Wednesday, June 29, 2011

finally a kiss after 7 months.

it's time for the rest of this story, in pictures, of course.
this is very uhmm, detailed.
and very very long. and boring.
and inappropriate.
so grab a snack cuz you better not skip it.

so the next morning i got all dressed and fancified.
rita made sure i was perfect.
then we headed on over to the barracks
where Lover was set to pull in.

my very own amy lou who (sews) was my life saver
and photographed the whole event.
isn't that dreamy of her?
nothing better than having a friend with you
on one of the biggest days of your life!

i got to see my funny friend, stephanie, there too!
she was pretty much the only other wife in the battalion
that i was friends with.
her husband worked pretty closely with Lover.
he was just the battalion commanding officer of 1/8.
the main dude over all 1000+ marines.
Lover's boss.
no big deal.

any who. i love this lady.
she's so awesome.
are my eyes closed in this picture?
and am i pregnant?
what the...?

so after chillin out for a bit, waitin for the boys to arrive,
the big military trucks
started to unload the bags.
which meant, Lover would be arriving any minuto!

the loud speaker continually updated us on where the boys were.
"they're entering the main gate"
"they're headed to the armory to return their weapons"

i had been warned that the armory took awhile
so i thought i had about another 45 min to an hour left
before i saw those big white buses pull up
that stole my Lover away 7 months ago
only to return him safely to me once again.
i was going cuh-ray-zeee!

and then.
i glanced over to my friend, amy,
who was looking in the direction
that my back was facing
and she got this incredibly large smile
and surprised look on her face.
so i turned around
to see what was making her go bonkers
and who do you think was walking towards me?

that's right.
in all his sexy cuteness glory.
with a big 'ole grin plastered on his face :)

Lover got done with the armory first
and didn't want to wait for everyone else
and ride the buses over.
he had a job to do
(i mean that in the most inappropriate way possible)
and he was gonna get it done.
so he just walked.

and then?
we kissed.
and kissed and kissed and kissed.

but it all happened so fast
that i didn't get a good look at him.
so i took his cover off,
and took a moment to just soak his sweet face in.
same 'ole perfect Lover of mine he was :)

and then we hugged.
and hugged and hugged and hugged.
i didn't ever want to let go.
it was like i just couldn't get enough.
it felt so unreal.

and then we kicked amy out
and ran away.
no just kidding. we walked.
but we really did kick amy out.

we had originally planned to stay at the base hotel.
but it's grody. and not romantical.
so as we were pulling up to it,
Lover just kept on driving.

and as i'm sure you can imagine,
we were both anxiously awaiting "alone time".

so when i looked over at him like,
"what in the heck are you doing?"
he said, "we're going to raleigh baby!"

and then i said,
"uhmm. Lover?
raleigh is 2 1/2 hours away.
i've already waited 7 months. i can't wait any more."

so we pulled down one of these fancy little
desolate gravel roads
held hands?

i can't really remember the details here.
whatever took place satisfied any "cravings" we had
for at least another 2 1/2 hours.
nothing chivalrous about that.
enough said.

soon we arrived at the hotel in raleigh.
the view was better than anything i'd seen
in a loooooong time.

our first few "moments" together
took a little adjusting. on both ends.

when you're apart from your loved one
for such a long period of time,
your mind creates the most romantical scenes
for the reunion.

but in reality.
it's not romantic.
it's actually quite awkward.
ok really awkward.

like that first night when Lover was jet lagged
and seriously, dozing off into space,
and i was trying to spoon him.

only to be thrown
practically halfway across the bedroom by him
in a mad frenzied rage of marine dude anger.

because in his deep,
"i'm still in afghanistan where there are no hot chicks trying to spoon you"
he thought a little man love action was trying to take place.

and as soon as
he plastered me against the wall
ready to smash my face in,
(not really he just pushed me off really hard)
he realized that it was just me.
and apologized for thinking i was a dude.
and we both got a good laugh.
and i continue to get a good laugh each day
as i tease him about his man spooning.

2nd attempt at dreamy enchanting love?

that's lover with the mullet.

the next night we decided to try again
on that whole romance thing.

so it's dark. like pitch black.
and we're kissing.
and then Lover starts to sniffle.
which wasn't weird cuz he get's a runny nose
a lot when we kiss.
which i never thought was odd until i just typed it out.

i started to taste something
that didn't taste like something i should be tasting
while you're making out.

so i said,
"Lover? i think your nose is bleeding."
so we turned on the lights
and of course, it was.

then i looked in the mirror
to wipe away any drips on my face.
and apparently his nose had been bleeding
for a lot longer than we thought.
because i looked like a murder scene.

super. freaking. hot.
i'm telling you.
if you ever want to be seriously sex'd up and turned on
rub a bunch of blood all over your face and neck
and then get nEked.
it really seals the deal.

