Friday, October 15, 2010

a homecoming for me.

okay maybe not really really for me.
but i like to think it was.
rockwall, my alma mater,
(can u say alma mater if it's just ur high school?)
had their homecoming last week
and as tradition,
a lovely parade to build spirits,
the day before the game.
as usual,
i went.
i love the homecoming parade.
i have fond memories of being in it myself.
jacket fight never dies.
not even if you move to
richardson, tx
garland, tx
fort worth, tx
rockwall, tx
quantico, va
camp lejeune, nc
and then
to rockwall, tx.
it's in your bloody mcbloooooooodster.
i'm being mighty sarcastic today.
just so you know.

so we lined up along the street
all excited to see the fun.
my kids humor me during this time of year.
they better.

first of all,
no parade is a texas parade
without a horse.
in the street.
carrying the texas flag.
and a cowboy hat with boots.
yee haw.

and then the goosebumps arrived.
the sound of the rockwall fight song.
music to my ears.
i love you song.
i think i might download you.
just because you're that great.

and then the fancy stingerettes arrived!
my sister was a stingerette ya know?
mmmm hmm.
they all grow up to be hooters girls.
did u know that?
thats why they wear those beige tights.
it's practice.

i always love looking at all the interesting vehicles in the parade.
let us make note, this is rockwall.
a town that i grew up in.
that used to only have:
a walmart.
a dairy queen.
and a movie theater.
it's freakin RESORTwall.
(thanks dena for the term)
pisses me off.
dumb hoity toity snobs walkin around like this is their city.
i need a shirt saying:
"rockwall. i was here first."

case in point.
a frickin lamborghini?
are you kidding me?
i didn't think people really owned those.
they only existed on posters
with half nude women sprawled across the front of them.
but nope.
in resortwall, people be ridin dem up in deese streeets.

whoa whoa whoa.
back that up.
what is up with the FCCLA dude's hair?
it's like a lego man cap.
now that i've said that,
i can almost guarantee an email in my inbox
from lego man's mother.

can someone please tell me
why my kids make gangster signs
when i tell them to look and smile?
what is that?
side note:
this picture was taken before i got the kids' haircuts.
i'm actually embarrassed that they looked so orphanly.
no offense to orphans.
i can say that because i had one.

one thing i'm terribly grateful for,
is that i am NOT on the RHS swim team.
and specifically,
the dude on the far left.
you know which one i'm talkin about.

after waiting almost 40 minutes,
the football team showed up
(on their mack truck, of course *eyeroll*)
we were so excited to see the cheerleaders
following behind them.
shouting out cheers.
throwing candy to the kids.
but a lot has changed i guess.
the cheerleaders came...

...and the cheerleaders went.
and we hardly noticed them.
mrs. parrish would be so disappointed.
that was gay.

the fire truck that followed the entire parade
was enough excitement for all my kids.
penny jumped out of his chair
and waived his arms in the air.
like you just don't care.
(sorry, got carried away)
it was perfect.
looks like a trip to the fire station is in order.

and even though he was there,
but i have no pictures of him,
gus thoroughly enjoyed the ruckus of the parade.
so let's end this post on a yummy note.
nothing tastier than a baby fresh from his nap.

go yellowjackets!


Carolina said...

I remember when I drove a car for the Choir in that parade because I was the only one who could drive a stick shift. Yes, my skillz were impressive! Ha!!

It is very well documented that I have never had this love affair with Rockwall that you have. However, we do agree on one thing. What the hell is up with what this town has turned into? It's seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

Because as much as I want to deny it, when you grow up here, it just kind of IS who you are. So with that being said, I would like one of those shirts too please! I mean technically, i grew up in Rockwall's ugly and less popular step sister (Rowlett), but being on the east side of Dalrock counts, bahahaha!!!

Anywhoo. Oh, and homeboy has ferocious Justin Beiber hair. And fresh from a nap Gus, is yummmmies!

the end.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I'm rollin' here girl! "Holy mother of height!" wonder Ashley loves you, that's soooo something I would say! LOVE IT!

Lego do you come up with this stuff? Classic!

Laura said...

I'm glad I'm not on their swim team. They don't get to wear shoes and they have to draw giant willies on their bodies. Is that a punishment?

PS. I said "willies" because I don't know how to spell the plural of "penis".

Justine said...

Woah. Where I am from, Homecoming isn't all that big, that's what Prom is for. But it must have been fun for them to dress up and walk in a parade.

Just Better Together

Chernobyl said...

Hooters totally rejected me.

Lindsay said...

were those cheerleaders even in uniform? what the crap!??!?! HOW disappointing!!! lazy turds.

Lindsay said...

ps. i'm with carol.. i have ZERO school spirit. even for BYU.. i don't know why that is.

No Model Lady said...

Lazy-a cheerleaders. Half of them are probably knocked up and trying to hide it from their daddy.

andi said...

There's always something good about going home, even if things have changed a little bit. And I'm with you- I LOOOVE fresh nap babies- all warm and giddy with crazy hair. Yummy!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

My favorite is the pic of the guy on the swim team--priceless!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I grew up in Rockwall too, but I was here long before the first movie theater! I just moved back here a few months ago, and it's insane out there. In. Sane. It's crazy, how much it's grown. What year did you graduate?

Kelly Dawn said...

holy snot!!! I have lived in Rockwall for 28 years - Brandi girl sent me over to you! I moved the "other" side of town but i drive my son to the "right school" :) When we moved here? there was a dairy queen - a walmart - Brookshires and K-Bobs steak house....CRAZY huh? I absolutely hate that it has gotten so crazy around here and so does my hubby who has been here since he was 3 - When you get those shirts made up? Count me in for 2 :) is my email :)

Kelly Dawn said...

oh by the way - that jacket is my profile pic on FACEBOOK! thats how brandi put two and two together :) How crazy is that? She might actually come see us now!

Unknown said...

Too cute! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the parade and show your kiddos your "school spirit"!!

The Howell's said...

ummm, totally need shirts that say, "Rockwall. I was here first." I am a Rockwall girl from the beginning. I would so buy one. Love your blog. :)

Allyson & Jere said...

Laughing, DYING laughing at the fact that you just said it. "that was gay." that is one of my all time favorite phrases, and I use it for everything. But I fear that I've been too afraid to just write it on the blog for fear of the repercussions from all the obnoxious politically correct people in the world. But really, someimtes there is just NO BETTER WAY to explain something.

Thanks for the laugh.

Donna said...

Love the pictures. But - poor Lego guy. He seriously needs a hair cut.

Missy said...

That was a great post!
I left your some blogger awards on my blog if you want to check it out. Whoo!

A Beautiful Life said...

holy mother of height. ahahahahahahahahha. lazy amazons...

David and Teresa said...

I died laughing at the legomans hair boy...that was so exactly like lego man. You are a silly daughter my Jessica. Love you Mutha

Anonymous said...

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