Sunday, November 14, 2010

brothers make me smile.

first off.
each day this week i'll be posting a picture and link
every time i make something yummy and put it on facebook,
everyone and their frickin dog wants the recipe.
mothers like tried and true recipes.
am i right?
we don't have time for trial and error.
we're lazy like that.
well i am.
she makes really great food.
and she has a really great blog.
really great, huh?
i know this because she has BROUGHT me her food.
many. many. many times.
trust me. she is an AMAZING cook.
guess what else?
on her blog? she writes out ALL her recipes.
for you. to use. and enjoy.
how cool and easy is that?
please please please go visit her.
and follow her.
please. begging. on knees. you will not regret this.
i don't refer you to blogs i'm not seriously in love with.
so go love her too.
and make all her food.
today, her featured item is...

okay, now on to ME, hello?
as a kid i always dreamt of having a big family with lots of kids.
i wanted all boys.
bizarre huh?
because i so badly wanted another girl the last two times.
and it makes my heart hurt that kora will never have a sisterly relationship
like i do with my 1 and 2 fabulous sisters.
i love those girls more than they know.
(but that's a whole 'nother blog post)


i think Heavenly Father knows each of us so well,
that he gives us what we need (and can handle).
hence, 1 crazy girl for me + 4 rowdy boys.
wait, CAN i handle this?
sometimes i wonder.
more so in the last 80 days.
(but who's counting?)

i just keep getting off subject here.
okay. so my point of this blog post,
is to make note of the incredibly adorable relationship between brothers.
i never had any brothers, so this is all new to me.
and oh. so. precious.

i think it's almost even MORE sweet to see brothers loving each other
than it is to see sisters.
am i right?

these sweet guys are bona-fide best buddies.
their favorite pastime is playing outside
whether it be penny taking gusser on a bumpy truck ride,
or a relaxing stroll around the house.

they LOVE to watch baby einsteins together.
sometimes gus wants to be a big boy like penny
and drink out of a big boy cup.

and sometimes,
penny wants to be baby'd like gus
and drink out of a bottle.
(don't judge. i really just don't care at this point.)

and let us not forget the bigger brothers.
(who goes by "austin" these days, ahem. get it right.)
has the same eerily familiar sogginess that i've seen before somewhere.

and sweet miah,
who teaches isaak all of his tricks.
like his favorite hiding place in the closet
their new clubhouse.

oh brothers.
i sure love you guys.


A Beautiful Life said...

this is adorable. and makes me sad i never had any boys. i think i'll eat 500 mini pumpkin muffins now.

A Beautiful Life said...

and seriously, i luv ur friend's blog now. she will be my go to site for dinner ideas, and i love that i can make them in advance, i need to start doing that cuz dinner time is crazy time for me, so glad you referred her, yippee!!

dena said...

brothers ARE the best!! sigh.

Shannon said...

Having four boys myself I can completely relate to this. The relationship of brothers is incparable to anything else! I could watch my boys interacting with each other ALL. DAY. LONG.

One thing though, you said their new clubhouse is in the closet... But there is a bed in there?!?!?!?!

Estell said...

That is too cute...I want boys when im ready :]

Staci said...

i love the brothers so sweet. I bet now you are thinking it wasn't such a bad idea for them to be close in age. Miles does the same thing though..wanting to drink from a bottle like lucy..he even gets down to his diaper so they can be matching...b/c she never wears clothes.

Michael DeSa said...

I love boys! I always wanted a ton of boys too and now that I'm started, I guess I can't stop...hmmmm....
ps - thanks!! :D

Chernobyl said...

I have 4 girls, please feel free to borrow them aaaaaaanytime you want. You'll be over the constant drama in about 5 seconds.

Anonymous said...

1 boy, 2 girls. I have to say that it's an amazing day when all three get along but I'm happiest when the middle child...little too serious and very much like her ocd happy. She needs to lighten up. Which means I do to. Dang.

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

yes shannon, there IS a bed in the closet. ur quite observant.

so isaak sleeps in the closet because we're ghetto like that. also because its the size of a small room AND i have 7239874283 kids and i'm sharing a home with my parents. is that enough excuses? sheesh. don't worry, there's an AC vent in there. he's safe :)

Lindsay said...

shannon is so judgie judge!! ;) i love brothers too.. i look forward to the day i have another brother in our family so i'm the only girl. it's fun. i love a house full of boys!... i just need to live close to my nieces so i can take them shopping.

Unknown said...

There were only two of us in the fam, me and my big brother. I still kind of lament not having a sister, but I make up for it with some serious love for my brother. If I custom ordered a sibling from God myself, I couldn't have asked for more. But shhh! Don't tell him that. He's already full up in the self-esteem department. ;) I just already feel kinda sorry for Kora's future love interests. You the way, way, way future that is.

Unknown said...

your kids are so cute! i'm lovin all the soggy gus and penny shots. you need to post the super duper soggy pic of gus that day when you let it rain super hard on him because you don't own an umbrella.
just a thought.
that's an awesome pic.

Justine said...

may i have one please!

Just Better Together

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Gotta love boys--and yours are the cutest!

Shannon said...

Excuse me George sisters, I wasn't judging, I thought you were lying because it doesnt look like it,'s the closet. And believe me, tryston had to sleep somewhere much MUCH worse than a closet before.

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

I was secretly a little sad when I found out I was pregnant with twin girls....I mean WTC I figured I would have more of a chance to have boys but I was wrong! Then I met my great husband and I now have twin boys that I secretly desired!! I love my girls but man oh man are boys easier! 4 boys would be so much easier then 2 girls and 2 boys! Sisterly bonds are great and all but I don't think there is anything better then a sister and brother that are close so your baby girl will be just fine with all her boys to watch out for her!!

Unknown said...

Awww! They are so cute together! It's awesome to see all the help and support they give one another.