Monday, November 1, 2010

hallowstinkmeisters. yes that's one word.

this entire month i've been putting up pictures on my facebook page
that make you want to cringe.
well, in the beginning they were friendly.
a harmless vampire lusting for some Lover blood.

then slowly but surely, i started to get a little more creative.
and by creative i mean insanely freakified.
by the end of the month i had turned each of my children
into a monstrosity in some form or fashion.
if they won't let me dress them for halloween,
then i'll get my revenge in other ways.
(evil laugh)

i even joined in on the fun all laura croft style.
(thanks cleo for the reference)

and by the end,
i decided to make it a family affair.
i sure love october.

ok but for real,
this is how our hal'LOWE'ween played out.
a russian soldier.
an overdone dallas cowboy cheerleader.
a marine with a combat 'stache.
a little indian boy.
and a white trash baby.
actually gus' diaper leaked onto his pants.
so i had to remove them.
but it worked anyway.

i tried to get a picture PRE trick or treating,
but my rats were being tErds and wouldn't smile.
jake and gus didn't even want a part of this documentation.
wtc dudes?!
work with me!

we spent saturday night at the church trunk or treat party.
do not be fooled by this precious pawpaw face.
on the following night he turned into...

...this heeee-dious man.
with uncle david as his partner in grody-ness of course.

and gus?
he's just soggy. all the time. soggy.
dripping. soggy. wet.
which is my favorite part about him.

happy october!
until next year.


Kristina P. said...

Great costumes. I think that midriff on the cheerleader could have been slightly shorter, however.

Unknown said...

Of all the people on the internets, only you and Kristina P. can make me laugh until I well, pee.

Love you both, think of you often miss J. xoxo

zoo keeper said...

really? i could do without the soggyness. this morning i was sterilizing every surface i could because Logan got a rip in his pee'd pull-up and ran around the house depositing all his inards. grossness!
but yea!, for halloween :o)

zoo keeper said...
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A Beautiful Life said...

huh? all i read was "cleo"...hmmm. hahaha, i lovest all the costumes, I AM going to be CREATIVE next year and NOT let my MIL buy princess dresses that in turn forces me to dress my children in them so i don't look like a terd DIL. but i've said too much.
Love the halLOWEen!!

Losing Brownies said...

Aww, the kiddos had great costumes!! I love the combat stach!

Justine said...

That family photo is kinda scary...

Just Better Together

Estell said...

I still cannot get over how adorable your children are lol I hope mine are as cute! (whenever I have some haha) Glad halloween was fun!

Just SO said...

I have to say that kids+mustaches=all types of cuteness! I love all of the costumes but his I love the best.

Julia Ladewski said...

your family is awesome!!

E said...

Cute :) All the kids look great!

The one family pic kinda freaks me out but at the same time is so awesome!! One day when your kids are cleaning out a closet and find that picture you know they will smile! :)

Unknown said...

Hahahaha!!! Love all these pictures!

No Model Lady said...

Soggy Guppy:( I miss his sweetness! I LOVE Kora's overdone cheerleader!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

LOL, great costumes! It has been waaaayyy to long since I have commented, but I'm baaaaacccckkkk, so be ready for me!