Monday, October 11, 2010

libras celebrate all month long.

just so you know.
we do.
we celebrate the entire month, because...
we can.
so you wanna know how my birthday was?
ok fine, don't beg, it's disgusting and unattractive.
get up. off your knees.
i'll just tell you.
i woke up the day of my 32nd birthday
all fresh and perfect looking.
not a wrinkle on my face.
this picture isn't even really ON my birthday.
but it looks decent
and hides my huge pores
greasy hair
and eyebrows that need to be groomed.
can you believe this monstrosity...

...was created
by these two beautiful creatures?
eww. gross. visual.
*eyes closed, ears plugged*
clear mind, clear mind.
my day started out waking up to
a surprise birthday cake
made by my mutha.

we all came downstairs
with our morning breath
and enjoyed cake and ice cream for breakfast.
you can do that on your birthday, ya know.
actually you can do that any day.
i know, because i do it on most days.

after enjoying our calories for the morning.
we decided that we needed more.
so we headed off to the state fair of texas.
i can't express in words
how much i love the fair.
i just can't.
so i've composed a song and dance
to show you how much my heart yearns for fair season.
but you won't see it.
unless i get bored and decide to make a video
have you been there lately?
it's dead.
why aren't you following me there?
there are good things to come this week,
i promise.
wait not yet,
after we're done here, then go.

we spent the day riding really cheaply made rides.
that we paid a fortune for.

kora doesn't look too sure about things here.
maybe it's the nasty fair film that's floating in the air,
dirtying my lens.
touching my eyeballs
and hands
and floating in my nose.
bleck. i need a bath.

miah found his dream bike.

and his dream job.
he. was. in. love.

i found inspiration
that's been lacking since Lover left.
oh goody.
i can't wait.
you should be very excited.

we ate the best food.
dear fried frito pie,
i will dream about you for the next 12 months.
please hurry back into my life
so i can partake of your fried goodness next year.
love, the Hussy.

we even coaxed mutha into playing too.
she felt young again
with the wind in her hair.
unlike me who road the monster trucks with miah.
and felt like i needed to wear a sports bra.
i'm sure the carnie workin that ride
enjoyed watching me brace my tatas
the entire 4 minutes i sat there.
up. and down. and side to side.

best part of the day?
grabbin some big 'ole TEXas a$$.
mmm hmm.
shhh. don't tell Lover.

worst part of the day?
poor penny.
he was sick with ecoli.
yes, ECOLI.
we had no idea at the time.

we stuck him on rides
regardless of his off the charts fever
puke and diarrhea.
cuz that's what good moms do.
force fun.
you WILL love this day.
you will.

i received sooo many cards,
and sweet messages from sooo many friends.
thank you to everyone.
it meant so much to me.
and i even got a call from my Lover :)
and maybe not ON my birthday,
but meant for it,
a fancy box came floating in the mail.
just for me.

from a Lover.
my Lover to be exact.

sugary goodness in it's finest form.

i don't think a birthday can get much better than that.
do you?
okay, NOW go follow the Hussy!


Lindsay said...

yes! first to comment! that makes me a better friend/sister than everyone! take that! ps... the childrens look so BIG!!!! :( i need to get over there and WATCH them grow. love you sister.

Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME birthday! I need to definitely UP mine. I didn't know you were allowed to celebrate longer than 24 hours :-)

Just SO said...

I can't think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than going to a fair. Good times! I hope that penny is feeling better. Poor little guy!

Camilla said...

Cake for breakfast sounds like the perfect way to start the day! Glad you had a good birthday.

Kristina P. said...

Tell me more about these deep fried Frito pies!

Anonymous said...

ECOLIIIIIIIII HOLY CRAP!!! Glad you had good times! I really really want those strawberries so please stop making me all jealous that you got them! But they were deserved! Happy DAYYYYYYYY

Estell said...

ecoli...poor little guy. Im glad you had a great day! and those strawberries look gooooooooood!

Justine said...

I'm glad you had so much fun on your birthday! YAY for Lover calling + sending you a present. That's so sweet.

ECOLI!??!?! Is everyone else okay? Poor baby :(

Just Better Together

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Your day sounds almost perfect other than the ecoli. I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a fried frito pie? Strawberries looked de-light-ful! Yummy day. Ecoli. That sucked. My daughter had h1n1 last year on halloween. At 9 yrs old, she was not a happy camper.

Losing Brownies said...

Oh yum! I love chocolate covered strawberries! What a sweet hubby you have!

Brandy said...

I didn't know you lived in Dallas! I live in Frisco and love your blog! We went to the Texas State Fair Saturday!

zoo keeper said...

ahhh crud i wanted to see the "comfortable" outfit you wore. hmph

SoMo Mom said...

I've been over to the hussy blog! Cracks me up! I'll be on the lookout for more cheap entertainment. (oh, by cheap I mean "free" not "hussy-ish!" HA. Funny about the state fair. We always say we feel like we need a tetnus shot after the NC State Fair (which is this week btw!)

andi said...

What, no fried beer? ;o)

Unknown said...

I think I've said it already but happy birthday!!! You still look gorgeous! Glad you had a good time!

emily anderson said...

delish. the strawberries, not your picture.


Carolina said...

I'm glad I was able to help out on your special birthday-fair extravaganza day. Your gussy is the cutest!

I know we're not bff's anymore like back in the day. And knowing that you're here in Rockwall, reminds of that fact (and makes me a lil sad). But (and this is a BIG BUT) I'm glad you felt you could call on me when you needed, that makes me smile!

love you friend.