Tuesday, January 25, 2011

whats on jessica's phone -linkitup

time to unload friends.
not unload FRIENDS.
i love all my friends.
i meant,
unload (comma) friends.
as in, come on, do it with me.
if you're new here then
where the crap have you been?
join in by reading this post.
and then frickin link up!
first things first
my Lover is a rockstar.
a lot of classes at the kids' school
participated in sending Lover's batallion
over 30 packages during christmas.
so he wrote them a thank you letter.
that ended up on the monthly newsletter.
so precious.
miah told me,
(in his i'm too cool for everyone little miah voice)
"mom. like, everyone at my school
wants to meet my dad."
so i said, "why is that miah?"
and of course he replied like i'm an idiot for asking,
"mom. because my dad is a HERO."
well ok then miah.

found this little lovely while thrifting.
my little sister has been dreaming of one.
so i bought it for her.
i'm kinda a cool sister like that.
i like that it has a peacock on the front.
so she'll never forget who got it for her.

mia found
some rad yellow peep toes
while thrifting.
luckily those gargantuan feet i talked about
in an earlier post paid off.
they were too big for her.
so MINE they became.
and YES.
i will rock them with some dainty ruffly socks.
u just wait and see.

the kids love their new dentist.
when they're done getting their teeth cleaned
they get to just chill in the open chairs
and watch some toons.
and your mad teeth fixing skilz.

sometimes penny likes to be like dad.
so he throws on a tank top
some basketball shorts
a pair of tenni's
and then goes for a short run.

i realized the other day
that i take tons of pictures of my babies sleeping.
but not enough of my big kids.
so i snuck into jake's room one night
and snapped a quick shot.
one day he was 2.
and then...
he was 10.
how did that happen?

i love when my babies help each other.
everyone can use a good mani.

penny has been doing awesome at potty training.
like no accidents.
he's also really into dressing himself.
we're still working on that one.

one day after school we all piled in the movie theater
popped some corn
and watched us some good ole
phantom of the opera.

i love when i have good eyeliner days.
let me introduce to you,
the perfect winged eye.

and best for last?
remember the muppet on sesame street?
the one who sits at the piano
and bangs his head
saying he'll never never ever get it?
his name is don music.
guppy rambo.

and now.


Valinda said...

Your Lover is a hero!! It's amazing how fast your babies are growing up. I need to channel part of your mad thrifting skills, and those cool apps on your phone.

A Beautiful Life said...

that is a super cute dress!! and i love muppet rambo babies.

Vagabond Mother said...

The letter from Austin made me cry. Amazing.

Unknown said...

Your photos are better now that you have the hipstamatic app.

Unknown said...

Oh...and can I get in line for a mani?

Ashley Eiban said...

I love that story- my daddy is a hero! adorable!!

Cute dress and shoes!

AND your kids are too cute.

Nicole Dianne said...

his daddy is definitely a hero, I love that :) I also love stinkin CUTE babies playing pianos.

Jennifer said...

That newsletter is too cute. =) I love that our kids can feel a little extra special about their Dad's from time to time when we are living away from base.
Hooray for penny (and you) with the potty training!

Unknown said...

I just love these posts! Cute dress and super cute shoes!

Justine said...

YAY for Lover!

Just Better Together
come check out my giveaway!

Caroline said...

So jealous of that eye! I screw it up every time I try.

Sandra Huntsman said...

I guess I look at your blog a lot. Today, my 3 year old looked at one of your photos and said "Those are my friends. That's my friend, Kora."

Kara said...

Love the shoes! I can't even put eyeliner on, so I hate your for that!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes+socks = fabulous!

Unknown said...

first off, your kids have so much to be proud of. your hubs is a TRUE hero! annnnd...i love that your son is giving your daughter manis...so adorable now, he may get ticked about that pic later ;) lol

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Those shoes are da bomb!

Kjrsten said...

Oh my gosh! the weirdo! ha!
I know who you are, I mean I don't know who you are but I have been to this blog before and holy crap you are funny!


zoo keeper said...

that IS the perfect winged eye, i want to see what the other side looked like.