Monday, September 6, 2010

flat lover and a party.

so there i was.
one day, i found myself in deep thought.
(not deep toots)
about lover of course.
and i realized that over the next 7 months,
none of our blog pictures
will contain the hotness
that is my Lover.
now, to SOME people,
that may be good news.
because some people can only handle so much
of Lover hotness.
I, however,
can handle quite a bit.
and i didn't want to exclude him
from all the fun family events we'll be doing
over the course of his deployment.
so i found this website
called flat daddy.
they print out a picture
of your loved one
as a hugemongous sticker.
and then YOU, stick it on a foam board.
and there you have your Lover,
to take with you everywhere.
in flatness.
but then,
michele had a marvelous idea.
what if we just cut out Lover's head.
and then we ask people to wear Lover
at each fun place we visit.
if someone does something helpful
because Lover is gone or
that Lover might have done himself,
then they need to wear the flat Lover mask.
gosh i have smart friends.

as soon as i got my flat Lover
all ready for his photo shoot,
we did a little makeshift photo booth together.
we're silly like that.
Lover has such a nice head, right?

and it wasn't long
before his flatty mcflatness
needed to be put to use.
rita, my friendly neighborhood hot chick,
came over to help me take down my trampoline.
something that Lover would surely have done.
and so, there he was.

and then,
my awesome pal, Bonnie,
on the opposite coast
surprised me with pizza one night
to help make one meal,
just a wee bit easier.
and since she couldn't be there
to hand deliver the pizza herself,
i had to make mr. delivery guy
wear flat lover.
he was thrilled.
i'm sure.

be on the lookout for more flat Loverness
to come in many more posts!

now on to the pah-tay!

these two cuties,
dan and kim,
invited us over tonight
for some labor day fun.
yummy food, drinks, and dancing.

we rocked out to my new favorite
wii game, just dance.
even izey got crazy mad.

i totally kicked miah's butt
when we danced to eye of the tiger.
but i gave him props
for sweating like a mad man to take the gold.

michele's dan tried to help with gussy.
i dunno if it was the creepy dad mask
or the creeeeeepy dad mask
that was freaking gussy out.

the night turned out to be awesome.
Lover and i enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
pay no attention to the extra brown skin
that Lover is sportin.
he's been in afghanistan ya know.

and on an exciting side note...
guppy lyn
took three steps today.
mmm hmmm.
10.5 months.
ooh rah gus!


Kristina P. said...

Love the Flat Daddy head! One of my blog friends helps fundraise for Flat Daddy and once she raises enough money for one family, she moves on to another. I love the idea.

No Model Lady said...

Lover is hot. Especially in that blue Indiana shirt:)
*And I do believe Bonnie out-friended all of us with that pizza maneuver!

Soggy sweet Gupper-face:)

A Beautiful Life said...

oh my gosh!! radical. I love the idea though, you can see all the people that will help in his place, what a great idea! and yes, that prob did creep out poor Gus, that's why he took those first steps, he was running away. ;)

I'll be sure to sport the Lover mask someday when I spoon you. ;D

E said...

Hahaha!! I love it! Great idea and I'm sure its going to be something fun for the kids to!

Happy Labor day!

Brandi said...

I'M dying! I wanna wear that sexy Lover mask for you. In Texas! : p

love love love all the pictures and Gussy is so HARD-CORE! That's what you get for being a Marine and Texan's baby of course! : D

Shell said...

That is so cute!

Justine said...

Oh man! I wonder what Lover will think about this! This is too funny!

Just Better Together

Amanda said...

luv this;)

Tractor Mom said...

Lover as a Phat Head!! What a concept!

Come by when you done dancing...

Chernobyl said...

Jessica, you are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. And nuts. What a funny idea.

Megan Smith said...

I LOVE this post almost as much as I love the flat lover.. Absolutely genius!

Summer said...

Great idea! I bet your husband is going to laugh his butt off when he sees all the pics.

alison said...

that is fantastic in a million different ways. LOVE IT!

emilysuze said...

Flat Lover is brilliant. :)

Allyson & Jere said...

