Thursday, October 28, 2010

embrace the camera: jake.

i don't have many pics of me and my baby bIg boy, jakob, nowadays.
he's too busy for his mutha.
playin nazi zobies,
or sports.
but one day i found myself with a moment shared between the two of us.
and it was too good to pass up.
so i captured it.
in a little jar.
and closed the lid really really really fast.
ya know,
those memories like to escape the mind.
so you have to be super duper sneaky.
and i was.

can i just brag for a moment?
this kid.
oh my gosh. i love this kid.
i will admit, i'm more hard on him than ANY of the others.
but only because he has SO much potential for greatness.
so much.
he is amazing.
how was i so blessed to be his mother?
since Lover's been gone, this guy has been a huge help around the house.
and not only that,
but a solid rock for me too.
every day, he teaches me about the person i want to be.
physically i may look down on him,
but really?
i'm always looking up to him.
i love jake.
wanna embrace the camera every thursday like me?
(well, ALMOST every thursday. i do my best. chill)
then go and visit my gorgeous friend emily.
i'm so dang jealous of her.
go see for yourself.
she's perfect.
and so is her darling family.


Laura Jansson said...

Perfect pic of you & Jakob! Seriously a keeper :) I'm glad he has stepped up to his role of 'Man of the House' while Hubby is gone. You are very blessed, even through the hard times. I can only imagine the tough days you have during these months.

Justine said...

This is sweet :]

Just Better Together

dena said...

how can he look so much like austin and you at the same time?

big boy babies are the best. :)

glad you have him!!!

dena said...

how can he look so much like austin and you at the same time?

big boy babies are the best. :)

glad you have him!!!

Losing Brownies said...

That is a beautiful picture. When I look at it, I can't believe you are old enough to have a child that old. He looks like he could be your younger brother! You are so youthful looking! What is your trick? You must do something to look so fabulous!

A Beautiful Life said...

he seems like such the sweetest, coolest kid. i love that he's an old soul and that he's wise and considerate and such a great big brother and son for you. He DOES look just like you, and austin at the same time, so true!
love it.

Unknown said...

Awww! what a beautiful picture and a beautiful post!

zoo keeper said...

can he come stay with us for a while? Smarty needs a friend of his same faith, like BAD!!

emily anderson said...

he looks so much like lover! glad that he can be there for you while your main squeeze is not around.


ashley @ little miss momma said...

He looks just like his daddy! You are one lucky Momma!