Tuesday, December 21, 2010

what's on jessica's phone - linkup!

i might have to allow everyone extra time
to link up for this post.
how bout two days since i'm such a major slacker.
sorry. i was tired.
it's not like i stayed up till 2am
cuz i went to go see tron with my seester and brother or anything.
it's like that movie was a total waste of my sleep.
no. never. loved it. not.
if you've never played,
for the rules and regulationaries.
(yes i made that word up)
and be sure to grab the button
to stick on ur blog so others will play too.
we like lots of friends here :)
start your engines...
here are just a pair of silly kids at northpark
who reeeeeeally wish their moms would stop shopping.
like really
really bad.

here's my jake making a special present
for his best friend, cole.
it's a ghillie suit.
if you don't know what that is, go here.
i promise you'll laugh a little.

my new favorite store.
love this place.
like claires for grownups.

i email lots of pictures to Lover daily.
i want him to be able to feel like he's here with us.
one night i sent him this picture of me
just before bed.
(yes i'm trashy and sleep with my makeup on)
he wrote back,
"i wish i was there. i miss you."

and then about 5 minutes later,
gussy woke up in a horrid panic scream.
so i took a picture for him and wrote,
"do you miss this too?"

i didn't get a response from Lover after that one.

saw this awesome sign in hamilton.
i wanted to buy it.
but the tErd store owner said it was $28.
of course it had no price on it.
and of course this was only AFTER i showed interest in it.
and stared at it.
and took a picture.

everyday that i get dressed up,
i usually take a picture for my Lover.
so i can remember what outfits i have.
because my brains sucks.

see how bad my brain sucks?
there's the orange outfit again.
i'm an idiot.

speaking of hot clothes.
michele texted me a picture of
some gold leggings
the other day.
she may or may not have sent them to me for christmas.
the face has been cut out of this picture to protect the model.
i'm not really sure who this is
but it was on my phone.
and she has a muffin top.
and that looks like izey's hand on her hip.
and she has a mega ghetto bootie.
yet eeerily familiar.

here's my izey when he was sick-o.
he likes to play it up real nice.
the hair adds a nice reality touch.
you should have seen all the,
"tilted head to the side, concerned brows, puckered lip" faces
we got as we walked through childrens hospital.

holy mother of texas a$$.
no offense if you wear these. i swear.
it's just not me.
maybe i lost a little piece of texas being gone for so long.
but the blinged out bootie is a little much for my taste.
looks cute on some.
just not me.
i feel like it's saying,
i'm really rich.
and snobby.
and texan.
but not really.
i just like bling.
and sharing clothes with my teenage daughter.
but we go on mission trips.
so it's all good.

ahhh. the hooters van.
here are my thoughts on hooters:
1. love the food.
2. don't love the hooters girls that work there who are in their mid-late 30's who just got boob jobs so they think they can make big bucks. hi. i know my face is ugly and my teeth are jacked the crap up. i know i'm a mother of 5. i know i have a mom haircut. i know my arms jiggle and my thighs and butt have NO drop of tone left in them.
i have big boobs.
tip me.
that's hot.
*rolling eyes*

saw this dress at joanne fabrics and
fell. in. loooooove.
i want it.
i want it in greeeeeeen.
i want someone to whip it up for me.
thank you.
now get on that.

and best for last as usualllllll.
this is gross.
izey has been on his new diet for a full week.
no soy or milk.
and what arrived just the other day?
his first. solid. tErd.
that's right folks.
i even rounded the edges of the tErd pic for you.
because i'm nice like that.
i tried cropping it.
but then i even made myself sick with the closeup.

now go and do!
and share the love on other linker-uppers too!


Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

My son feels the same shopping pain, every time I tell him we are going to another store he says nooooooooooooooooooooo.

Awesome outfits, I can't wait {starting fitness boot camp Jan. 3} to get hot like you so I can look just as hot.

Poor Izey and Gussy. Pitiful sweet babies.

I ran into Hooters the other day to get a gift card and couldn't believe how chunky all the girls were. No hotties there.

Love the TERD. My daughter is standing over my shoulder and when I scrolled down she said UGH WHAT IS THAT.....she just doesn't get us moms.

A Beautiful Life said...

i DID laugh at the ghillie suit, out loud even.

you're too hot for nightime pics.

and i'm gonna go throw up all my christmas goodies floating around in my stomach so i can look cute in bedroom mirrors and rock tiny outfits.

and your gold leggings are amazing. waz up" J-Lowe"? ;)

Ambrosia said...

OMG I have tears I'm laughing so hard. And GEEZ I wish I could look like that in gold leggings.

Unknown said...

oh that ghillie suit is amazing!
love that sign.
your outfits are so freakin rad. i could never pull off rad like you.

