Monday, January 24, 2011

tattoos all over my face.

i bet you thought i lied about blogging this.
well i didn't.
i'm just kinda busy today
taking a 3 hour nap with the babies,
taming my dripping with grease hair,
going on a whataburger run,
hiding under the pool table
and playing bad guys with the babies.
just a few roadblocks.
but i'm here now.
so my only fault in this whole
tattooing my eyebrows process
is that i never got a really good before picture.
that's a pretty big fault.
i tried to find good pictures of me without makeup
but failed.
this is the best i can do.
and it's not even really that good.
i have sparse, splotchy brows.
they've been plucked for so many years,
there's nothing left but patches.
so i draw and fill them in
every. single. day.
and when i go swim or workout?
not cute.
actually hideously scary.
and grody.
and uncomfortable.

so one day i decided,
ya know what?
i'm sick of using this crap on my brows.
i wanna just wake up, and look normal.
i wanna just throw on some mascara
and be done on some days.

then one day, all my dreams came true.
i found a lady
who does permanent makeup.
and who was amazingly affordable.
and because mia wanted to get it done too,
we went together.
for moral support.
and because this was her first tattoo.
and she was really nervous.
like i can't stop asking questions
and i think i might pee my pants nervous.
so when we got there,
first things first.
kim, the tattoo chick-a-dee,
lathered us up in numbing cream.
we played with colors for awhile
and then she drew some brows on us
with a dark eyeliner pencil.
a few adjustments here and there...

...and before we knew it,
we were gettin inked.
like hard core mormon girls.

did it hurt?
it feels like someone is plucking nose hairs.
and it makes you want to sneeze.
and your eyes cry.
but it's pretty quick.
and the numbing cream helps.
okay maybe it didn't really.
but it was all worth it.
because when she was done,
i looked AMAZING.

and so did mia.
we became bonafide cholas.

okay not really.
but afterwards they ARE pretty dark.
and the skin around them is really white.
and they bleed.
so when you go to belk
just 30 minutes afterward,
with your brows covered in greasy aquaphor,
you WILL have blood dripping
down into your eyeballs
while the lady checking you out
is trying to talk to you.
just sayin.

the worst part of the whole process
is having to wear the aquaphor
all day
and night
for about a week.
it makes you feel greasy all over.
and when you go to target,
you have to wear a hat
so people don't stare at your greasy dark brows.

after about a week
they start to scab and peel.
which is also quite fun.
because again, you can't go anywhere.
well, i did.
but that's cuz i'm trashy.

and then after about two weeks,
they lighten and heal completely.
and you can barely tell they were even done.
i have done no photoshop
to the next two VERY closeup pictures
to give you accurate visuals of the brows.
please ignore my old lady face
and pores
and wrinkles
and zits
and scars
and after nap smeared makeup.
and if you dare click on the picture
to blow it up
god bless you.

here is a good side shot
of where the tattoo makes the biggest difference.
so not only does it fill in the patches,
it also gives me a longer brow
where usually i don't grow hair
and i have to draw on.

after 6 weeks we go back for touchups.
there are a few spots that will need more filling in
but for the most part they're perfect.
and i'm super happy with the results.
and glad i didn't end up looking gangster.
or like an old asian lady with blue brows.
or angry brows.
or surprised brows.
i just look like me.
only more permanent.

wanna get your own permanent makeup?
kim johnson
certified eyelash extension specialist
la bonne ve
rockwall, tx
be sure and tell her i sent ya!


Tai Bender said...

wow! Amazing! I am glad you posted these! You are beautiful, for one. And two?? Holy crap. I cant believe how they look so?? NOT like a tattoo! Good for you BRAVE ONE!

A Beautiful Life said...

that's totally my problem, but i'm afraid cuz i have blonde hair and i don't want mine to look too dark and thin-y. yours look awesome! glad you had some moral support, i need to maybe find a lady around here, cuz that's exactly my problem, i have to draw mine everyday cuz they don't grow much past the middle of the brow.
they look great!

Anonymous said...

Lovin it lovin itttttttt

katrina adams said...

those look amazing!

