Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what's on the hussy's phone - linkit blinkit.

i have the freakin beastie boys stuck in my head this morning.
so i'm in my bath.
singing beastie boys.
"so whatcha whatcha whatcha WAAANT?!"
and then i'm like,
oh dang.
i bet my readers want
my phone linkup post.
i kinda dropped the ball last night.
i was so caught up in bachelor draaaaamaaaaa.
gosh that's the greatest show ever.
is it not?
don't lie. you know u love it.
and if you don't?
*cough* michele *cough*
then you SUCK.
you don't like the lighthouse?
then you suck.
sorry. inside joke.
play with us.
go here for the deets.

the kids played at my sister's house this weekend.
and when i went to pick them up,
i had to steal a picture of my aidan.
sweet toothless cousin aidan.

it's been so friggity frickin cold here
that i've been wearing socks
leg warmers.

sometimes you just can't get enough
of your sweet brown brother.
u just can't.

usually, when i bathe,
i like to have an audience.
it makes me feel popular
and nude.
very nude.

ok so i think i'm changing my name to
the thriftiest most thrifty thrifter EVER.
i scored this sweet lemon yellow striped cardi
.99 cents folks.
thank you ebay.
do u even have ANY idea
how much use i'll get from this cardi?
no. you don't.
but let me just say,
i might as well sew it on my body
because yellow goes with everything.

guppy is a rambo of many faces.
one day he could be
a precious baby girl...

...and then the next?
a tiny car riding gnome.

did you hear?
we got a TAD bit of snow here in teXas.
just a tad.

no words for this one.
ok just one,

bow chicka last one...

my family is basically
a norman rockwell painting.
(thanks for the reference kimmy!)

when we've been stuck indoors all day,
i get brave,
and take all 5 of my heathen rats out for breakfast.

and regardless of the stares,
and my heinous black eye,
we actually have a pretty good time.

now whatcha whatcha whatcha waaaaaant!?
ok that was gay.

i'll tell you what i want.
i wanna see your phone pictures.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a phone . . . WHAT???? Yes, tis true. Kinda. I have a phone, but no service. I never answered the darn thing when it rang, so why have it. Love your thrifty find. Really, .99 . . . score!

No Model Lady said...

I'll be back to play next week. I suck at taking pics!! You know what else sucks? The Bachelor.

julielollar said...

The weather here has been crazy and looks like we'll have round 2 starting tonight...
I can totally relate to the bath toy audience!
Guppy makes a really cute little girl or gnome!
You must be Job! I won't even my 3 out to breakfast!

A Beautiful Life said...

geez i bet the shipping was more than the shirt, haha, i love love the yellow and white so cute, perfect for all the time!!
i like guppy rambo as a girl, precious. ;)
i need some leg warmers, for places like Utah where it's REALLY cold, not fake cold for a few days, ahahaha!
and the bachelor is bugging me, i always catch the last of it and bewtcut and i can't believe how lame-o it is!!
but i didn't turn the channel, so i guess there you have it. ;p

Jess said...

Love that cardi! And .99 cents Holy Crap thats awesome! Oh and I frequently bathe while batman and barbie watch LMAO!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

Your kids are just too cute!! And what a deal on the yellow sweater :)

Kristi said...

A few weeks ago I never would have thought I could love the bachelor this much. thank you, dear friend. I owe you so much. :)

Guppy is the cutest baby boy ever.

Unknown said...

I would love to play...next week, I'm in! Oh and Michelle, heehee, I love to hate her! Waaazzzzz UP with her brows this week????

Your kiddos are muy bonita!!

Ashley Eiban said...

I love that sweater! What an awesome deal! Although, I love yellow on other people, but hate the color on me. :(

I can't believe how much snow you guys got in Texas! We've got NONE in Virginia!!

and you are really brave for taking your kids out on your own!

Thanks for hosting this party again! :)

Amber Nicole said...

I love the bathtub audience! haha!

I love the leg warmers!!

That cardigan=LOVE!!!

And you are a brave momma! 5 kids out to breakfast!! I hesitate to take my TWO out!

Brittany Sorensen said...

There's a small possibility I stalked you a little too much today. Thanks LoveStitched, thanks a lot. I'll have Stripper Hair stuck in my head all week. (Except I just cut my stripper hair off. AND got un-friended on FB for it. Biznitch.) Aaanyway. Love the blog. Bet you never hear that one, do you?

Unknown said...

I think he makes a beautiful little girl! Seriously lol

Nicole Dianne said...

yellow sweater <3 I want one.

guppy as a little lady made me laugh out loud when I saw it on instagram.

I have always been and will always be a bachelor fan :D

Unknown said...

Love the last pic of the family breakfast!! And I only watched The Bachelor for one season. It was the one with Jason Mesnick. It was okay but I've never gone back.

Unknown said...

YOU'RE WELCOME! ;) so true...