3rd romance attempt = fail.

so instead of trying to be all lovie and idyllic,
we just decided to be us.

late night runs to the gas station for treats.
with a nice view of course.

shopping for new digs for this hot dude.

eggrolls eating eggrolls.

arguing over who's cheesecake tastes best.

or his?

we even pretended we were rich.
and he bought me a ring that i fell in love with.

only to have me return it 10 days later
in exchange for one of these bad boys.
much better choice.

we couldn't stay in raleigh the whole time.
because remember?
we were only pretending to be rich.
and we aren't.

so it was back to camp lejeune
to stay at the bachelor officer's quarters for a few days.
it still had a nice view though.

being in so much love
i sometimes forgot i was even in dirty jville at times.
but the blood splatters on the bathroom floor
of the gas station bathroom
would always remind me.
thanks blood.

in jville we still enjoyed ourselves
regardless of our surroundings.
we got crappy massages
and pedicures.
Lover only lost half of his big toe during it.
it's ok.
he still has the other half.

we also got Lover a budget phone.
he wasn't available for an upgrade
for another 2 months.
so he had to get this sweet thang.
i know.
don't be jealous.

who cares what his phone looks like.
all that matters is what mine looks like
when he calls.
so nice to see a screenshot that says "Lover:)" again.

we pigged out on michealangelo's pizza.
my favorite.
mmm. i'm drooling right now.

and we dined with special friends.
extra special.
notice the two man hands longing to hug.
or spoon?
i bet Lover will let you be the mullet guy.

finally the time had come for me to go.
(and end this neverending post. good grief.)
so i said goodbye
to this exceptionally sexy face.
oh my gosh.
could anyone BE more hot?
i feel sorry for everyone else.

and then hello!
to this lovely little gem of a brandi i found at the airport!
what a great way to brighten up a sad day :)

to be continued
if you're in for more.
this was almost too much.
but you have to read about the kids reunion.

i'm so annoying.
peace out.


jackie said...

ahhhhhh!!! sounds like heaven. that's so cute that he decided to just walk over cause he couldn't wait for the bus to bring him. i bet you kissed him for ages. lucky you. i can't even wait.

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

Wow I laughed and cried through this post! I'm so happy for you and how cute is he for walking over to see you instead of waiting for the buses!

Anonymous said...

Teary eyed and laughing. So happy for you to finally have your Lover back!

Unknown said...

O my I have tears from laughing so hard. I am so happy for you girl! I know how it feels to have him back again.

Rachel @ Little Kitchen, Big Bites said...

you crack me up! such a sweet glad you two are back together where you belong :)

R said...

Your post are always like a great story. Make me laugh, cry, gross out a little. I'm so thrilled yall are back together. And I'm loving that you....held hands on a dirt road. Very cute.

Oh and Lejune is just a short drive from me. If you ever need an escape follow Route 17 north for 4 hours and come visit!

Jessica said...

haha i love this 100% honest story. Only about 5 weeks till I get to see my Husband after 7 months too (but only for 2 weeks for r&r)... i think i will have more realistic expectations now :)

so happy for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl this is so hilarious! Love it! By the way, what's going on here?! Do you not live in Camp Lejuene? Why did he have to go back? Why didn't he come home that day?!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts. You crack me up! I am so glad you are back :)

Lindsay said...

this post is awkward... and too sexy. i feel dirty now, thanks.

Untypically Jia said...

Okay, I'm gonna skip all my comments on the bloody nose and thought of man spooning and other stuff and just say that those pics of you guys kissing and hugging just warmed my heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo glad ur back cuz I missed peeing my pants over posts such as this

kim west said...

omg. i am not sure what to right. how about LOLLOLOLOLOLOL. mullet. sideroad se i mean hand holding. blood. i just don't even know! so freakin funny!

Megan said...

You are a hoot and a half!!!I love your posts so much.

erika said...

Lol, hilarious and awesomesauce.

amylouwhosews said...

andrew just asked me why I was laughing so hard! I just Miss Jessica is really funny. He understood.

This is hilarious! I had to scroll super fast through the gay love picture. creepy.

glad you are back!

wichiepoo said...

all I can say is I am happy you are back, I am happy that you are happy and writing again. You make LOL in my office and make people look at me as if I was crazy!!! Well, they know I am a little...

Keep writing, I look forward to reading you!

Allie said...

Touching and hilarious all at once. My inner blog nerd is jealous at your awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

I've been too busy cuddling to look at your blog in two days (terrible of me I know) but I just peed myself with love. Im in your lover full entry, be jealous other people, be jealous. Ps I was getting chicken balls while reading this an laughing super hard at lover throwing you off ;)

JoAnna said...

Love everything about this post. It was amazing! I am new to your blog and I think it's fantastic. I laughed so hard it hurt.

Jami Nato said...

Goshhhhhh, you share way too many details on your blog. Haha... I kid. You guys are adorbs. Yes I shortened adorable...go with it.

Unknown said...

oh goodness gracious that made me smile big time, then tear, then laugh, then smile! I can't wait to hear the rest, you and your family are beautiful!. ps. i've missed you & your posts! they make me smile =)

Losing Brownies said...

I'm so glad you got to see your husband again! I love homecoming stories.

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Such a great post!!! I love reading homecoming stories!!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

have i told you lately that your blog makes me happy? cuz it does. you truly are one of a kind, and i think you are amazing!I also think you should apply to be a reality tv show--your stories are intriguing, hilarious, romantic, and most of all REAL! so glad lover is back, and happier to finally hear the mushy details {or rather bloody details, ewww}. love you girl!

McKenzie said...

That is sweet that he walked to you because he couldn't wait for the bus ☺ I am so happy for you two! I couldn't imagine how happy and excited you are to have him back and him being back!

I laughed pretty hard about the mullet and the man spooning!!

Chris said...

Oh wow girl! I have missssseeddd you!! So right after Lover got back, I saw the slideshows of your reunion and it brought me to tears (of joy!) Now I read your words of this same reunion and I am crying tears of hysteria!! And peeing my pants too! So glad you're back, so glad Lover's back, and so so glad your family is all together again <3

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Thank you for sharing!! I laughed and cried during it!! Your family rocks! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!! The Foley fam appreciates you!!!


Marnie said...

So glad that Lover made it home safely! You two are seriously the cutest couple ever.

-kait said...

Two weeks ago, I married my best friend...a military man. Being an army wife was not something I ever planned for. I find it comforting and inspiring to read your blog. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.