Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the hussy on mompetition.

well lookie lookie.

i've been busy this weekend

because i had a big interview to prepare for.


i got to sit down with valerie from mompetition.

she kept buggin me and buggin me about doing it.


so fine. i said. i'll do it.


okay not really.

it may or may not have been my idea.

i can't really remember.

go visit her hil-ar-ious site

she's pretty much famous.

go read her interview with time. rock on.

and be sure to scroll back and watch ALL her videos.

she's frickin insane. she'll make you cry.

we all love a good one up wanda.

oh and like her on facebook

and tell all your friends.

and post her videos all over the internet.

ok ok ok.

overkill. sorry.

thanks valerie!!


A Beautiful Life said...

I'm glad you've never vlogged about what a jerk I am ;)
how fun was this??

Unknown said...

oh my gosh. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! good job. You are a freaking good blogger. and famous. Win-win.

Cristina said...

Diddlesticks. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

That was awesomeness! I'm laughing out loud and people at work are staring at me.

Losing Brownies said...

That was great! I loved it!! Two very funny ladies in one spot, what's not to love?

Lindsay said...

she's seriously awesome.. i checked her blog too :)

Justine said...

This is seriously amusing!

Just Better Together

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Congrats to you, how fun!

Chernobyl said...

ARe you trying to say we are not bff's? Dammit.

Camilla said...


Helena said...

My soda came out my nose, I was laughing so hard.

CK said...

This is hilarious! I like the "you better stop having kids or people will think your mormon or something" slander. But they are all good, really ;) (oh ya, I'm a mormon, haha)
So how is deployment going? I don't know if you remember me coming by the blog before but I have a few times and I can't get you out of my mind as of late. My husband is, too, deployed (our first deployment) but he gets back in just a few weeks. I'm really excited and I just get excited for you too, I guess. Its really fun to be here at the tail end of deployment and imagining our reunion all the time. All the girls (professional deployment ladies) say it is the best thing ever! Anyway, I hope things are going well with all the kids! Good luck, babe!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for several months now. My sister introduced me to it. (She was a follower). The other night while on the phone this post popped up in the conversation. We both think that this post is uncalled for. Jessica, you have so many followers and could be such an instrument in God's hands, but instead choose to talk about sacred things for all the public to read. You vlog half naked, go get tattoos, swear, and many other things. You have disappointed us Jessica. I hope this comment makes you realize that you could be doing so much work to bring people to Him, but you choose not to. One day all these followers will mean nothing cause you will have to answer to Him for the things that you do. And to all those out there who read this and want to post ugly comments back go ahead because this will be one blog that I will NEVER look at again!

zoo keeper said...

Jess i'm sorry some people feel the need to show how truly UNchristlike people can be in the name of Christ....anonymously of course.
i think you're funny and super rad so what if your not perfect, either am i and either was the person who posted that comment.

Bonnie said...

Hey anonymous, I know who you are. Well, I know your type.You WILL come back and see this because you want to see how your comment affects people, because if you were genuinely concerned about Jessica this would have been said in a more private manner. You're the type of person that sits in judgement of others, who watches and critiques others behind the anonymity of a computer. You're not only self-righteous AND a coward, but you are dead wrong about Jessica. Jessica has brought many people to the Gospel because of her ability to be REAL and non-judgmental. I'm afraid that you and your high horse have played up to the stereotype and have most likely abandoned many people. As evident by your comment, you believe yourself to be perfect or believe that as people of religion you have to ACT perfect. I have a secret for you, you are NOT perfect. Jessica isn't perfect, but I have NEVER seen her cuss on her blogs. Even if she did, there is no need for your harsh judgement. You have the right to not like her posts, and the more Christlike thing to do is to avoid it instead of ridicule it. Call me crazy, but I believe that when Christ was approached by sinners he only shared kindness and forgiveness. Apparently you find yourself above the likes of Christ. I hope this comment makes YOU realize that your comment worked well as Satan's instrument in the form of pride and sententiousness. Good job.

A Beautiful Life said...

whoa Anonymous..whoa...pretty sure you don't know the Hussy in real life. I didn't know she was supposed to be Mission President and be preaching about the gospel to everyone 24/7. I have NEVER heard/seen her talk about sacred things on here or fb. ever. People like you tend to give people in the church a bad rap. The church is about LOVE, not judgement, and it's about striving to be the best you can be, NOT about perfection. She CAN answer to Him, she goes to church every sunday, wears her g's, is temple worthy, raises 5 children and supports her husband who fights for YOUR freedoms.
Perhaps take a look in the mirror before you cast judgement on other people. That's right, you DON'T have to read this blog, and the blog will be better off because of it. No one wants to be a robotic, imitation of perfection...that's not Christlike, nor will it ever be. go be fake somewhere else.

Lindsey from The R House said...

yes, that is just what the Savior would do. he would find something that he feels you could work on, call you out on it in public, preach a little fire and brimstone then tell you he would never be back.

you have disappointed ME, anonymous. those who are truly Followers of the Savior, would have found a much more loving and private way to express what you expressed.

i hope THIS comment makes you realize that mean, judgmental words masked in religion ALWAYS do more harm than good.

jess may have a tattoo but at least she is nice.

i guess we will all have to embrace our inner pharisee to determine which on is worse.

Mompetition said...

@anonymous - HAHAHAHA OMG, that's awesome!!!! Can't stop laughing. must. wipe. tears. from. my. eyes. BWAHAHAHAHAHA