Flat but FANTASTIC! Genius idea. I'm so happy for you and Lover that he can "participate" in all your life activities for the next 7 months. Phew!

Won't lie, my favorite picture was totally Pizza Delivery guy, 'cause that's just FUNNY!!! I'm sure he had stories to tell when he went home that night. hee hee

amylouwhosews said...

I should have been cool enough to send you dinner....

yay for Flat Daddys!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love it babe. You look super hot in all the pics.


Estell said...

bahaha You're amazing! Hope you had a great labor day :D

Bonnie said...

I never realized how big austin's head was! hahaha
These pictures are hilarious, the pizza guy is the best. His neck disappeared behind the mask. You are so creative, I love it!

Eve said...

LOL - I don't know whether the whole 'flat lover' thing is awesome or just totally creepy, but I laughed over every single photo, so...


Lindsay said...

i think flat daddy sounds like an AWESOME place i wanna make one!!! i don't know what i'd do with it though.. .since i have round daddy. oh well. i'll find a purpose for it... ew! you're dirty! stop thinking that!

Jen said...

The flat head thing is cute and at least a way to make some laughs at a time where it's needed. :)

Jen said...

How perfect, all of the hotness and none of the annoying commentary. ;)

At least that is how it would be with my hubby.

Unknown said...

LOL i love the flat dad head! TOO CUTE!

Missy said...

Oh my. I love the Lover head!
I bet that things like this will be a great way to cope with the stress that you're experiencing.
Praying for you.

Rebecca Jo said...

Flat Daddy Head is the BEST!!! Especially when it freaks the kids out! haha!!!!

Losing Brownies said...

What a great idea! I love the Flat Daddy idea, and the fact you had the pizza guy wear it! I can't wait to see more of him in the next coming months!

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

LOOOOOVE IT! This is the best thing I have seen lately. I'm glad you are able to keep the hotness around.

Charity said...

Hilarious!!! I love it!! this is awesome. I can't wait for more flat daddy appearances. sidenote: I think izzy might be on to something I can see how it might be a little creepy.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

You completely crack me up! I love the Lover hotness though! And yeah for Gus and his 3 steps! Way to go!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Unknown said...

Okay. This is HIGH-larious! I love the Creeeeeepy Daddy flat head. I can't wait to see where else he turns up.

Yay for the big boy and taking his first steps!! Congrats!!!

I'm glad you guys had fun for Labor Day!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

SO cute! What a fabulous idea :)

Caitlin said...

I am a waitress in Hawaii, and had a family come in the other day with a "flat" person... they even got to sit in a chair of their own, and were included in all the pictures. =)

Discovery Street said...

i've done this before, but on a smaller scale! these pics are awesome!!

Making It Work Mom said...

Love this! Too funny! I especially love the creepy dad picture. Way to keep laughing and so lucky to have so many great friends supporting you and flat lover's head.

MommaKiss said...

Flat Lover is the best idear evah!

So my lil man? took his first steps at 9 months. I wanted to push him back down - wayyyyy too soon for me!
I was spoiled by the biggun' waiting til he was 16 mos. (immobile is better for me)

Anonymous said...


Jenni said...

OMG! This is so funny, but so sweet too. Haha! LOVE it!

Carolina said...

not that you need ONE MORE PERSON to tell you how hilarious this is,but it is!!!

Only you would make the pizza delivery guy wear it and pose for a picture!

I know it's no consolation, but I hope flat lover at least brings you a lil cheer while real lover is away!

Tracie Nall said...

That is simply hilarious!!


I want to have some of those flat heads of just random friends...oh the things that I could do with them! LOL

Congrats on the three big steps....that is awesome!

MJ Rodriguez said...

Very, very ingenious!

Flatty Mcflatness indeed!

Your posts are so wacky! I am hooked!

Lil Eskimo said...

flat stanley ain't got nothing on flat A. WAAAAY better!

The Housewife said...

This post is kind of amazing. That is all.

Unknown said...

Awesome sauce. I'm so glad you explained that. Your newer posts were kinda confusing. I thought you had photo shopped his head in.