Sunday, December 26, 2010

what does potty training mean to penny?

wtc? a post before tuesday?
yes. yes way ted.
penny has recently started his potty training
after watching his mentor, emmalyn, make it look so fun.
penny is a unique fellow.
he does everything his way. there's no other way.
only penny's way.
so potty training has been quite the interesting experience so far.
these pictures document what potty training means to him.
potty training means:
when we go out shopping alllll daaaaay and
mom keeps asking me if i need to go potty
(since she didn't bring spare pants)
i can yell at the top of my lungs in the middle of a store
with many people around and listening,

potty training means:
that after i go through all the effort of taking my pants off,
pulling my undies down,
going potty,
and then pulling my undies back up,
i'm too lazy to put my pants back on too.

potty training means:
i should cut my hair. all of it.
as if i'm turning over a new leaf.
except more like a new penny.

but since it's probably not the best cutting job.
and definitely not salvageable in any way shape or form,

my mom should prolly cut it all off,
except for some sweet mexi-gangster bangs.

okay, not really.
hi. my name is isaak.
and i'm newly potty trained.

potty training means:

if i have to sit on this seat for this long
so i don't have an accident,
i might as well bring some snacks
and a cold beverage to keep me occupied.

potty training means:

when i have a sick stomach
and my mom doesn't want me sharting
all over every pair of draws i own,
i have to just sit on my potty while i watch cartoons.
nude, of course.
with a towel to keep me warm and modest.

potty training means:

when i go to the hospital bathroom
and find skid marks in my underwear
and REFUSE to put them back on,
the sonographer will probably notice that i don't have any undies on.
and she'll probably ask me where my underwear is.
and i'll probably reply,
"i free ball"
which will make my mom's face turn red
as she has to explain to the nice indian lady sonographer
what free ball means and why i'm in this predicament.

potty training means:

there will be accidents.
and not only the wet and poopy kind.

way to go my penny guy!!
i'm so proud of you.
keep up the good work!


Caitlin said...

hahaha he is so cute! and I am so sad his hair is gone :(

dena said...

this was great! he looks WAY too old with his hair cut. but, that's just what i think.

Brandi said...

Oh Penny, I love thee!!!

Jessica I am exhausted. Absolutely dead tired after a 14 hour day and here I am in bed laughing my ass off.

Thank you!

ps: love you! and miss you ... lots!

Justine said...

oh this is cute

Just Better Together

Allyson & Jere said...

Congrats on the potty trained penny. I'm in serious denial over having to potty train my boy. 1. because he's my baby and I can't face the fact that he's really growing up. And 2. because I'm lazy and he does NOT want to do it. 3. Because I HATE messes, and somehow KNWO that this will NOT be a clean and tidy process.

Oh and the "mexi=gangster bangs", hysterical and nothing short of genius moment.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Hilarious! Rock on your free ballin behind Penny! You give me hope that I will be able to find humor in training when my time comes....sooner than I would like I think :(

ashley @ little miss momma said...

TEARS rolling out of my eyes as I read this! I am not looking forward to this day!

Lauren said...

Poop in my butt! LOL One of my boys was like, "There's a Man In My Butt!" and I freaked out of course, imaging, well, what? The worst? Or small plastic army men? Anyway, later I thought real hard and remembered, swearing on one of those last diapers before vowing time to potty train, "Wow, you got Man Poop!" as in, (to me) you poop like a man! But of course he heard, Man Poop.

Anonymous said...

Funniest stuff I heard all day! Whatta good momma you are. You just really are. :)

Christine Renee said...

oh my you're halarious && reading this made me still laughing. High five to penny!

Missy said...

Those pictures are cracking me up!!

I like it, I love it! said...

Wow! I laughed so hard at this! "I free ball" is greatness!

Charity said...

You have one funny kid there!! Go Penny!!

Unknown said...

OH....MY! I'm freaking rolling on the floor right now. Free ball!!! Bahhahaha....i bet that made for a proud daddy! lol

No Model Lady said...

My boys free ball 99% of the time. It's natural, says Spouse.

A Beautiful Life said...

different zip codes. same life. except mine is a girl, that puts her undies on wrong, goes without pants the entire day, and likes to tell me no she doesn't have to go in the store, but then pees a little and has a cow.
putting him on his lil' potty while he was sick is priceless. the towel was a nice touch.
Good job, PENNY!!

emily anderson said...

i'm finding it hard not to barf at picture #7 (where he is drinking a cold beverage) because there is a toothbrush on the ground, under his foot. PLEASE tell me that is not a toothbrush that is used.
i have this weird toothbrush phobia...they may only go in our mouth and in the drawer.

Brooke Hall said...

You are hysterical!!!!! I love love love your blog and reading about the funny things your kids do....Penny trips me out! I hope he is feeling okay and you all got over the stomach bug! We have had it 3 times this year.....
Happy new year!

zoo keeper said...

almost makes me wana pair!

Estell said...

aww haha progress! I love the hair too...I did that once when I was little. then again when I was

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!! I never had any adventures like that when my son was potty training. Love the mexi-gangster bangs, lmbo :)

Righteous Republic said...

HAHAHAHA! Good job, Penny! That last shot is just hilarious.

"I free ball."


Unknown said...

Hilarious! way to go Penny! I needed a good laugh today! Andrew still has some of these problems!

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

You had me laughing there! Those are some priceless pics! Good job on the potty training work, it must be exciting. Among other things.

Candace said...

why did penny have to have an ultrasound???