Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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got lots to do today so i'm keeping this
short and sweet.
if you've never played before,
alright let's rock it.
cousin bath time.
three sweet smelling boys.

pawpaw giving gusser piano lessons.
and gusser listening. intently.

kora's awesome natural highlights.
the bench makes them look green.
i assure you they're not.
and she says she wants to die her hair black...

it snowed.
and my car was covered in it.
and every time i stepped on my breaks,
my windshield was filled with what was on top of my car.
nice and safe.

my 4 biggest rats
ringing in the new year
with a little bubbly.

my beautimous sister.
she was on her way to her family photoshoot.
have you seen the end result?!

crab macaroni and cheeeeeese.
have you been to the new restaurant in rockwall?
bin 303.
check it out.

and the best for lasty.

every night i pray on the side of my bed
in my head.
and sometimes i cry and sniffle.
after i said my prayer one night,
penny told me he needed to say his prayer too.
so he hunched over like this
made a few sniffle noises
wiped a few fake tears
and then said amen!

now go and do.
just as i have done, friends.

i'm not done.
i was late on posting an AMAZING post yesterday
so pleeeeease go look below this one
for a seriously radical giveaway.
we're talkin anthropologie stuff people.
yea, i know.



Blissfully Enamored said...

LOVE this post!!! Wait...do you guys live in Rockwall!? If so..I have a lot of family there! It's one of my favorite places and my grandparents live right on the lake!

A Beautiful Life said...

awww that is sweet Izey copying your weeping prayers. and i've never had crab mac n' cheese but it looks scrumptious!!
those are natural highlights?? hmmmm

Kris said...

Crab mac and cheese - might actually make me want to try some mac and cheese again!

julielollar said...

Cousin time in the bath! Priceless!
Kora has beautiful hair!
Lindsay looks adorable and those photos were awesome by the way!
I am so going to have to try that restaurant the next time I'm in Rockwall!
Kids are so funny when they imitate their parents. That's too cute!

Untypically Jia said...

That prayer photo is the cutest thing ever.

Kristina P. said...

That mac and cheese looks AMAZING.

How can I get highlights like that?

Brandi said...

love. it. Seriously could your family be any more beautiful?

Lindsay said...

i need to go to that restaurant with enos. sheesk. yes.. sheesK. ps.. i miss your kiddems.

Estell said...

Even short and sweet, It was adorable! And I love your sisters pictures! Im jealous of her stockings. :D

Candace said...

I want Kora's natural highlights!!!

And Izey praying and the boys in the bathtub.. most precious things ever!

Justine said...

Kora's hair is beautiful! Penny is such a funny kid. Haha. Oh, he's so funny!

Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

Nicole Dianne said...

boys in the tub is seriously adorable. I hope my kids are as cute as yours! I can't get over little penny praying that's the SWEETEST thing ever!

Kris said...
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Jennifer said...

My daughter has natural highlights like that too... They for sure don't understand what a good thing they have. jerks.
The boys in the tub is too cute. =)

zoo keeper said...

Brinle has Highlights like that too. when i had her perm done 2 weeks ago the lady told me it would be a bad idea to perm highlighted hair. i said if it's done by the sun??? and she said oh no that will be fine then....
i want to squeeze penny and also what the heck is that a nose under penny's blanket???

Valinda said...

I'd like to come and visit your life with the yummy boys in the tub, the sun that makes beautiful highlights, the bubbly, the delicious looking mac and cheese and the Penny I would love to tickle, what a sweet guy.

Angela said...

Man, her highlights are amazing! Is it bad to be jealous of her?
Ang xxx

Erica said...

Totally jealous of Kora, the fact that she has those awesome highlights and her name is Kora, I love that name! mmmm that mac look amazing, i totally wish i live close to you i think we would be great friends :)