Thursday, November 18, 2010

hipstamatic hussy.

first things first.
i'm being featured today over at a huge blog called
i know right?
she's like super mega famous and has like 1298849289 followers.
why me?
i'm just a hussy with 5 kids who's kinda trashy.
whatever. i'm not arguing.
go check her out because she features a lot of really cool blogs.
and has a lot of really awesome stuff on her blog.
i kinda covet her on a daily basis.
plus she's stinkin CUTE as anything!!
now back to today.
i'm kinda obsessed with my new iphone app.
it's the hipstamatic camera.
it makes me look like a professional photographer.
it makes anything ugly...pretty.
it's "artsy".
u all know how much i love being "artsy".
here are some of my favorite pics using my appy mcappsteroni.
delicious. nutricious. gus.

new haircut penny. uhmm yea, i cut it. i know, i'm good.
i also cut miah's.
but will you see a picture of that one?
apparently DARK hair, is much harder to fade.

isaak wanted to fix gusser's hair.
gusser wanted to look like a windblown supermodel.

izey's first time at chuck E cheese.
needless to say, he's addicted.

some days i try to look pretty
when i have to meet real people who might care.
(ignore my zit. hipstamatic doesn't take those out
it can't be PERfect...sheesh.)

but on all the other days,
i just look like me.
(same zit.)

my new knit button up boots.
it's basically just like wearing slippers all day.
but legit.
(notice the "artsyness of this shot. i know right?)

penny doing his part.
he loves "the ding bell man".

gus is Lover's son.
enough said.

taliban izey.
(have u entered her $500 contest yet? hurry!)

gusser walks.
and he's soooo proud of it.

and lastly?
izey rockstar.

be sure to check me out over at lovestitched.
tell brittany i sent you.
she loves new friends. ALMOST as much as me.
(but not quite *wink*)


Anonymous said...

OMG! I loooove my hipstamatic app! Found you on Love Stitched! Love!

A Beautiful Life said...

i luuuuuuuv this app and wish it for my very own, sigh someday when i have an iphone i s'pose. luv ur pics!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Dude this app rocks! Makes me hate my POS phone even more....sigh. Lovin on Gus eating the PB...classic!

Sydney said...
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Sydney said...

A couple things:
1. You're the first person in the whole entire world to take an artsy looking picture at Chucky Cheese. Trust me, I've tried.
Congrats for that.
2. WHAT zit? You're perfect. The end.
3. I like that yellow leaf in your mega-artsy award winning shoot of your adorable booties. It basically MADE the picture. You put it there on purpose didn't you? Oh you didn't? I'm the only one who does weird things like strategically placing random leaves in thieir pictures to balance out the composition?
4. And DUH I posted that rompalicious photoshoot on PURPOSE lady. That's what you get for looking like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 X's better than me in your little imitation picture thingy. The imitator is NOT supposed to do it better than the imitatEE. You should know I'm going through a serious case of identity crisis right now. jerk ...

Krista@RustikChic said...

I must check out this app. Fun! Thanks for always making me crack me up. :)

Unknown said...

Love the hipstamatic app as well, but sometimes my picture that i take doesn't make it to my photo album!! what the devil!?!? i don't know why. i need to figure that one out, it's kind of a hit and miss if will actually become a picture or not.
and love the green cup in the bath picture. you know why.

Jessica said...

hi! i just stopped by from love stitched!! saw that you are a military wife & was just wondering where your hubby was stationed. my baby brother is currently in afghanistan. he's with the 1/8 Marine unit, B company. don't know how to word it. heehee! enjoyed reading some of your posts!! God bless!

Losing Brownies said...

Those boots look so comfy! Where did you get them?

Also, the hipstimatic is awesome, but it doesn't look as good on the itouch as it does on the ipop. I just can't convince Gadget Guy I need one.

Unknown said...

You are so totally hysterical. I am new stalker via Love Stiched. I actually just moved back to Ohio from Topsail Island in April. I miss the waves.....


Unknown said...

I saw you over there. You are stinkin' cute.

Justine said...

I love this.

Just better Together

Unknown said...

You are so freakin' adorable! And so are your kiddos! The 1st pic is darling! Visiting your friend now!! :)

Unknown said...

wow i love your blog. i thank lovestiched for introducing us. yes! i'm glad that there are more crazy mommas out there. :)

Crystal said...

So I was gonna work on MY blog tonight, but I ended up reading your blog for about an hour and a half. Um, thanks. hmph. No but seriously, I LOVE your blog. The end!

Tai Bender said...

oh my! I have read through a few of your pages after finding you at love stitched! HA! You are too funny! You have yourself a new follower! Brittany chose my blog to feature too. Should be my turn soon! CONGRATS!
taidye original

zoo keeper said...

i want izey!

Ashley said...

Those are awesome!! You're kids are just too cute.

Crystal said...

Also, I also love the hipstamatic app. Also also, I was wondering if I could link to you on my blog? mmk, enough alsos.

Bre said...

I LOVE my Hipstomatic app! It makes every photo look so much better. When I first got I took pictures of things just for the sake of using my beloved app. Keep up the blog and the photos they are great!

Anonymous said...

hipstamatic is my fave app. its ridiculous. except now they have the weird salvador dali one that makes everything look super super creepy.

and i may steal your boots. they look way too comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Mm, its fantastic-/