Tuesday, February 1, 2011

all dressed up - a dress flip.

time to get fancy.
go HERE for all the details.
then link up with michele at
all the cool kids are doing it.
if you haven't already noticed my trend,
i go big with all dressed up
every other week.
and guess what?
it's that other week.
and even though i'm deathly ill,
and took all my pictures with a 111 degree fever
(not really but close)
i still worked it for you.
this week i was inspired by
an old picture of mine from kindergarten.
i'm so precious.
really. i am. go on and say it. it's ok.
this picture makes up for the 1995 picture ten fold.
so i have to brag about it.

so my most recent thrift store hunt,
led me to a dress
that i could NOT walk away from.
and for some reason,
it's awkwardness called my name.
i swear, it said to me,
"make. me. pretty. please."
and then it cried a little tear.
no joke.
it's like this dress lived a dull boring life
as a duggar family hand me down.
and it was ready for a makeover.
and guess what?
i was ready to give it one.
but first,
a quick glance at it's past life.
bleckity bleck bleck BLAH.
you know it was worn with dirty tennis shoes.
you just know it.

now you see why the picture inspired me.
i haven't changed a bit in 32 years.

and now?
let me introduce to you
the sassy new and improved
sexified dress of 2011.

hot damn.
yea i said it.
and i don't even usually cuss on my blog.

do i know how to flip a dress or what?
and u bet your butt
i'll sport this at church on sunday.
never doubt a hussy.

you're welcome dress, you're welcome.

flipped dress: thrifted $7
canary cardigan: target
brown leather belt: target
peek-a-boo eyelet slip: a slip shop
sheer high heel socks: charlotte russe
yellow peep toes: thrifted $5
now those are real honey.
back off.

after a hard day's photo shoot,
i let penny fix my hair
while i whined about my fever.
because i can.


Elizabeth said...

you are adorable! what a great flip ;)

Unknown said...

HOW do you do your hair? Rollers, corkscrew curling iron??

Julia Ladewski said...

wow!! you did great!! beautiful as usual. ;)

Carolina said...


Cynthia said...

Love love love it!

Unknown said...

so far you've gone big every week! umm...that's kora in the first pic. :) the slip totally makin it work!! very cute. love penny taking care of mommy. <3

Froggylady said...

LOVE it! That dress is so stinking cute! You know I hate to admit this, but I love the socks with the heels!

Unknown said...

hot freakin damn you totally rocked that dress! the canary sweater and shoes just amplified it's awesomeness.
i can't believe how much izey and kora look like you in your kinder pic.
and lastly, why is izey such a cutie pie?? always taking care of you.....

Valinda said...

For the love of all that is good would you stop aging me!! We were NOT in Kindergarten 32 years ago!! You look super duper cute and one of these days I'd like to be included as a supplier of the dress up clothes :)

Stasi14 said...

You are so darn cute! Righteous flipping and thrifting, BTW. You are the only one I know that could have pulled that off.

Amber Nicole said...

holy hussy!! Good flip!! I would have never thought to rock it like that!!

zoo keeper said...

the tennis shoes...genius!
i dig your flip. i would wear it oh and Lover is gonna LOVE that naughty school girl thing you got going on!

Kristen said...

so stinkin cute!

E said...

Wow! Would have never thought it was the same dress :) Looks great!

Anonymous said...


A Beautiful Life said...

um two words come to mind. Lolita. and Pedophile's dream.
you rocked it though!! way to flip a dress, that's awesome idea!

Kristi said...

I'll admit when I saw that dress for the first time I had trouble believeing that it would look THAT good afterward. As usual you rocked it out. You're just too dang hot! Can't wait for Sunday!!

kali said...

I bow down to you. You sexified the ugliest dress ever. "You know it was worn with dirty tennis shoes". haha. seriously, classic.

Samantha said...

You are my thrift store hero!

Jordan Cole said...

my mom used to always have me play with her hair, because it was so much fun for me...little did I know how much more fun it was for her to have her hair played with. Your outfit flip was pure genius! LOOOOOOVED IT!Do you wear your white cami under dresses, because I totally do. I know weird. It's like skin or something.

Justine said...

I love your new dress! Did your hair have knots after the brushing?

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Lindsay said...

I just found your blog, and I can't stay away. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom, and a cuter mom. I'm a 26 year old mom of 3 and lately I've felt like "just" a mom, wearing mom jeans and T shirts. The last 2 days I've worn cute shoes, make up, and accessories. Thanks!

Just SO said...

You really haven't changed one bit! That is amazing.

And you rock that dress. I could never. So I will admire from afar.

Unknown said...

Awesome dress flip girl!!! You are pretty gorgeous...it's true. Back then, and now. ;-) I hope you're feeling better!

Estell said...

you look gorgeous as always! and the stones lol I just carry in my purse with me. I have thought about some jewelry though...not sure :]

kali said...

Yes, I do know the Heinzens.

So, your brother in law must be Enos. I haven't met him yet, but I was pretty much BFF's with Mica in our good ole singles days. I know Ira pretty well, too. Small world!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hysterical. I love it! I'm linking you up to my Froday thrift extravaganza. Hope this is okay with you.

DeeAnna said...

You rock the Duggar Dress Hard! I would love to see you hiding a cigarette in the church photos! Come on!!!

DeeAnna said...

You rock the Duggar Dress Hard! I would love to see you hiding a cigarette in the church photos! Come on!!!

Unknown said...

you. are. amazing! I know few people who could pull that off! It's so cute!

Unknown said...

WOW, yea I so don't think I could pull that off but you DO. Love it, and I love the THEN and NOW pic. How fun! I popped over from another milspouse, hadn't been here before. :)

Unknown said...

I am positive you can make anything look hawt. Me...not so much.

Melissa said...

I dont even know how in the hell you found that dress! To funny!