Wednesday, January 12, 2011

all dressed up - everyday attire.

ooooh. wednesday. i like.
if you've never played and want to,
click that precious bow down there.
although i felt immense pressure to top
last week's all dressed up post
i figured, a hussy can't be perfect every week.
especially when babies are sick.
and it's cold outside.
and my bed is warm.
and my sweats are ultra mega cozy.
and i haven't worn makeup in a full week
and i'm not ready to break that streak just yet.
so i dug in my phone for some handy dandy
"send to Lover" pics.
and found something that will suffice.
but to give you the full effect.
i've also included a before picture.
just to make the after more radical.
drama is always good.
so me. before. grody.
saturday morning donut run.

and then voila!
me after.
not THE same day.
actually this picture wasn't even following the grody pic at all.
this is just A after pic.
does that make sense?

hair: texas full body stripperness at it's best
eyebrows: freshly tattoo'd
cardigan: target
plaid snap up shirt: kohls ($7)
white under tank that i wear with everything: target
belt: "thrifted" (i hate that word)
jeggings: target clearance ($10)
socks: gifted (target)
boots: famous footwear.


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you looking gorgeous!! I love that outfit! I wish I had the texas talent of making any hair big. Unfortunately mine just isn't texas enough!!

No Model Lady said...

I am quite giddy for next week...but this will do for now.

Carolina said...

you looking for a job? I need a stylist! No, I'm freaking DEAD serious! I have no idea how to put things together and it seems you have it down! So, let's do business! Or in the least, go shopping with me! PUHLEASE!!! pressure...bleckK!


Jordan Cole said...

your "A" after picture outfit is ADORABLEEEE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, Thanks for inspiration for my second day of school outfit :)

Jordan Cole said...

PS. I wear a white tank under EVERYTHING too. Everything.

A Beautiful Life said...

i need plaid, i need boots, and i need me some big ol' sockies. the after pic is beautiful, but your "before" pic is still better than my good days...sigh ;)

Estell said...

gorgeous! I love the peek of plaid!

Jdel: said...

haha! Hi I have been reading your blog for awhile, it's great. I hate the word thrifted more than any other word in the entire universe. :)

Samantha said...

Love the Texas hair. I miss that state now. This just made me homesick.

Brandi said...

mmm sexy Texas stripper hair! Hottest before and after ever. :D

Gina said...

The Texas hair is awestastic!!!

Allyson & Jere said...

You're still super cute in your donut run attire.

I shall bite my tongue and say NOTHING about the jeggings. Just don't ever come to my blog and read my posts on them. hahahahahahahaha
At least you have skinny little legs, so as to not offend in them.

Anonymous said...

ur sezzy

Nicole Dianne said...

I need to learn how to do that sock thing with the boots, love it a whole lot. you're sucha beauty :)

Unknown said...

Shauna's right - you are totally sezzy!

Nohing better than BIG HAIR and you do it perfectly. I'm just gonna go tease mine up a bit bigger now...

So why do you hate the word 'thrifted' so much? Over here in the colony we say 'op shopped' - you should try it, it's fun to say!

Sarah xxx

Righteous Republic said...

No fair! You even look cute in your sweats!

Anyway, great outfit... I need to get me some of them boots. And stripper hair.

Nicole said...


I like it, I love it! said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Don't you just love socks with boots?!? Love it. Oh and yes, I think we live in the same town...Rockwall. I think I did your friend Mia's hair??? Love your outfit plus the lived in house behind you!

Rachelle said...

Gosh you're cute as a button.


Love the outfit, plan on copying it to a T. So, theres..that.......


The Undomestic Mom said...

love it! and love your blog!

The Chaplins said...

too freakin' cute. (vomit) you are hot as heck. the texas hair is by far the best!!!

amylouwhosews said...

texas stripper hair, niiiiice! Personally I like the donut run picture. ;)

Kayla said...

You look lovely. Texas hair and all.

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