Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what's on jessica's phone - linky yo padinky

let's play, shall we?
go here for the rules.
then upload, blog and linkup!


so i'm pretty much a professional photographer
now that i have my new instagram app.
thank you morgan for introducing me.
never again will my pictures suck butt.

and since i'm so good at picture taking now,
i have a ton.
so i'll keep the captions short and sweet.

two kids at the park.
we may or may not
have run into a couple of teenagers
smokin some weed
in front of our children,
which got them stoned for the first time.
and we may or may not have called the police.
then we went home.
and ate.
cuz we had the munchies.

guppy rambo's new bieber 'do.
picture taken shortly after
a nice lunch of green marker.

my hottie outfit for church
to showcase ONE my sweet new slips.
you haven't heard?!
freak people.
i can only do so much for your fashion needs.
go here and read about these slips!

my broken car.
who did it? i have no idea.
one day my car was perfect.
then the next it was broken.
and my steering wheel was all jacked upward.
and my seat was all trying to sandwich me.
and i'm pretty sure those crumbs weren't there either.

my pride and joy this week:
a nice shiner
courtesy of rambo's head.
1st picture is right after the hit.
2nd is to prevent the swelling.
3rd was the aftermath.
all three pictures?
no makeup.
perfect brows.
ahhh yeeeeea.
thank you tatty mctats.

so maybe i forgot
to completely secure his car seat
when i replaced it.

who doesn't love
a daddy on a pink bike?

tiny sperry's.
outgrown from miah
passed on to penny.
couldn't. be. more. irresistible.

a sweet smiley boy,
getting a hair cut by mia.
who swears she went to beauty school
but i have yet to seen the diploma.

mia's first time on the vespa.
wearing her dumb spencer shirt.

guppy eats with his elbows off the table.
but feet?
rock it, son-o-mine.

fat man in a little fridge.
random thought:
remember that punky brewster episode
where she got stuck in the fridge?
gosh i love punky.

penny's first shave
courtesy of pops.

striped cardi's.
like mother like son.

so what if his name is rambo.
he can still be tender too.

and besty for mclasty?

me trying to take a picture for lover
of my cutie outfit.
and mia screwing it all up.

i will GO
i will DO
the things the hussy commands.
no but for real
link up.


Kara said...

That's the only episode of Punky that I remember! They should start showing that in reruns...

Kris said...

That black eye looks painful. I love the slips - I just have no skirts to wear them under. seriously

No Model Lady said...

I love Guppy Bieber. Almost as much as Mia's photo-op:)

Betsy said...

I think you should change the caption on that last one and pretend to not know Mia. Cause it totally looked like some total stranger taking advantage of a photo op with a celebrity ;).

A Beautiful Life said...

ok first off, i wrote my phone post yesterday, so i could upload it all quick this morning to be on time, and we basically said the exact same thing at the beginning of our posts...like honestly, same life/diff time zones, no SHIZ!!
i'm sorry for ur black eye, but it's pretty gangsta i say keep it.
i love all your outfits, i need to hand over the style blog to you, cuz ur skinnier and have better clothes.
i love all ur children, they're so scrumptious.

Mrs. Werginz said...

I love the bieber hair and I laughed out loud at the unsecure car seat filled your mini passenger as it cocked to the side! hilarious!!! Have a great Tuesday!

The Chaplins said...

i am with mrs.werginz. i never say lol, because who honestly does that?!? ME. on this post. about the car seat. it was lol worthy :) you are mighty fine and i love the 'real' pics of everyday happenings!!!!

Jess said...

A baby beiber! LOL! Now that's just too cute! Gotta start'em early ;) Oh and I love your new slips! Great idea!

julielollar said...

Love the slips!!!
That last pick made me spew coke out my nose!

Losing Brownies said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you have awesome adventures!

E said...

I always love all your pics! super cute and love that we share the Dr. Pepper addiction! Hope the eye is better now :)

Amanda said...

I always luv these just never have time to post...I am stealing your cardi's LOVE Them!!!! Oh and ur hat too:) Watch out...I am not too far from Rockwall;)

Amber Nicole said...

the black eye totally gives you a tough, edgy look. :p
I love the Mia photo-such a cute pic and i busted up laughing when I saw her in the background. I thought it was a random person until I read the captions. Hahaha. Could you imagine if she wasn't your friend and just photobombed you?! I almost want to go take pics of myself in public in hopes that someone jumps in them.

Valinda said...

LOL you have way too much fun shopping, you'll have to teach me how to do that one day.

Anonymous said...

your outfits are so cute!!:]

MJ said...

Lord girl your family is so cute, and seriously. You did not give birth to those kids. You're too pretty, you're not all strung out "KILL ME NOW" looking!!! *not fair*

The Dahle's said...

i am a new lover of instagram as well! You should follow me ambam84! Love the matching striped cardi's :)

Unknown said...

hmmmm. how many of those photos were 'courtesy of mia'?? huh? huh??
and you know you love my spencer shirt. stop playing like you're a hater.
aannnnd i'm just now linking up my pics.
so get ready.
just lettin you know.

kali said...

How stinking gorgeous are you with FIVE KIDS? I barely get a smudge of makeup on everyday and I only have two. Love that little striped cardi matchy match pic. :)

Amanda said...

So I think the Hussy needs to do a spoof
( skit if you will ) on "Pajama Jeans" They are perfect for busy Moms on the go... :)

Unknown said...

I looove how your little guy eats with his feet on the table! my daughter does to! I decided to join in on the fun!(not the putting my feet on the table kind of fun,..the link up kind of fun!)

Justine said...

I love these photos! How's your shiner?

Just Better Together

Unknown said...

You are hilarious. And I am now totally in love with you. Yayyy.

Nicole Dianne said...

you are lookin hot for your lover. guppy's foot on the table, seriously AWESOME. you're such a fun mom :)

Estell said...

This makes me happy :]
I love gus's face in the cardigan picture lol

Unknown said...

This is seriously one of my favorite things that you do...though everything you do is pretty awesome.

I like it, I love it! said...

K, I have searched and searched and I can not find white ruffle socks. I have been on the hunt for like forever and I MUST know where you got yours. Help!!