Monday, January 10, 2011

my favorite things. GiVeAwAy!

and she's adorable.
and she's super southern.
and she pronounces Lover's name like THIS.
and it makes me smile.
well she's having
on her blog.
seriously. this isn't crap stuff.
and the best part?
4 prizes.
so she's asking everyone who enters the contest,
to blog a list of
5 of their favorite things.
here's mine:
(besides the obvious, my iphone. sheesh)
tresseme hairspray
extra hold.
it's cheap. it works like a dream.
and it's the best thing for big texas stripper hair.
i use it everyday.

my camelbak water bottle.
actually this isn't mine.
this is Lover's. i stole it.
he bought me one too but i'd rather use his.
it makes me happy that his lips touched it.
and that it's unique
because it's the military edition.

my stir crazy popcorn popper.
i bought this for myself for christmas
because my FIL has one that i coveted.
it's the greatest ever.
nothing better than plain salted popcorn.
i swear i use it at least once a day.

my unity boots by carlos santana boots.
every time i wear these
i get at least one compliment.
they're so comfortable.
so cute.
and go with every outfit i own.
actually, they don't but i force them to anyway.
i'm actually contemplating getting another pair
because i don't want these to get old.

okay this is one thing i don't have
but i must.
i've been eyeing these for months.
and i've put off wanting uggs for over a year
because i thought they would fade away.
but they aren't.
and i still want them.
lemme introduce you to:
the triple bailey button in chocolate.
now if only they were like 1/4 the price
then dave ramsey would justify it.

that about does it!!
i have tons more but i don't wanna waste your time.
so you can have a chance at winning
one of these 4 beauties!
i know, right?

thanks pretty candace!


ashley said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment, you made my day. Also, go ahead and wear the lipstick- you don't look a day over 25 :)

Anonymous said...

So jealous of your brown boots, I tried to order the same pair last month and they were sold out. I LOVE my uggs,I have them on right now and even though it's freezing outside my feet are warm and toasty. I say they are worth the splurge!

A Beautiful Life said...

i want the carlos santana boots, that's the kind i've been wanting!! too bad we're broke at the moment. hmmph.
and we use the microwave, but i should get a popcorn popper since we eat it once a day here too.

Candace said...

OOhhhhh I love both pairs of those boots!!! So super cute!!! :)

And I have a water bottle like that one, but it's not made by camelbak. I freakin LOVE that thing!!!! It's so awesome, I drink outta it every single day.

Caitlin said...

Wow it might be your lucky day. My mom got me some Uggs for Christmas for pretty cheap, $75 a pair. Which is way cheaper than usual. Her friend at work orders them directly from Australia. My mom just sent me the email for it so I can forward it to you if you want. She will need the order by Friday. And I know I live in KY and you live in TX but if you want them bad enough you should order some. Ok bye!


if you wanna email me you can @

Carri said...

Thanks for making me want another pair of boots! Those Carlos santana one's are suh-weet!!! My dad has had one of those popcorn makers since I was a little kid! He makes some EVERY NIGHT!! I'm pretty sure he would be lost if they ever stopped making them! ha!