Monday, January 31, 2011

your slip is showing...and we love it!!

oh. my. dear. heavens.
i can't tell you how excited i am for this post.
a few weeks back,
i met a new friend at church.
her name is kristi
and she is beyond precious.
but i'll have to tell you about her in another post.
because this post
is about two friends of hers
that she introduced me to.
they own a little perfect etsy shop called
i have 4 words for you.

let me introduce to you my newest friends:
kaity and jene'
the masterminds behind a slip shop.
are they not just the cutest girlies ever?

so because i love to dress up
i just HAD to get me some of these fancy slips.
and oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
i don't think i ever want to take it off.
kaity and jene' offer several different styles of slips
to match whatever you want to pair it with.
i had such a hard time picking
that i ended up getting three.
i know. i'm obsessed a little.
(and by that i mean a lot)
the three tiered white eyelet
caught my eye right away.
should i say 'eye' one more time?

this slip seriously looks good under
almost every single one of my skirts and dresses.
like for real.
i also wear it under cute tunics
with leggings and boots.
it can be casual or totally fancified
isn't that awesome!?

i also chose the sliver box pleated slip.
i wanted to wear this one under a specific skirt
and kaity and jene' are so frickin awesome that
they customized it to fit perfectly.
that's what i was so impressed with,
the way they accommodate their customers.
almost every part of the slip
can be customized.
from length.
to width.
to color.
to size.
you name it.
these girls can finagle it.

and if you happen to be decision making challenged
like me.
(i'm a libra ya know)
then they can also just make everything standard.
all you pick is the trim and the size
and they do all the rest.

my last choice was
the 3 tiered ruffle organza in chocolate.
this one may very well be my favorite.
this is how you wear a tutu
when you're 32
and get away with it.
i seriously feel like a princess in this slip.

and surprisingly,
it too goes with most of my skirts.
oh my gosh.
isn't it precious?
it makes me wanna go put it on
right now
with my sweats
and just jump on my bed.

so remember how i said
you can customize your slips?
you can also choose to have your slip
a-line or more pencil
depending on what you have more of.
or if you want it longer or shorter.
no worries!
the great part about these slips is that
no matter what length you get,
you can still wear it with many different
skirt lengths.
i just hiked mine up granny style
for a shorter skirt
and then went all low rider gangster
for a longer skirt.
and still?

so on top of EVERYTHING i just mentioned
there's more.
i know, right?
no way!
but for real.
so like, these girls are mega fast
and you'll get your slip super quick.
because let's be honest,
who wants to sit around waiting for it?
not me.
they also have...
where they occasionally announce
coupon codes for discounts.
so you MUST go like it right away.
but it's not like they're mega expensive anyway.
which is another reason why i love them.
super duper affordable.
so go check them out!
if you wanna be cool like me.
and really?
who doesn't?
okay then. go. now.
and tell them the Hussy sent you.
thanks kaity and jene'!
you guys rock my face off.
but not my slip.
i wanna keep that on.


Unknown said...

You neglected to mention the LEOPARD PRINT SLIP!@!!!

I am ordering the three tiered white one so I can be Just. Like. You. and the leopard one IMMEDIATELY RIGHT NOW PRONTO POST HASTE!

Biatch, you rock.

Sarah xsxx

A Slip Shop said...

Thanks for such a wonderful review girlie! You and your lovely legs are the perfect venue to showcase our slips. LOVE your slip/ skirt pairing and shoe combo too!

A Slip Shop

Unknown said...

love your review!! and i LOVE my eyelet three tiered!! i may or may not have worn it four days in a row...aslipshop is a lovely etsy store!! i can't wait till i can get all the other ones! :)

Caitlin said...

The part that I loved the most about this post was that you said you not at decision either! I'ma libra too and its one of my worst attributes. It takes me FOR.EV.ER to make a decision. But i absolutely love those slips!! And those amazing blue shoes with that black skirt!!! i need those shoes. I'm going to check out the slip shop RIGHT NOW!!

A Beautiful Life said...

so super cute! i need to check it out! where did you get your regular skirts? those are super cute too!

Kristi said...

Awesome review Hussy Jess. I was excited to see which skirts/dresses you'd pair with your slips. You don't make anything boring. I can't WAIT for my slip too! AHHHHHHHH, I'm so excited! Now that I've seen you and Mia with the 3 tiered, I'm pretty sure I will have to get that one too.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

LOVE those...Your darling! I am off to check them out now!

Lindsey from The R House said...

wanted these for YEARS!!!!

Kristina P. said...

So great! I have been looking for these. I have a couple of skirts/dresses that I think are just a little too short for my comfort, and these are perfect. Love this look.

Unknown said...

I must have been on a foreign planet or something because I've never heard of such things as wearing your slip to be shown...hmm...could definitely dig all of the ones you got!!! Going to go "like" them on Facebook now!

Jayme said...

So cute! Makes me want to wear skirts :)

Estell said...

oh it looks so cute! you make everything look adorable! haha

Blomgrens said...

You look awesome in these slips and make me want some! And... you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Do they ship to Canada?

E said...

Wow!! Love this!! You have such great fashion sense and everything looks AMAZING on you! I'm totally jealous. Lol love the blue skirt to by the way :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Those are super duper cute! I just wish I had skirts to go with them!! I need to start buying skirts so I can buy slips!!!