Friday, February 11, 2011

milspouse roundup week #23 - linky!

hi you! thanks for stopping by.
i get to host this week's roundup!
me. i know. me.
i tidied up a bit since i knew i was having visitors.
if you're a military spouse or girlfriend,
then welcome welcome :)
if you're not, no worries,
come and read about how cool we are!

since i don't know most of you,
i thought i'd introduce my family.
this is me.
jessica. the Hussy.
also known as:
mom, mutha, mommy, Lover, baby, jess, precious, love
or jake's mom.
(that's my newest title thanks to his 10 yr old girl fan club)

this is my Lover.
he is currently deployed in afghanistan.
stop drooling.

and these are our five rats.
1. jakob (jake or austin)
2. kora (koko)
3. jeremiah (miah)
4. isaak (penny)
5. august (guppy or rambo)
they're a tad bit rowdy. just a tad.

now that you've made yourself comfortable,
lemme tell you how this works!
the milspouse roundup
is here to help us connect with each other.
through blog land.
no matter where we're stationed.
awww *warm heart*
you pick your favorite post from the week,
link it up here,
and then spend some time visiting other milspouses
and their favorite posts!
be sure to leave them some love!
and next friday you get to linkup with your host:


Unknown said...

You're so uber sessy!

ines said...

thanks for hosting!

ps. im your newest follower!

Roller Coaster said...

Thanks for hosting the roundup this week! LOVE your intro! :)

Pearls and Prosecco said...

Yay this is my first time and I love it! I'm a new follower :) Your family is adorable!

Always Kara said...

Beautiful family! I'm new to this link up :)

Anonymous said...

New follower! :) Love the layout!

Allie said...

Thanks for hosting! I loooove your blog so far, definitely a new follower!

Unknown said...

Super cute blog!!! Thanks for hosting this week!

PS I'm a new stalker :)

Holly said...

Cute header!! I love it! New follower! :)

Bella N Chief said...

Here I am! Love the page!

Keri@GlamorousArmy said...

I want to know how you did that photo??? Love the pinup girl pic too...i've been pondering that myself. Hope you come pay me a visit!

Unknown said...

I love your header! I'm looking forward to reading more as a new follower:)

rovingrose said...

Hi, I'm new here, visiting from the roundup. Love your introduction and your header is hilarious!

Mrs. Mootz said...

This is my first time seeing this. How fun!

Fran said...

My first round up! Thanks for hosting it -- I love the picture on the top of your blog, too cute!

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

Im a new follower! Your intro made me LOL, and so does your header, I LOVE it :D

avgordsuprgddss said...

I love both of your blogs!!! Such a great introduction of your family.

Unknown said...

New follower. Love your header picture!

Anonymous said...

Loving both your blogs! I'm a new follower.

♥ SailorWifey