Wednesday, February 8, 2012

giveaway: mia's sock drawer!

hi y'all!

is mia.
(adorable i know. and those silhouetes on her wall?
yeah she sells those too.
i know. i know.
so freakin talented it makes me wanna scream.)

she's one of my favorite people.
probably the nicest most sincere person
you'll ever meet
(if you ever meet her that is).

and sheeeeee,
owns a rockin shop called...

this little mia-o-mine,
is super deeeee duper creative
and she makes these daaaahling socks
trimmed with lace and buttons
and all sorts of frilly girl fun!

look at these!!!
you can't sit there and tell me
you don't want these on your daughter like NOW.
oh my holy mother of adorable.

you say you want them on yourself too?
no worries!!
she makes them for ladies too!
these beige ones are probably my favorite.
i'm a huge fan of wearing my socks showing at the top
of my boots and these are a must with every outfit.
mia made me a pair similar to these last year
and every time i wear them
someone asks me about them
because they are sooo HoT!

she has all sorts of colors and styles and trims
so do me a favor and head on over to her etsy shop
browse around,
and pick your favorites!
(because i know you'll have more than one!)

and since we're on the topic of favorites,
these are MiiiiiiNE.
mia was so kind as to even NAME them after me!
hot. to. trot.
that's all i gotta say about this.

and they come in black too!
i may or may not have both pairs.

now are you ready for the good stuff?

mia is giving away:
ONE pair of 'the hussy' sock
in the color of your choice (white or black)
to one lucky blog follower!!

to enter you must do one of the following
(or more than one for multiple entries.
just make sure you comment for each entry you do!)

with the name of your favorite sock

this contest on facebook!
about this contest!
your favorite pair of mia's socks on pinterest!

contest ends sunday at 8pm EST time
and a winner will be announced on monday morning!

ps. all of mia's socks are unique and most of them
are limited in quantity.
that means if you see one you like, you better snag it before it's gone.
got it? good.


Brandi said...

Oh I'm on this! ... annnnd my favorite Mia Sock is Um DUH the Hussy!!

R said...

I do love the black hussy ones but I also like the black cable knit knee high ones. I wear knee high for softball, wonder if I could work the girlie looks.

Rachel @ romancing rachel

R said...


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Ohh I want itttttttt. I love the beige knee high socks!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

I like her facebook page!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

I pinned my favorite socks :)

Unknown said...

How do you even choose just one?!?! Adorable! I love the Charcoal Grey Speckled Knee High Socks- 'Chloe'!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite! I love her shop!


Anonymous said...

I like her page on FB under the name Just The Two Of Us!

Allie said...

I looooove the Black Cable Knit Knee High Socks!!!

Allie said...


Mamabelly said...

My favorite is the black "The Hussy" and I must have a pair if I win or not. So fabulous!

Mamabelly said...

I already like her facebook page, of course :)

Mamabelly said...

I pinned my favorite pair :)

Mamabelly said...

I posted the Giveaway on facebook and tagged both you and Mia :)
So hoping I win. I need a reason to buy a great pair of new heels to go with the socks ;)

Unknown said...

I love the black hussy!!

Unknown said...

I also fb this giveaway!!

Unknown said...

OK i just blogged about it too!

Jessica said...

I would have to say I want the hussy socks in black. They are my favorite

Jackie Barnum said...

I likey The Hussy in black.

Here is my pinny poo.

I liked her facebook page.

Shared on facebook.

Jackie Kepner Barnum =)

If I had a blog I would blog. =(

One + One = Eight said...

I liked fer facebook page!

One + One = Eight said...

I pinned her sock drawer on pinterest!

One + One = Eight said...

My favorite is "the hussy" in black!

Marie said...

I Adore Mia! She is the greatest! I like her FB page, re-posted the blog giveaway on my FB and have been pinning her cool stuff on Pinterest. I even made a pinboard titled "MakeMIA..." for all the cute stuff she makes. My favorite are the blue knee highs with the crochet flower.

amylouwhosews said...

adorbs! I love the the knee high beige socks that you posted! so freakin' cute. And I need those for my new boots you know.

Julia said...

she knows which ones i like... the mustard yellow crocheted flower ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ashley said...

the Hussy socks ARE HOT, i love the Chloe socks too:)

Ashley said...

Leighana said...

OOh the black cable knit knee highs are my favorite. They'd be cool with boots.

melinda 13 said...

I <3 the hussy sock in both colors!

melinda 13 said...

I liked Mia's sock drawer on facebook!

melinda 13 said...

I shared the give away on facebook!!!!

Jess said...

Love the Charcoal Grey Speckled Knee High Socks- 'Chloe' .

Jess said...

Like her on facebook.

Jess said...

Pinned a pair of socks on pinterest!