Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what's on jessica's phone - linky mclinkster

yo yo yo.
what's today. what's today.
that's right. it's tuesday.
never played before?
being pressured by your peers?
is your phone overflowing with pictures
that need to be removed?
you've come to the right place.
who. what. when. where. and why.

so you wanna see what's on my phone?
no you don't.
but i'll show you anyway.
this is how penny falls asleep.
next to me.
stroking my "birdie" as he calls it.

opened to fridge one afternoon
to this lovely view.
it made me smile.

isaak wants to be a gynecologist
when he grows up.
those stirrups are just too awesome.

even kora can't get enough
of sydney's daybook fashions.
and cookie dough ice cream
of course.

found these SUHweeeet babies at goodwill.
too bad they were size 8.
don't worry. i bought them anyway.
and gave them to my size 8 friend, mia.
don't you wish you lived by me?

those brown t straps would have looked perfect
with my rad new socks my mom got me.
why do my feet gotta be so dang huge?

so first thing new years day of 2011.
i asked my big kids to smile.
i wanted to send Lover the first pics of the year
of his big babies.
let's just say,
miah doesn't do well with late nights.

jakob received this special note
from a special little chick.
it was too cute not to post and remember
for all time.
girl better learn how to spell his name though,

made and sent these yummy
salted brown butter rice crispy treats
for my Lover's last package.
want the recipe?
yea you do. go here.

kora looking quite studious
in her new fake glasses.

rambo's beautiful blue soggy eyes
and pretty perfect milky skin.
he is deeeee-licious.

and the best for last?
bath brothers.
the end(s).

now play with me!!!

link up and empty that phone.
it's screaming for some frickin space.


Angela said...

Those socks are too cool! And the love note? That's a keeper :)
Ang xxx

Donna said...

love the bathtub photo. and the grumpy new year's kid.

Ashley said...

Sigh. I have giant feet, too. Thrift stores are do not take kindly to that fact either.

Super cute photos!

Sydney said...

hahahaha! That picture gets me every time. She is a mini YOU! Well ... mini-me now.

Sorry suckaaaaa

Jessica said...

jakob look identical to daddy & kora looks identical to momma! love it!

Michael DeSa said...

Love the bath shot :)

Unknown said...

hehe....naked bath butts!
love the new year faces, priceless. and something to show his first love ;) lol

Amanda said...

new follower. laughing hysterically. and totally judging you for your huge feet. *joke* i'm just mad i don't live close, and can be surprised with vintage shoes.

i was going to link jup but man, my cell pics are borrrrring. gone are the days of dating my now husband long-distance because man would you have been in store for some exciting pics. ha!

now it's my hubby and little guy playing skeeball at chuck e. cheese's and a lamp i wanted from home goods. i know. lame.

i'll work on this for next week and make you proud to have me as a follower. ;)

Amanda said...


Kris said...

Love notes and bathtub bottoms - perfect teenage blackmail pictures!

Ashley Eiban said...

how cute is that little note! you need to keep that for him! :) and the bathtub shot. oh what awesome blackmail you have! ;D

Lindsay said...

hey wait.. didn't you get YOUR shoes in the mail? what happened? did they never come?

Lindsay said...

ps. i love buns.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute! I love how stylin' Kora is. And Miah's midnight face was just too much! Then the bummers! Oh the bummers!

Nicole Dianne said...
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Nicole Dianne said...

Kora's a little mini daybook now, that's SO stinkin cute. wrinkly baby butts in the tub, adorable!

kali said...

Kora could totally be the next Sydney P. I love Jakob's love note. Haha! And, those rice crispy treats look AMAZING. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Just one more thing to distract me from my diet. ;)

Candace said...

Love the brother butts in the tub. So cute!!!

Love the socks, love Kora's outfit.

Gonna try that recipe asap!!!

julielollar said...

Your kiddos are always adorable! Those socks rock! Love the shoes, I'm a 5.5 or 6 so feel free to be on the look out for cute shoes in that size! ;)

Brandi said...

omg I love the booties! Your babies got back!!

Love love Jakob's love letter, I'd send him one myself if he were oh about 15 years older. haha!

that just made me feel old. :/

A Beautiful Life said...

i luv kora's daybook imitation how cute!!
i love baby bums, especially dimply ones, oh and soggy eyes and future gyno's.
jakob is looking so old, i guess old enough for someone to profess their love..haha!!
Mia's lucky.

No Model Lady said...

I miss everything. I need to quit this frickin' job. Tell Kora that fake glasses RULE!! And pinch some baby buns for me:(

Estell said...

Those shoes really are too cute! I wouldn't be able to fit 'em :[
I love Jeremiah's face for the new year! he looks friggen excited!!

Kristi said...

Rice Krispie Treats are my MOST favorite. I will for sure try that recipe. Love the socks, love the shoes, love Gus's dreamy blue eyes. Love the choc milk with scribbly kiddie handwriting on it. Good pictures my friend!