Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just a recipe. but a goooooooood one.

when i first got married and had only one baby,
i used to do a lot of odd jobs for money.
because i couldn't swing on poles with a baby on my hip,
no. i kid.
for real. sheeesh. chill.
ok seriously,
since i couldn't take baby jake to my "jobs" with me,
my grandma watched him for me.
everytime i'd go to pick him up,
i'd usually bring a snack for us to enjoy together.
we'd sit and snack and talk.
i loved those days.
my grandma died several years back and i miss her so much.
one of our favorite snacks was black bean soup.
we'd always talk about how to make the PERFECT black bean soup as we ate.
if only she were here now.
because i'm pretty sure, katie has perfected it.
and share it with your grandma.


A Beautiful Life said...

i luv her website! she has great recipes! and i super love it cuz every time i see "gd" kitchen i think in my head "god damn" kitchen. it makes me smile. ;D

Losing Brownies said...

I have a few 'grandma' recipes that are reserved for when I miss her the most or just need a taste of the south.

Michael DeSa said...

Aww, that's a sweet story, Jessica! And's for my maiden name and my married name :)

dena said...

i'm all over this. she's doing a great job with the soups!