Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what's on jessica's phone - linkup!

sorry i'm a tad late this morning. rough nite.

i'm beginning to think i should just name my blog
"what's on jessica's phone"
because that's becoming pretty much
THE only time i ever post anything.

most people don't blog when they have nothing to blog about.
(or they shouldn't. ahem.)
i have tons to blog about. but no time.

if you're new to this linkup,
go here to read all about it!
and then join us!
cuz that's what we do.

alright let's get started.

this is isaak's new favorite place to pee.
he wants to stand, but is too short.
so he just strips down,
and jumps in the tub.
this is also gusser's new favorite place
to play in the waterfalls.

isaak can do a mean ali from the bachelor.
he learned it from me.

all i really need to say here is
this is my Lover with his workout friends.
lemme cool down a bit before we move on.

speaking of mortar and pestles.
*clears throat*

best for lastly mcloooootle.

brothers with side eyes :)



Kristina P. said...

Your Lover is looking hot!

Unknown said...

Funny!! Love the little man peeing. haha...boys are so fun.

Unknown said...

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the Ali impersonation!!! HAHA!

Untypically Jia said...

Best. Mortar and pestle. Ever.

zoo keeper said...

i'm almost sensing a theme....

A Beautiful Life said...


your boys are the cutest, even whilst whizzing in the bath.

julielollar said...

Wow, I would be so lost with boys! But if I had one I would hope that they'd be like your cuties!

Unknown said...

izey probably gets that from you. am i right? didn't you do something in the tub when you were little? hehe.
holy mortar and pestle.
you need your man home...

Sydney said...

Your lover is FI-HINE. you should put him on the cover of GQ. Seriously. Do it now.

E said...

Cute! Glad Lover looks well, I know you miss him!! I have got to participate in this, I take way to many random pics with my blackberry not to ;) Maybe tomorrow's post......

Jennifer said...

I've so been tempted to make my little man start peeing in the tub. I'm so sick of cleaning up pee all around the toilet, the wall, the trash can. Ugh. disgusting.

deployment pics are still some of my fav. They always look ah-mazing! ;)

Nicole Dianne said...

side eyes..oohh I could squeeze those two little guys! How freakin adorable.

deployment sexiness is THE BEST!

Katie said...

That last one is so funny!!

Estell said...

aww haha your boys are the cutest. Id be in the tub..mostly because the toilet and standing doesnt work well..lol
Dirty mortar and pestles..lol

Sandra Huntsman said...

I totally want to leave you a comment, but I'm to tired from commenting on everyone on your blog link up and I'm too tired. See, I'm so tired I'm redundant...and answering questions from my kids as I type.

Irreverent Wife said...

I love the mortar and pestle. I about choked. I think I needed a warning on that one.

I love side eye pictures. I always wanna know what they are looking at.

Cute camo boys! Awesome job, boys. Thanks for keeping us all safe and sound. Funny Ali impersonation and awesome team effort peeing! I love boys. Ha!

beka said...

Ohmyword, I love your header pic!! That's awesome!
I'm a middle sibling....3rd of 6, actually.
It's fascinating, really.
Found you through a blog-button page--http://simplysteele.blogspot.com/p/button-lovin.html

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture is ADORABLE!!!

Shannon said...

That is the dirtiest looking lichen item I've ever seen!! Hilarious!

And I love your little boys, they need to be bff's with mine.

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel