Wednesday, February 23, 2011

all dressed up - lemon love.

it's wednesday.
and although this is my fun week,
i've toned it down a tad.
due to...
i don't have an excuse.
but please don't be ugly to me.
michele's evil texts are rough enough.
she's mean.
go here if you wanna dress up with the mean girl.

so before i left north carolina,
i had some sehhhhhsy pinup pics taken
for my Lover, of course.
i didn't post them here
because again,
for Lover.
but when i did them,
i got to wear this adorable lemon hair clip
that i fell in love with.
i wanted to take it home with me.
so when i got to texas,
i was telling my friend, mia, about it.
and for christmas,
she got all crafty...

...and made me my own lemon-y love.
*warm heart*
and on this past sunday,
i finally had all the pieces i needed for
the perfect lemon-y sabbath outfit.
so the lemons, came out and,
they. were. hot.

lemons: gift from mia
white ruffle shirt: ebay'd ralph lauren $8
yellow striped cardi: ebay'd target .99
black ball necklace: target clearance
black polka dot flare pencil skirt: thifted $5
three tiered white ruffle slip: a slip shop
ruffle socks: urban outfitters
yellow peep toes: thrifted steve madden $7

here's a closeup of the preciousness.
doesn't it make you want your own lemons?
don't lie.
you know you want 'em.

and on a side note.
my friend, bonnie, never participates in this game.
but that's because she's busy being all nursy mcnurser.
so i've taken it upon myself,
to play for her.
here she is all dressed up,
in her nurse bonnie suit.

see that big smile?
her Lover is coming home
very. very. VERY. soon.
from a YEAR LONG deployment.
she's a little bit happy.
i love when my friends are happy.

if you wanna dress up,
go visit michele
@no model lady!


Anonymous said...

I love the lemony outfit. You looked absolutely adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Once again you pull off something so different in such a graceful manner :)

No Model Lady said...'ve redeemed yourself. I so love that you forced Bonnie's participation. That's just the kind of caring, overly aggressive friend you are. And I love it.

Shelly said...

I love your hair in these, and the lemons are too cute! It really does look great with the yellow cardigan.

Unknown said...

that clip is too cute (yay for crafty friends) and i LOVE your outfit from sunday! where can one find a cute slip like that to wear under a skirt/dress. i really want one.

btw - im hosting my very first giveaway and it ends tomorrow. $30 gift card to one of the loves of my life, target :)

dena said...

bonnie. :) looks sexiest i think. who doesn't love a girl in her nurse's outfit waiting for her man?!

i seriously had to sound out sehhhhhsy at least 3 times to figure out what it was. i'm slow like that.

C said...

I'm new to your blog, but I seriously love it! Love the outfit, and that girl seriously is a future fashionista. Look at that posing! Adorable.

A Slip Shop said...

Girl you rock the lemons! Love the outfit!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

you my friend are HOT!! My hubs has a thing for pin up girls...I may just have to get some hotty pin up shots taken too :) hmmmm

Kristina P. said...

I am loving that outfit. My wedding colors were blue and yellow.

Unknown said...

Hey Jessica,
I just found a link to your blog through Little Miss Momma
and wanted to tell you your adorable and I love your lemmon hair piece.
I too am 'toning' it down today, and Bye that, I mean, its 11 o'clock in the morning, and I just rolled out of bed, and instead of jumping in the shower, and getting dressed like I normally would, i've decided to stay in my jammies..maybe not all day but at least until I inject some coffee into myself. :0
Happy Wednesday!

A Beautiful Life said...

i really like this lemony yellow! it's perfect for spring, this would be a hot easter outfit i think. you look super duper de duper cuteness!

Losing Brownies said...

I'm super interested in the pin up pictures... did you go to a studio for them or did you seek out a friend? I think that would make an awsome gift for the husband.

Froggylady said...

Love the lemons! Too cute!

Staci said...

i love how you go from taking nudey pics to taking church pics haha you're a rebel and a hot one at that. Lover is a lucky man.

Kindle said...

Hello! I'm passing on a new MilSpouse Award from Shannon at EatPrayLiveLove... EatPrayLoveLive?

Anyhow, when it comes to being AWESOME, you're TOPS!

So if anyone deserves an award, it's you. :)


Just wanted to say that I love it when you take pictures of yourself and I can see George's behind in the background. Love it!!! Sexiest behind I've ever seen! Please be sure to always take your pictures in that exact spot.

...oh look pretty cute too :)

Jordan Cole said...

Holy Lemon-licious!!!! You look so cute! I have been stoked to see this outfit and you delivered to the T! Sexy momma!

PS do you know what you are wearing for the homecoming reveal?!?!?1

Jayna Rae said...

Cute lemons. I am going to do pinup photos next May for my 30th b-day. Nothing too sexy though because my photographer is a guy.

Val said...

Nice lemons. Very. Nice.

Mrs. H said...

And your prices. I just about died when I saw how you spent on that outfit. Impressive.

Unknown said...

your new stage name can be Lemon Souffle. It's perfect!! You are adorable. Maybe some of it will rub off on me when we get to resume our hanging out. Or start hanging out. Whatever.

Ashley@LearningLifeAsLucy said...

NEW FOLLOWER =] Love your blog and might I add both my husband and me laughed our butts off at your picture for your blog layout!! it's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Ack! So cute! I want some lemony goodness for my hair, too!