Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 things i love.

1. i love reminiscent pennies.
with shorts and cowboy boots.

2. i love actin' a fool with my friends.
who said we have to ever grow up?
if you haven't yet,
to watch us act stooooopid on video.
and i hope i never lose my stripper hair.
because i look horrid without it.
3. i love stealing pictures,
that remind me of Lover,
off of random people's facebook pages.
i don't even know whose this is.
but i love it.

4. i love paying $75 for 4 haircuts.
even though i only used to pay $30 for 4 in lejeune.
and i love seeing that i have colorful children.
yellow, cream, brown and red.

5. i love that my friend michele
always looks beautiful.
without ever trying.

6. i love that i got two new necklaces
for my birthday.
this one from kathy
who found it at this lovely shop.

and this radical reminder
from cleo.
who found it at the r house couture.
a fancy shop by this girl and this girl.
cuz you know what?
i can do hard things.
i can.
and i am.

7. i love my precious friend, marie.
i love that we wear matching outfits
and necklaces
without even planning it.
i love that my shirt is see thru.
and you can see my sacred undies.
not really.
i don't love that.
but i love that she got me
a super fancy white blinged up watch
for my birthday.

8. i love sometimes catching a glimpse
of what my children will look like
when they get older.
if you look closely enough,
you can see it too.
and it makes me smile.

9. i love that this kid makes me smile
100% of the day.
regardless of whats going on in my life.

and lastly?

10. i love when jakob tells me
that gussy looks like...
"a cinnamon roll with extra frosting".

wAiT! WaIt!

i also love adoption.

and helping people.

so please go visit my perfect friend Emily.

she is giving some uH-maZe-inG prizes away

to raise cashola

to bring her beautiful daughter,




Losing Brownies said...

Adoption rocks! I really want to adopt or at least foster!

Kristina P. said...

The R House has adorable jewelry.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh, I LOVE acting like a fool with my friends. I do it often.

Rhythm Divine said...

Thank you for showing how to count the blessings. These little things bring immense happiness in life...
I am going to write down all that I love in my life and treasure it... :)

Jen said...

You know what I love, this post and that your son looks like a cinnamon roll.

zoo keeper said...

you can do hard things. i like that! does your oldest have jondus? you know being yellow and all..hmm

The WholeFamDamily said...

yea! you know what, my 2yr old brings me happiness all day long too, she is such a sweetie, that age is the best! glad you liked ur necklace, i should get one for myself, being married to Bewtcut and all ;p
Cinnamon Roll with extra icing??? Seriously, I hope my girls marry someone like Jake, no joke...shouldn't we be betrothing all my daughters and all your sons, anyway? let's get on that. *wink*

lindsey said...

love your list!

Lindsay said...

i love what you love. especially your youngest pastry child. Gussy isn't fussy he's just full of rasberry stuffy. mmm. and i LOVE that picture of miah. he's gonna be one HECK of a handsome MAN someday.

Justine said...

Your children are so lucky to have a greeat mom like you!

Just Better Together

Maranda said...

Awesome post! I love all the pics. I especially love the cinnamon roll comment.

emily said...

okay, THANK YOU for posting this!

and i love miah's picture---seriously love the water gun, cowboy boots and his expression.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to win the prize pack but it's only open to the US. I hope her baby comes home soon.

Birdie said...

I don't know how I stay so hot either. It's the cross I bear, I suppose...

Well, that and humility. Everyone's always telling me how pretty and humble I am.

Kristy said...

I love all those pics!

mrs. r said...

#6 is inspired!