Tuesday, February 15, 2011

whats on jessica's phone - stinky linky

ok i'm stinky and greasy so i'm gonna make this fast.
wanna play?
don't know how?

this was the extent of my black eye
from a week ago.
as much as i loved looking hardcore,
i was ready to be normal again.
the looks of disapproval from everyone everywhere i went
started to get a little annoying.
can't a mom just get head butt'd by her kid
without being ridiculed?!!?
(i kinda have vienna cross eyes in this picture)

snapped this of my guy one night.
SOME people said that i should have taken his hand out.
but i left it in.
do you take your boys' hands out when u find them like this?
he just feels safe.
no harm no foul *shrug*

my snow message for lover.
that i copied from melissa.
because it was just too cool not to.

rambo's new shirt.
he promotes me.

one time i saw a car on fire.

it was pretty awesome.

creme facial hair removal bonding time.
ok penny's is really just lotion.
but he feels special.

every now and then,
guppy throws fits.
big ones.

but it's okay because he looks like this
when he's not throwing a fit.
and i can't resist his bieber roundiness.
not. one. bit.

i will own one.
one day.
yes i will.

my new favorite meal at chiloso.
grilled avocado.
mmmm. dreeeeeeamy.

and the bestie for lastie?
this one's a creeper.
isaak took this picture with my phone.
note: i did NO photo editing to this picture.
he used the hipstamatic app all on his own.
i feel like i need to sleep with one eye open now.

yo yo yo.
let's do this!


julielollar said...

Love your snow message! LOVE guppy's shirt!
The last pic is really creepy.

Kris said...

Nope - no hand removal here either. Um, it's his after all! That last picture was uber creepy!!

Estell said...

Imma have to sit out on a couple...my phone broke this week and so did my BACK UP phone! :'[ how does this happen...

Lindsay said...

ohhh CREEPY!!! what the crap? is that him? *chills* also.. i'm pretty sure that picture of guppy in the truck is from like 13 weeks ago... during lauren's birthday.. i can totally see the brown striped shirt lucas wore in the driver's seat. okay maybe not.. but it still looks like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to start taking more pictures with my phone.
My pictures aren't nearly as cool as yours!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

ha ha ha that last one is FREAKY...but your creamy white facial hair remover pic is HOTT :) double TT hot... ;)

Charity said...

I am so craving whatever that fried avocado mush thing is. Because I have a love addiction to avocado. Truly I do!

Allie said...

My phone pictures are terrible. I have a flip phone circa 2005 and the quality makes me want to cry. *sigh* I wish for coolness!

Unknown said...

Hehehehe! I just clicked on your "Vienna" vid - soooo freaking funny! I'm so glad I'm not the only Bachelor addict out there!

My boys are 36, 12 and 9 and all still do that - I would never even dare remove a hand - kinda gross!! :)

Super creepy pic by your littlie!

Amanda said...

where oh where is the t-shirt from??? what (hot) mom doesn't use her toddler to "promote" herself?! it's, like, duh! ;)

jackie said...

ha that facial hair creme picture- you're a brave woman for posting that. my guy, who i've been with for almost 2 years, still doesn't know i bleach my moustache. i'm trying to decide if i should tell him before or after the wedding? ha

A Beautiful Life said...

i need some creme facial hair remover, i look like grinch who stole christmas when he was a lil' grinch.
last pic is freak-o is that a doLL?? did you say fried avocado? did you know avocado is like my favoritest thing in the world? mmmmmmm i want my kids to have that shirt. stat.

Candace said...

my fav is gussy's new shirt. where did you find that? where??

Valinda said...

I would like to add my name to the list of people who's children need Guppy's shirt. I'll bet George would even fit the one he's wearing once he out grows it. That doll looks like those 3D Ultrasounds, super creepy. I used to find my girls with their hands in there. I left it.

Jess said...

I freakin LOVE the "you mom/my mom" shirt! That is AWESOME! Oh and as for the hand... leave it... if any one asks just tell'em he's doing the Al Bundy ;)

Carri said...

I have the exact same picture of my son, actually I think I have a few! I say leave'em as long as it's not being done in the Target line (unfortunately I know what it's like for this to happen)!!


Staci said...

you actually look like Michelle from the bachelor with that blk eye.

check it;

The Nugen's said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out! I love the mom shirt! So perfect for one of your kids to wear. And that last picture is creepy!

Unknown said...

holy freakin cow that last picture is crazy!! what is it of??
LOVE gupper's shirt.
my brother has a vespa. they're so fun to ride.
The grilled avocado was pretty good.

Kristi said...

That car on fire was intense. I love Guppy's shirt, I want one. Except I don't look like that. HAHA! The doll pic is totally creepy Chucky-like. Doll eyes kinda freak me out. I'm kinda real real real sad you don't look like Michelle anymore because now your wannabe vid is missing that one awesome component.

Safire said...

Looks like you've had a busy week!

Unknown said...

Must. Have. That. Shirt! hahaha so funny.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

These are my favorite posts! You seriously stumble upon the BEST stuff! my life isn't even half as interesting! and your kiddos just get yummier every day!

Anonymous said...

Everything was all fun and games until I saw that last picture. Creepy!

Caitlin said...

I freaking love guppys shirt!!! hahaha i need one of those for my kid!!