Tuesday, February 8, 2011

all dressed up - i'm just normal today.

it's that blah week for me.
boring for you.
a hussy can't be fantastical every week.
at least not in public.
wanna get dressed up and play with us?
go visit, meeeeshel. my bell. at...

have i mentioned how much i love thrifting?
ok, well i do.
hair: perfect.
that's all i can really say about that.
white tank: tarje'
white ruffle button down: ann taylor loft
red flowerdy sweater vest: thrifted
ultra dark skinnies: tarje' william rast 50% off.
moccasins: ugly.
i have since replaced them with some sweet sperry top siders.

and some days, i don't have time to get all put together.
so i end up looking like this.

and how is this NOT cute
when i match my kid?

ok then.

hat: tai pan
snoopy shirt: delia's
striped cardi: old navy? target?
gold stitched dark skinnies: piper's closet via alloy
red leather flats: urban outfitters
diaper bag: kalencom
little rambo preciousness: Lover + Hussy

now go put something on and take a picture of it.
your nEked is showing.


Melissa said...

OK normal for you is like dressed up for me! haha. Super cute. Both outfits.

Anonymous said...

Teenagers shouldn't have five kids

Unknown said...

You're flawless. Seriously. And the matchy matchy? Too cute. Especially since you look like you could be his SISTER!


Unknown said...

You're so cute. Get in my handbag so I can carry you around and show you off to my friends!
Sarah xxx

No Model Lady said...

Gupperlyn really redeems this post. So sweet. But don't bash moccasins. I'm sporting mine as we speak.

Haute Deb Designs said...

I have to say that I seriously L-O-V-E your blog! You make me laugh {hard} every post. So, thank you :)

Annie said...

wow... you look great!! I seriously hope I look this great after having babies! go you!

Unknown said...

i just wanted to say your sooo pretty and your family is gorgeous!! you inspire me, we haven't decided what will be the big number because i'm terrified of what I will look like after awards.. is that bad?

A Beautiful Life said...

hahah, i liked shauna's comment. you're the top 10%...the rest of us look like shiz and will never be as cute as you. you rock.

terrid614 said...

adorable! i have to say, i originally found your blog thru SITS and i loved it....but somehow, i 'lost' it....i have been searching thru the SITS archives to find and bingo! (ok, i'm not like a crazy stalker, but thought it was pretty darn entertaining!) have a great day! xo

Kristina P. said...

You always look so darn cute.

Leslie said...

oh crap... you're friggin HI-LARIOUS! i think i'm addicted to your posts so let's not flub this up, eh? you just post as often as humanly possible and we'll be all goodsie! :) love the matchy-matcher... love. it. :)

dub dub dub dot oh little mookie dot blogspot dot com

Ashley Eiban said...

LOVE your matching outfits! Too cute! :D

Jordan Cole said...

Sorry but Gus wore it better! lol. I am really liking that red sweater vest!

Nicole Dianne said...

oh you make me want to venture to sweater vest territory..cute!

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

you are rocking those skinnies! and if your red flats turn up missing, you should check my house first 'cause they're giving me shoe envy. love them! i'm thinking all this dressing up should lead to a big fashion swap...

Anonymous said...

Love it! Again, I just smile when I read your blog. You're very talented. And gorgeous too. No fair! : )

Lindsay said...

okay i love both of these outfits but the second one TOTALLY looks like something i would wear myself. you're too hot for me sister. i can't compete.. so i give up. i'll just be weird. phew.. that takes off the pressure.

Lindsay said...

oh. .and ps. stop making snotty faces in these pics. it makes me wanna slam you. just be YOU. k.. good.

Unknown said...


Jamie Marie said...

Just found your blog and I love it! You and your little ones are too cute!