Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 things i love.

1. i love FHE.
i'll admit. we were never really good at doing it on a regular basis before, but since moving back to texas, i've felt very strongly through prayer that the only way my little family is going to survive this deployment is by staying close to the Lord and staying tight as a family. not that you shouldn't just have FHE anyway, but we need this NOW more than ever before.
also, my daddy has volunteered to be in charge the first monday of each month.
this was his most recent pick. bowling!
2. i love my new planner.
yes, i have an iphone. yes it has any kind of fancy calendar app i could possibly imagine, but there's just something dreamy about paper. no? it's like, when i put stuff in my iphone calendar it was there, but i couldn't see it. i mean i could. but not real good. like it wasn't THERE there. anyway.
i like to see it on paper. i like to WRITE it with a pen. to turn the pages.
it feels so nice :)
another good thing about my planner is that my friend, mia, stole it from me during church, noticed i had a few things planned that are NOT kid friendly (even though i was just gonna drag them along anyway), and volunteered to take my babies.
love that.

she has an iphone like me. the exact same, iphone 4. altho, she can take a picture with HER iphone that looks like it was taken with her big fancy mcfancified photographer camera.
look at those pretty blue eyes i get to see every. single. day.
lucky me.

4. i love penny's fondness for windmills.
so, he has this baby einstein video that he loves. it's all about farms and it shows a lot of windmills. he watches it at least 62 times a day. whenever we go anywhere, he can spot a windmill from a mile away. seriously. he gets all excited and starts yelling, "win-meel!" over and over. the other day we went to the park and he saw one within walking distance. it was the closest he'd ever been to one. it was like he was walking up to a alien spaceship.
he was in total awe.
it was beautiful.

5. i love miah's peace sign gangster pose.
this kid is so awesome. he really is. he loves looking nice and dressing up. he loves having his hair fixed perfectly.
and he LOVES flashing his peace signs.
for every. single. picture.
the best part about miah is that he has the most caring heart you will ever find. he thinks about everyone's feelings and tries to make everyone feel loved. so tender.

6. i love watching my kids have fun.
just before it started getting cold, i took them to the park one evening and let them just go crazy. it was beginning to get cool outside so no one was at the spray park and we weren't dressed to be wet but i said to myself, what the heck? and then i just let them let loose.

sometimes i feel like i watch them work so hard at school, or jiu jitsu, or projects, or scouts, or chores that i forget how awesome it is to just watch them have fun. specifically jake. he hardly ever just goes buck wild crazy so it made my heart happy to watch him go nuts. i tend to forget that these little hearts are breaking too and i think we need that wildness every now and then to just forget all that sad stuff.

7. i love how silly penny is.
i know what you're thinking. i talk about him ALLLLLL the time. but who cares. he's gonna be the center of attention for a while because age 2-3 is my FaVoRiTe age. so get over it. they all had their moment in the spotlight. it's penny's turn.

one of his funny things right now is carrying around his daddy doll in his mouth. he'll walk around the grocery store, the park, the doctor office with his hands in his pockets and his daddy doll just dangling from his face. it's so funny.

he also loves for me to bring his little red grocery cart to the store with us when i go shopping so he can push around a cart too and load it up. it keeps him occupied and close to me instead of having him run up and down the isles like a mad man.
and apparently, he likes coffee.

8. i love watching pawpaw and penny together.
these guys love each other so much.
end of story :)

9. i love my super kora.
i recently posted about jake being such a great helper, but i have to say, kora is a close second. she's a teeny tiny mother in a sweet little super cape because she is seriously a hero a LOT of the time. she loves holding the babies for me (which helps a TON since my neck is seriously broken), loves reading to miah every day and she loves helping me make dinner.
not to mention she is gorgeous.
and freakin funnier than anything.

and lastly...
10. i love taking artsy pictures of my kids.
(and i especially love gusser's calves *wink*)


Kristina P. said...

I am so with you on having an actual planner. I remember much better when I actually write something down.

A Beautiful Life said...

age 2-3 IS the best, seriously, they're so funny and goofy and sweet as pie.
good helpers and acting like kids is THE BEST!!
love ur lil family, and miah is going to break a billion hearts someday...

Lindsay said...

i better be on your next list of ten things you love or i'm gonna stab you!

Unknown said...

Super cute planner! Where did you find it?

Lindsey from The R House said...

and I LOVE the tip toes and chubby thighs in the last photo!

Anonymous said...

I have to write on real paper too. I tried the agenda thing and that didn't work. My phone is not something I go to for info. I use it...get a phone!

Justine said...

I love planners (paper ones), to me it feels more official.

Just Better Together

Jen said...

Ages 2-3 are my favourite as well. I work with 18 months to 2 years but some are over too and I just love watching them. They say the funniest things and just make me smile.
PS. Pretty day planner. I want it!

Froggylady said...

I love pen and paper! Especially for writing down appointments and organizing. There's nothing like it!

You have such a precious family!

Righteous Republic said...

You might be my new favorite mommy blogger. Scratch that-- you totally are.You're HILARIOUS and have five kids which automatically makes you my hero bc I can hardly handle my TWO.