Monday, June 27, 2011

ricka ricka rewind.

remember when i had that Lover
who was in afghanistan for 7 months?
and remember how i whined and moaned
and quit blogging
until the radical day i was able to fly away
and go and be with him for his homecoming?

i'm gonna talk about that now.
a little flashback monday action for ya
to recap what i failed to blog about
because i was being lame.

so the time had come
to frickin finally go see my Lovie mcLovester.
i had planned for me to go alone.
eleven days.
me. Lover. alone.
i know right?
thankfully i have a pretty sweet A friend
and a sweet A father in law
and sweet A parents
who were able to help out and cover for me.

before i could jet,
there were some items of business i had to take care of.
first up?
a horrid trip to "brazil"
and then another trip to brazil again the next day
because my tour guide wasn't thorough enough the first day.
talk about embarrassing.
(i'll save you the visual aid on this one.
your welcome.)

next up?
a little homemade pedicure action.

and i couldn't forget the face.
a nice orange peel mask.
which i don't think did a THING
except make my skin smell nice and citrus-y
and clear my nasal passage ways.

now attire.
this was a tricky one.
i only needed a couple hundred outfits.
which may or may not have made me pay
an additional $90
for having extra heavy luggage.

and i only needed a few pairs of shoes.
because you just never know.
and apparently i really didn't know
because it ended up being
like practically snowy weather while i was there.
it was awesome.
not really.

after one final shot
of me being a single mother of 5
i was off!

the first couple of days
i just played with friends.
i arrived on the first day of Lover's flight window
and he didn't end up coming till the last day
so i had a little time for some nonsensical fun
with two bone-heads.

we of course had to do a little
goodwill hunting.
i told michele she should have gotten
the leopard business jumper.
the shoulder pads made her look professional.
and smooooth.
but she thought it didn't play up her curves enough.
she's kinda boring.

we also got our gangster on
eating sushi.
have you ever been somewhere
and your eyes meet with some dudes eyes
and they lock by accident.
and then you look away
but he thinks that was a sign
that you're hot for him.
and then every time you look in that direction
he hurries and looks to catch your eyes again?

that's what happened to me.
but only because rita wished he was looking at her.
sorry rita.
he liked roundy girls
with seriously long bony fingers.
what can i say? that's hot.

after all of our lolligaggin
i went home to have sweet dreams of my Love
on rita's insanely
too good to be true
air mattress.

and then...

oh shoot.
you'll have to wait until the next post
to read about the day i got to
my Lover.
stay tuned!


Nicole Dianne said...

i like that you're blogging again. it literally brightened up my night..not creepy at all right?

10 pairs of shoes for one trip? that's amazing and i love it :D

Camilla said...

i love hearing about the reunion.

jackie said...

oh poopaloop. the smooch was what i was waiting for!!! but yuck, 2 trips to brazil? that musta been horrid.

The Nugen's said...

So happy you're blogging again and getting to all the details we've been waiting for! :)

Bonnie said...

I'm with the others... I wanna hear about the reunion. Kiss and tell, Jess. Kiss and mutha freakin tell.

Brandi said...

seriously happy we are like real life friends cause if I had to wait for updates like this one after all this TIME i'd die. no lie.

Brandi said...

seriously happy we are like real life friends cause if I had to wait for updates like this one after all this TIME i'd die. no lie.

Anonymous said...

Glad ur back to bloggin and back to a happy place and it makes me wanna sing shiny happy people.