Camilla said...

i think its cute that jake is making something for a friend. how awesome.

and i think its sweet you send pics to your lover every night.

um, i'm not going to tell you how amazing you look in your outfits you send to your lover. i'm not going to tell you i want to look like you. i'm not going to tell you i love your hair, i love your boots. i'm not.

hooray for solid poop!

Untypically Jia said...

Thanks for holding back on the croppage.

Also, your outfits are too gorgeous. And you even have two of that orange one. Lucky!

Anonymous said...

I feel like me again as I have gone back and read the last two months or so of your blog posts. Its been way to longgggggggggg. Your awesome and beautiful and such a strongggggggggg WOman! YOU ROCK!!

Valinda said...

Since my micro card that belongs in my phone is missing and I can't link up today :( I will get right on that dress. I'm thinking a nice green silk dupioni.

I will have to finish it at the first of the year though, I have a few Christmas projects to finish up before Saturday, nothing like procrastination eh?

Kate said...

I am soy/dairy free for my breastfeeding baby. It is so hard! I thought the dairy would kill me (NO CHEESE!) but the soy is the tough stuff. Soy is in EVERYTHING!!

I found an ice cream brand called so delicious that makes vanilla bean coconut ice cream that is pretty tasty and a d/s free chocolate syrup from Ah!laska. Good luck!!

Nicole said...

i love what he said about the picture of you almost a sleep ADORABLE!

Heather Lynn said...

So I'm a sneaky lame-o and just went ahead and posted my blog before the linkup and just linked up after the forum was up. haha.

Also, my husband wants a ghillie suit. Maybe Jake could make one for him?? lol

dena said...

i'm pretty sure the oscar statue is you. the mystery is solved....always wondered who's booty they molded in gold.

Bonnie said...

i think that your butt looks hot and i'm a bit jealous because my butt is all saggy and flat from being fat and out of shape too long. sad.

I love that red dress. I think that i t would look beautiful in a pumpkin color, I like that color. Or a nice teal. Green's good too, and emerald green.

I hate that you look so sexy in your right before bed shots. It just makes me feel yuckier. Perhaps it's best that I don't see you more often. I believe that my self-esteem would suffer.

I think that Jake's ghillie suit is pretty awesome. I'm impressed with his skills.

Gris said...

Love your outfits!!!

I love Charming Charlie, to bad they closed it down, over here on my side of town.

Unknown said...

way to go Izey. lol

and i feel the same way about Hooters. wannabes. geesh.

and i love the dress with the yellow shrug. you look adorable.

Erica said...

Ok seriously I rarely get outta my jammies and you are smokin hott everday!!!

Dude you are killing me with the terd!!! I am dying laughing! It's amazing how amused someone can get with bodily functions. Good thing Im a nurse :)

Estell said...

haha wow poo makes a great finale.
The gold leggings are sexay but i dont think I could pull them off

gahh dont you hate when you see things people made at craft stores but you just cant buy them!?! grr...

Angela said...

Um, so you look totally hot in all your outfit shots. And I am jealous of your gappage.
Ang xxx

Sandra Huntsman said...

Oh, good. I'm glad Valinda's making you that dress. I was going to offer, but now I don't have too.

Only mommy's will understand the the joys of poop. Good on ya! (Well, glad that it didn't get on ya...oh dear)

You, Miss Jessica, are the cutest thing since pictures of poop and I just adore you and your sassy blog. Merry Christmas, Darling!!!

~ Shannon said...

You rock those gold leggings! Wowza.

The poop picture was awesome. And congrats!

julielollar said...

I love Charming Charlie!
None of my kids like shopping and I can't take them. They don't know how to be behave!
My sister worked at hooters and there were some lady's that totally shouldn't have been working there!
Poor Izey. :(
I love my Texas a$$ jeans! I promise that they'll grow on you. give it time!

I had a funny word verification today and I thought of you. hussness

Merry Christmas!

Rach said...

Found your blog through SITS and I love it! Your header family photo cracks me up so much! Love it! And I love that you take photos to send to your husband all day - I do the same thing! :)

zoo keeper said...

poor poor gussy.
after looking at this i've decided i need to put more effort into my "going out" outfits. and then take pics. u need to find yoself a just as amazing top to go with those amazing gold pants.
and hooter girls suck.

Anonymous said...

Looove the dress too! Blue would be pretty too, or gray...

Anonymous said...

Your outfits are just SUPER CUTE!!! And what the heck is Charming Charlies?! I wish I had near me!!!

Unknown said...

Just go buy the pattern - and then I can walk you through it. I didn't realize you were at the fabric store when you saw that dress! I was impressed with myself that I knew the pattern! I should get it too and make myself one. In turquoise, then we can sort of be twinners! Except, I'll be the ugly sister.

Candace said...

Do you seriously look that hot EVERY day??? What the CRAP!!!!!!

Congrats on the solid terd, Izey! Way to go!

And the HOOTERS segment of this blog???? FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!