Monday, November 8, 2010

what's on jessica's phone tuesdays.

as you can see, i've taken it upon myself (because this is my blog if you haven't already figured that out) to make tuesday an official linky mclinkster day on the lowe family news.
i spent days and days trying to come up with a good rhyming fun name for this.
but fail.
then fail.
then fail again times like 823 times.
i realized, i love the name,
"whats on jessica's phone".
and even though you ALL aren't jessica, you can just substitute your own name!
easy enough, right?
and then tuesdays becausssssssssse.
i dunno.
just pretend there's some important reason i chose tuesday.
so here are the rules:
1. spend the week looking for interesting, funny, cute, special, lovely, ugly, silly, crude (okay maybe not crude), or jessica worthy pictures. and by that i mean pretty much anything.
2. when you find them, snap a shot with your phone.
3. then on tuesday, upload it into your blog!
4. and tell us about it.
5. LINK BACK TO ME. sheesh.
6. take my button if you play so everyone knows!

since we'll be doing this once a week, we won't always have 18 pictures like i have today,
even just ONE is fine :)
(prolly even better)
just be sure to link up YOUR what's on ______'s phone
to this blog post.
then go visit all my other linky friends to see what's on THEIR phone.
leave them a comment!
tell them their picture is hilarious.
ask them what they like to eat on their baked potato.
the point is:
sharing the love
and making friends, THROUGH our phone pics.
are we cool?
if we have a good turnout over the next couple of weeks, we'll make it official with a button you can slap on your blog if you participate.
(any takers on making me that button? anyone? anyone?)
okay, let us begin...
this was my last picture i took before we left NC.

this was my neighbor's name plate.
my good friend, candace, has a thick NC accent.
this is how she pronounces my Lover's name, Austin.
except like this:
come on, say it. drawwwwlll it out real southern like.
you got it.

one day i walked into my laundry room and my iron was on the floor.
i tried to pick it up and it was stuck.
after prying it with a knife, i got it up.
but not without a nice big burn tattoo on my floor.

trucks that look just like Lover's need to stop driving past me.
it makes my heart sink into my groin.
do girls even have groins? or is that only guys?

every morning paw paw feeds the fish in his mini pond.
but not without LOTS of help.
ps. those are my favorite pj's of penny's.
soooo cozy.

mawmaw loves help too.
especially when making cookies.
because you can never have too much spit mixed in there.

since Lover left i've suddenly acquired an obsession
with taking pictures of my food.
to send to Lover, of course.
i like to show him what he's missing.

this is simply my 7 year old rockstar,
taking down another chick.
she's my future mma dreamboat.

i love when my computer takes responsibility for it's actions.
it's about dang time.
yes this was on my phone.
i don't know how it got there but i'm pretty sure it had something to do with izey playing with my phone. anyway, i kinda like it.

my FAVorite protein bars.
being in texas brings WAY more flavor options. yay!
and double the price. boo.

sometimes when i don't know what to do with gus when he's sad,
i just hook him on something.
he loves it. don't listen to what his face is saying.

i realized that i take WAY too many pictures of my gussy.
love that middle one.
sometimes you just get so tired you can't even finish your food.

then i realized,
there's no such thing as taking too many pictures of gusser man.
because he's perfect.
even if he busts his eye open
and has to have it glued back together.

my sweet nursery boy doing his favorite activity,
singing songs :)

my rockin new shoes.
that i totally owned when i wore them to church last week.
mmm. hmmm.

proof of my hardcore running.

and i saved the best for last...

my view of the wall in the bathroom of the doctor's office.
he's right.
it better not be.

ok friends! have at it!
link up!!


Untypically Jia said...

The OCD in me wants to know if that really was poop.

The Jia in me wants to find a spot on a bathroom stall somewhere so I can write that.

MissCrystal said...

I am a new follower from Jia!! Such a great weekly MeMe! Hope you keep it up!

Justine said...

Hilarious photos! Gussy is super funny! I love the one where he's just hanging there.

Just Better Together

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Poop picture = best picture
Gussy = next best

this were awesome! Great idea for a link party! I may need to bust out the camera phone so I can party Hussy style!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

and one more thing...i have the most disturbing road kill pic on my phone that i need to send you. I only took the pic because i knew i would need to send it to you, lol!

Michael DeSa said...

Two things: do you want me to take a pictures of the REAL Lover's truck in my driveway so you won't miss it??? And 2) taking pictures of food is FUN, yes???? :) Missyouuuu!!

Mrs. Werginz said...

These are awesome...gross if it is poop on the wall!! I love all the photos of Gus!

A Beautiful Life said...

poop is sicko, gussy is scrumptious and i don't think he likes hanging from random objects. ur mean. and food pics is normal, we take pics of things we love, no? woohoo for tuesdays now!!!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

This is great!
I'll try to join up next week. Right now all I've got are crazy pics my daughters have snapped. You know, close ups of Spongebob cartoons, various stuffed animals posing.
Visiting from Jia's blog.

Jennifer said...

So even better than how cozy Penny's pj's look is how crazy his bed head is... haha. =)
Oh, and I'm a fan of your new shoes too. Very nice!

Losing Brownies said...

So the iron tattoo on the floor... try spraying hair spray on it, then use a magic eraser to pull it up. It might not take care of all of it, but it should help with some of it!

Nicole Dianne said...

I love your "whats on Jessica's phone" posts and now I get to be in on the fun! I made my husband come read this post just so he could see the poop comment and he loved it, ha ha :)

Lindsay said...

hmm.. i should try gen soy. i use pure protein bars and i'm not sure how i like them. ps. i love your gussy. his jowls are precious.

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Yea you have pulled me out of my anti-computer mode I have been in the last few weeks!! Saw this on FB and had to check it out. I can relate to the iron incident since I did the same thing except I did it on the floor of my wedding venue...OOPS. Good thing they never saw the mishap!

Candace said...

I DO NOT say Austin's name like that. Pshhhh. Whatever.

I miss you.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

That's a lot of great pictures, including the bird. INteresting!

Marnie said...

Ok, so I'm a loser and don't have a camera phone...I am in Germany afterall with very few options. Had to comment though that I am totally in love with your nude heels....might have to try to find a pair myself. I bet you were smokin' in them!

Gris said...

Love your new shoes.

I will love to join and do this next week. Btw I'm Gris a new follower.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Not about your post at all but I wanted to say thank you to your husband, you and your children for all your husband does to keep the world a safe place for everyone.

God Bless you all!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

baileyrose said...

Greattt blog :)

Teisha said...

OHOHOHOH I have those shoes and I worship the ground they walk on. Confusing.

Also, late commenter here because I'm a moron and followed you awhile back under a different account but just now found you again so just getting caught up. Sorry about the long windedednessness. OK, I should quit now.

Unknown said...

These pictures are hilarious! I especially love the one of just hooking Gus man to things. Too funny!

Nikkeya Murguia said...

New Follower thanks to Gris! Gonna have to catch up to make this weeks post! I was rofl laughing at the very last picture of the poop jajajaja

Unknown said...

this post was too funny ya that totally better not be poop lol. new follower from my amiga la cabrona will be joining soon!

Rebecca said...

From Mommy to Calm Insanity
This is such a great idea. I think I'm going to do this. I just got on iPhone 3 days ago so I only have a few pics on there. I'm a new follower too :)
The poop picture is too funny

{Alynn} said...

It's still funny the 2nd time around. I'll feel less stalkerish if I comment. ;)