Friday, January 28, 2011

flashback FUH-riday x 3.

okay so this is really embarrassing to admit
but i haven't blogged about certain things
that are almost a year old.
grody. i suck. i know.
and i call myself a blogger?
quick, just kick me in the shins
and run away.
it's ok. i know. i'm horrible.
gimme a break. enough of the abuse!
so since i'm trying to catch up
this post is actually three posts combined.
numero uno
(i know spanish, did u know that? ok not really)
mothers day 2010.
my Lover is so dang fine in the kitchen.
with him being gone i forgot how hot he really is.
just kidding. i could never forget.
so to pamper me,
he made me a yummy sunday dinner.
and gave me a perfect view while i waited.
ok ok ok.
i'll stop with the lusting.
just kidding, i won't.

i didn't have to lift a finger.
and i was served like a queen.
and yes.
i ate every bit of that ribeye.
ahh how i miss my Lover's cooking.
drool just literally dripped from my face
onto my keyboard. no lie.
i think i might lick the screen.

dinner was deeee-lectable.
and the scenery was pretty suhweet too.
come on. you can't tell me he's not cute.

nomer dva.
(i know russian too. just kidding i don't)
kora's 8th birthday.
november 19, 2010.
ok go ahead and just punch me in the face.
this was kora's biggest most special birthday thus far.
(because that's when mormon's get baptized)
8 is great.
and i didn't even blog it?
wait wait.
i have an excuse.
kora did NOT get baptized.
she's quitting the church.
just kidding.
ok but for real?
she wants to wait until her daddy comes home
so he can baptize her.
so instead of doing a huge big 8 is great party,
we'll wait.
and she'll have a "makeup" 8 is great
in april.
for now,
we kept it low key.
a movie with two cutie friends.
(yes mia, that is a braid in kora's hair)

and with all her birthday caaaaash
(which was all she asked for)

she splurged on a tiny vespa.
and i may or may not love it more than her.
and i MAY or may not
go for joy rides with the babies while kora is at school.
and now i need a bigger one
just for me.
aaaaaand yea. get me one.

numero ng tatlong
(so i know filipino. for real this time. not)

12 year anniversary with my Lover.
january 2, 2011.

has it really been that long?
it feels like just yesterday
i was smooching on the couch with Lover
and taking sunday naps
with that cutie boyfriend of mine.

this picture was taken may 1995.
Lover's graduation.

12 years of being married
over 16 years of being best friends.

why did he like me again?
i look like a chipmunk with train tracks.
aaaand those brows?
why didn't someone take my tweezers away
for crying out loud.

he must really love me because
he sent me roses all the way from afghanipoo.

like for real.
i think he like for REAL picked them over there.
and then wrapped them up.
and boxed them.
and put a stamp on them.
and shipped them.
he's pretty good like that.
i don't doubt his mad loving skilz.
you shouldn't either.

and not only that,
but he had another one of my most favorite treats
sent to me as well.

he actually bought these berries in an afghan market.
then melted the chocolate over a campfire
and hand dipped the berries himself.

seriously yall.
he freakin rocks.
i mean come on.
who could find coconut
while on deployment?
freakin rockstar Lover.
that's who.

i'm the luckiest girl in the whole milky way.
that sounds good right now.
gotta go.


Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

Love love love this post! Too cute how you talk about your hubbs and how sweet that your little one wants to wait until her Daddy is home :)

and can I admit for some reason I got a little teary-eyed reading this?! maybe all the sweetness ;)

Valinda said...

What an awesome Lover you have!! I can't wait for Kora's makeup birthday post ;) It's so sweet that she waited for him, it will be even more special that way.

Haute Deb Designs said...

This was such a cute post! {And, yes, your hubby is mighty cute, so stop bragging! (JK!)}

Diana said...

Great post and happy 12th year anniversary!

A Beautiful Life said...

he's a good lil' eggroll isn't he? mighty scrumptious, indeed.


such a great post!!!

Renee said...

I'm lovin' Kora's scooter!! Your Lover is one hot dude..and so resourceful to hand pick the flowers and make the sweet treats, all while defending his Country!!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

okay, i've seen that high school pic of you guys before, but never, never, never noticed the brows. they were CRA Z!!!! i'm laughing so hard. you DID need a brow intervention. at least you were doing something with yours. i just had two caterpillars hovering over my eyes. laughing harder.

dena said...

that was me.

Froggylady said...

I am so impressed with Austins mad loving skills! With those strawberries he didn't even go for the obvious topping and roll them in poppy seeds. That's love.

Unknown said...

Gosh, loved this post.

I would want to wait for my dad to get baptized too. And I think a make-up 8 is great party is genius.

And that picture of you and lover is seriously darling. How lucky you are to have known each other for so long and to have those fun pictures together.

And...I am seriously impressed with your man's cooking skills...that dinner? And then those smokin' hot strawberries. That may be the most romantic anniversary present I've ever seen.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, you look like a gangbanger's girlfriend in the eyebrow picture.

Lindsay said...

you're so lover hungry. it's okay.. i would be too if mine was gone. no more knuckle comments though.. that's just too much *chills*

Casey said...

What a great post it seriously gave me chill bumps when you said your little girl wants to wait to be baptized till her daddy can do it. And your lover, wow, what a sweetheart! I've been married almost 10 years now can he give my husband some romance lessons? I know it must be hard being away from him but just know we appreciate what he's doing for all of us! Please thank him from little ol me in Oklahoma! You rock Jess!

Erica said...

mmmmmmmmmm looks so good! i want a ribeye now! thanks! Lover is so cute. you have such a cute family! your eyebrows are killing me! they look like mine hehehehe

Casey said...

Would be honored if you would participate in my new Sunday night recipe swap....

Unknown said...

i saw the braid. i just figured kora did that herself.
love the post. :)

Allyson & Jere said...

Love this 3 post in one thing. Great catchup.

I think it's sweet and perfect that your cute girl is waiting for her Daddy to baptize her. And her mini vespa is to die for.

Speaking of dying, I ALMOST died when I saw your 1995 picture, cause those eyebrows were AWESOME!!! Clearly you're super cool and he saw the hotness that you are in spite of the missing brows.

Happy Anniversary. Only a few more months, right? Until your hot hotty comes home.

Unknown said...

Too cute! Happy birthday to Kora (I want a turn on that vespa!) and happy anniversary to you!!!