Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what's on jessica's phone - tuesday link up!

(ok i don't really say that. it was for michele)
it's tuesday again. that was fast huh?
i'm going to be really "artsy" in this post
and try to tie every picture together somehow.
so today's featured recipe from katie is...
you know what i could use right now?
a really manly man (like Lover)
in my kitchen
making me a delicious grilled pizza.
and follow katie while you're there for more.

now on to phone pictures!
on the subject of food,
(see, i'm working the tie-ing together stuff...uh huh)
here's a pack of what WAS a half dozen glazed shipley donuts.
notice there is only one left.
and we're still in the car, those donuts and me, not even home.
i only wish i could say i shared them with the babies.

speaking of driving, because i do that a lot,
i seem to always find my friend michele in front of me.
then i get sad because...
i miss riding in her tiny toy car.
i miss making videos with her into the wee hours.
i miss somber parties.
i miss loading up tires from a dirty tire dump to steal.
i miss her scraggly cuticles.
i miss looking on the computer together at my house.
i miss days at the park.
i miss fondue and cooking wine.

thinking of michele beats up my heart up so i have to stop.
(i'm so clever, really)
i also get beat up in my radical MMA class at the gym.
i used to hate bruises
but now?
i'm kinda really proud of them.

my workouts have been going really good lately!
i've decided that i'd really like to have a pair of black running shoes.
my feet have a foot crush on mizunos
and they don't make a black shoe.

but these?
i love.
and guess what? they're on sale!
they WERE $79.99
and now,
they're $7'9'.99!
freakin awesome deal dude.

gosh i love shoes.
okay opinions please?!
i love these babies.
but my pal mia? not so much.
what are your thoughts?

i'll tell you what else i love!
(and i don't usually love pets)
but i really love this dog that roams around my parent's house.
i don't know what kind it is.
it's definitely a bull breed,
maybe a staffordshire bull terrier?
i dunno. at least a mix of it if not.
i just want him.
but not for like 10 more years.
and i don't want him to bark.
or poop.
or cost me any money.
can we make that happen?

there's something Lover loves too,
and to make sure Lover doesn't forget me,
i usually try to send him pics of me onnnnnn

days when i look cute.
aaaaaaand 99% of the time, it's only on sunday.
(see paige? told ya)
the last picture i sent him spawned this comment from Lover,
"i'm pretty sure you're spending all my combat pay on new clothes, but that's okay because you look really HOT. let the hot times roll."
gosh i love him.

be sure to take note of my frickin awesome
nude/hot pink heels in the 3rd picture.
yes. awesome. i know.
bonnie, you'll enjoy my marfan length arms in the last one.
and apparently i'm shrinking?


Lover also loves pizza.
like, a LOT.
he told me that's the only thing he is really CRAVING in afghanistan.
so i was a sweet wife and sent him a picture of my yummy pizza.
i made sure to tell him it was soooo
and cheeeeeesy.
and pepperoni covered.
and greasy good.

see? he should be thankful for me.
what wife would do that for their Lover?

mmmm. food.
so i was at chick fil a the other day and noticed something.
almost everyone there
was ignoring who they were with.
and instead of talking to REAL LIVE PEOPLE,
they spent the entire time on their phones.
(i got caught snappin the pic in that first one. oops.)

wanna know what i was doing?
i was on my phone.
taking these pictures.

after chick fil a i went to my car
and caught a glimpse of the insides of the car parked next to me.
which of course, was picture worthy.

the best for last...
toy story jessie
who knew a preppy guy from the valley would dig a texas cowgirl?
bow chicka wow wow.

your turn!!
i wanna see!
link up my phoney friends!


Untypically Jia said...

It kinda bugs me how hot you are sometimes. But pictures of pizza make me forgive you.

Michael DeSa said...

WHERE did you get those boots in your hot pictures?? I'm looking for some good boots...

Unknown said...

You make me laugh out loud, everytime (Seriously, EVERYtime) I read your posts. Keep em comin :)

julielollar said...

Wow! Those bruises are serious! You must be one tough chic! I get a paper cut and I cry.

Sydney said...

OK well SOMEONE needs to start posting more pictures of her clothes missy! you are just too hot not too. I agree with Lover ... let the hot times roll!! spend! spend! spend! spend! hahaha. I'll live vicariously through your credit card swipes.

Kris said...

Where can I find the awesome sale on the black running shoes? You are seriously one funny lady!!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I am so excited...not only did you make me SMILE this morning BUT you got me to link up my pics as well!!! LOL thx girl!

Jennifer said...

haha, I love that that girl caught you taking a pic of them. That's always a little embarrassing...

No Model Lady said...

I too see your car everywhere:( But we'll be together soon, holla!

A Beautiful Life said...

i link up, but forget to comment!! i'm sure those bruises are from mma fighting. suuuuuuuuure. more like bar fights when someone takes your daddy doll away you clutch next to your side. ;p
you ARE too hot for your own good. go eat a rodeo burger.

Heather Lynn said...

So I'm a new follower! I "linked up" for the first time, which I hope is ok! I enjoyed a walk through your phone and I hope you enjoy a walk through mine, although it isn't quite as interesting!! :)

Justine said...

Were those shoes really 9.99?!?! And I think those shoes that mia mentioned that she didn't like so much,I think it'd look better if it had a back :)

Just Better Together

zoo keeper said...

uh ladie, i have a friend who is "THE" mizunos freak and she has a black pair. she may have sold her soul to get them but i'll get the info.

Estell said...

I think the brown heel thingys are really cute! Im with you lol I wish I could wear heels. And by the way you do look really cute in all the pics! Cutesy outfits ^^

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. I came over from Love Stitched and linked up.

dena said...

you ARE rockin' the cardigans....all FOUR of them!

Allyson & Jere said...

#1..you do look hot in your pics. Lover is right to say such things.

#2..I love bbq chicken pizza.

#3..I forget. But I'm sure it was brilliant.

Unknown said...

hehe. i still think they are lame.
cute pics.
i'll link up next week fo sho.

Paige said...

I like your new clothes. Will you shop for me please? Or at least tell me what/where/when to buy it cause I seriously (seriously) hate shopping. I also like your half-smile in every clothes photo. Is that your "hot" smile? I wonder what my hot smile is... I'll have to practice that one tonight. :) And thanks for the shout-out. Sorry it took so long to notice. :)

Rachel @ Little Kitchen, Big Bites said...

I'm a long time reader and you have totally inspired me to share my spaz-i-ness with the world...even though it took me until Friday to write my post. Thanks for being awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.