Unknown said...

they look great!

raschel said...

they really do look great! I wanna get mine done at some point, now that I know you don't have to look like a scared old grandma afterwards (it doesn't help that my grandma was already scary looking to begin w/). ;) seriously though, small world kim used to be my cousin (by marriage--poor girl was married to my crazy cousin ;)) Did ya'll go to school together?

ONE of these days, I'm braving it! I'm glad you posted about it.

zoo keeper said...

ugh ALL your problems are fixed so easy! a little shoulder pad here a tattoo there and me i'm still workin my but off trying to fit in the next jeans size down...and they look totally amazing...i guess.

Kristina P. said...

I have this exact same problem. I have to pencil them in everyday. Yours look great. I need to look into this.

dena said...

so, ernie is laying here on the couch asleep and i asked him "how do you say, you look fantastic?" he says, "to who?" i say, "a girl (thinking of gender)". still asleep, he says, "you look hot like sweet butter." i say, "uh, in spanish." cracked me up! okay, so now that i'm finished with the back story....

!parece fantástico cholita!

Justine said...

YAY for no more touch-up eyebrows!

Just Better Together

Renee said...

The brows look awesome. I've been researching getting this done for years and even more over the last few months. My brows fell out 20 years ago after a hysterectomy at 25...I'm SO TIRED of having to put them on every single day!
Thanks for sharing!

Jordan Cole said...

OMG I need this!

Camilla said...

Love 'em! I think I might consider it some time. My mother in law might disown me but whatever, she doesn't have to know right?

Ashley said...

Nicely done! I've considered myself. But my eyebrows aren't too bad on their own. Just a bit lazy.

Carri said...

They look great! My mom had her eyeliner tattooed on. This seems a little less scary to me! The thought of needles on my eyelid totally freaks me out! However hers looked really good to, and it's always "perfect". LOL

Melissa said...

I LOVE the brows and I'm so glad you posted this.. I've wanted to do this for a long time and was afraid of what the outcome would be, but now that I know how great they can look.. I'll definitely be looking into having it done myself. Now I just have to find someone in Minnesota who can do as great of a job as the lady who did yours :)

raschel said...

i wish u would've posted a pic of the scabs... did it itch???

Amanda said...

you're effin' uh-maaaazing.

darn you for looking so good. with so little makeup. so close up. ugh! lucky.

the brows? are perfect. seriously. this is THE one thing i complain about well, every single day that i actually take the time to put any makeup on. but, geesh, it's quite annoying.

too bad i can't go to Kim. Ohio resident here. boo to that. but i WILL be looking into this.!!!

kali said...

Pretty much died laughing at the tatted up default girls. Those are some gaaaaangsta chicks. Seriously scared me.

But you and Mia look absolutely lovely. Not gangster at all. I love that you totally look like cute little Mormon housewives just in a tat shop.

Amy Z. said...

they look AMAZING!!! When i first started reading the post i was thinking "oh gosh..what is this girl getting herself into..." but the result is fabulous!

Jenn said...

Wow that's amazing and they look beautiful!

Perfectly Jenn said...

I did blow it up and you still look fab!
And I guess I'mma have to get my eyebrows done before I get hitched . . . I'll be calling Kim!
I'm glad you were the guinea pig so that I know it works and works well

Paige Smith said...

Jessica, I just want you to know that not only did I blow up the picture BIG, I clicked to magnify again. And somehow it actually made me feel better about myself. haha... And you're beautiful. I just hope those brows don't turn green. :)

Unknown said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I've been curious about the tattooed eyebrows for a while now. Yours are fantastic!

Sandra Huntsman said...

Um, that was really cool. I have the worst eyebrows, unlike Valinda's who are PERFECT!

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I can't believe how real they look. If I ever make it to Texas, I'll get my first tattoos!

Kayleigh said...

I found your blog from No Model Lady... And I think you & your family are adorable! And I'm LDS too!!!

I got my eyeliner tattooed on a year ago in March. I LOVE IT! I even talked my mom into getting hers done, but ShHhh! My siblings don't know and would kill her. Anyways, tattooed makeup is grand. Saves time in the morning and you always look great!

I've thought about getting my eyebrows done, but I'm lucky enough to not really need brow makeup. So only liner for now!

Anonymous said...

I can tell by reading your blog that you are an EXTREMELY vain and ugly person!!! Just thought you should know.