa

jackie said...

i have seriously missed your posts. so glad you guys are loving Okinowa and a little bit jealous that you live on a beautiful island. not so jealous of 27 days in a hotel with 5 chitlins. you're supermom.

everything under the sun flowers said...

I discovered your blog a while back and subscribed and hoped and wished on a star that you would come back and am so excited to read your new journeys in Japan :)

Unknown said...

You are back!!!! This just made my day! I've missed your blog posts and now I am so looking forward to ridiculously awesome stories about your time in Japan! You rock!

Shay said...

I am so happy for you! I wish I could be as strong as you to go on a 3 yr. adventure like you, but I'm not so I'll just live vicariously through you! You rock!

Kate said...

So glad you're back, your posts always brighten my day!

Marnie said...

Love seeing your new life! It's quite the adventure isn't it? We might be heading to Korea next summer. if we do, we should totally do a vacation house swap! I'm glad you are blogging again. now that I only have one baby left at home, I might actually start blogging about the last three years in Germany, or maybe not. Maybe I will just start taking naps! Ha!

Kristin said...

Sing it sister! ("but i must warn you.
moving to a new country is extremely overwhelming.
in every way shape and form possible.
man.") TRUE STATEMENT!!! We just returned to California after living in Milan, Italy for 18 months and Mexico City, Mexico for 20 months. Although I wouldn't change these experiences for the world, overwhelming is an understatement. And, wait until you move back to "America" (as your kids will soon be calling it) Just as overwhelming. Enjoy your time over's worth every single one of the: "What the heck did we just do?" moments.

Rebecca said...

Holy buckets YAY!!! You're blogging again! I can't tell you how often I check to see if you've posted something. So entertaining!! I'm pumped that you want to start blogging again!

Jess Lowe said...

I found your blog while doing a little 'vanity search' on google one day a while agao - and, lo and behold, it turns out to be one of the most interesting + funny blogs I've ever read. I love it and look forward to your next post!

All the best for your journey in Japan!

Jess Lowe (nope, not kidding!)
Sydney, Australia

Angel2 said...

I'm totally supposed to be grading papers right now, but shockingly, you are FAR more entertaining! ;-)